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  1. Siri Serious

    So take me back to London.

  2. sausage toast

    are we not talking about the furry band

  3. Nightcore Music

    Happy 30th birthday to Taylor Swift♥️♥️

  4. Hatice Dağ

    omg her voice ❤

  5. Ashley Clemons

    who else noticed the tayler swift form u belog with me like if u did

  6. Maribeth DelRosario


  7. Sâmia Rodrigues


  8. Lea McCarthy

    Way to bite Mazzy Star’s style. Sorry not sorry.

  9. karin luk

    I still hear that goat

  10. the cow man

    This song reminds me of my ex she still is in my wildest dreams but they all come to the same conclusion that you’ll never love me again I was a fool and didn’t know what I had till it was gone I still have feelings for u after three years miss Jackie

  11. Mari Cabrera

    this woman is art

  12. Ashley Clemons

    who else got the chills from the into

  13. Bruce Humphrey

    Producers: How unexpected you want the video to be, Taylor? Taylor: Yes

  14. Anisa Silvi


  15. Ocwood Sass

    Taylor We know you are a Fan of Lana del rey... but this was to much!

  16. Ocwood Sass

    That’s Lana Del Rey’s without me ...!!!

  17. Yaya

    Wow! She was only 19 here now shes 30. Time truly flies.

  18. Hela

    It’s my birthday! I’m turning 22 so I’m playing this song all day long! 😂

  19. Luis Miguel Briones

    1:23 unicorn appeared👌🦄

  20. Za Loni

    I just realized all her album on her shirts. Btw each songs r best hits in every album.

  21. Mike James

    I 💘 this cd its really not all that bad

  22. ParadiXe311

    Taylor Swift owns four seasons of the year, plus ten years of being the Artist Of The Decade, by the 2019 AMAs.

  23. Rocio A

    Am I the online one (when I was young) thought that bear looked creepy

  24. Jazzuza Jazz

    She turned 30 two days ago. How nostalgic.

  25. Mariella Feliciano


  26. Nurul Tea

    My favorite song from TS

  27. Lebenstor-Angeln


  28. Nurul Tea

    Look 0 : 49 bike

  29. Camelle Jones

    Baby I’m just gonna shake!

  30. hamexd


  31. Yessica Yepes Parra


  32. Kiersty Ann

    *I don't know 'bout you, but she's looking like she's 22.*

  33. Alexis Zelinsky

    The house every person wants to live in!

  34. Sean Field

    Final verdict Taylor Swift was cloned

  35. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


  36. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


  37. rodrigu

    The person who likes this will be a billionaire.

  38. Aidan Ocallaghan

    0:44 juice wrld can’t relate :(

  39. Leonardo Larapade


  40. Rawan Mamdouh

    Luvv uu

  41. Rawan Mamdouh


  42. Ethan G

    Who’s here from that traffic light video?

  43. ImperioMagno

    i love you and i need to meet you D;

  44. Vincent Enecito

    Where is reputation Era?

  45. Ana Sarmento

    She is so fun

  46. Angelina W

    10 years??? Wow.

  47. Alex Bennett

    I love you. Do more songs like this.

  48. Zhenda

    Did anyone notice the little girl getting face palmed at 0:23 or is it just me

  49. Alberto Vela

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!🎄

  50. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


  51. pArK cHiMnEy

    This is just pure nostalgia

  52. Taymaa Hamaideh

    STILL IS ICONIC OOF, I still get goosebumps when I watch and listen to this song

  53. Porscha After Dark

    Taylor SEsels 56000000eves Nzgdohs skskshs scsond

  54. S C R Y N O Z A

    Me: hears we could leave the Christmas lights up until january Also me: What is this

  55. Manleen

    OMG I think this is my favorite Taylor Swift's song

  56. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song Child !

  57. Faith Jaskola

    I lov Taylor swift

  58. Kosten

    Like: Cozy little Christmas, Comment: Christmas tree farm 🎄❤️

  59. battle formula

    my favorite song of 2019

  60. Choco

    I love this song...it brings back memories of 5 years ago when I lived in Georgia. I was obsessed with this song. I’d take my mom’s phone and listen to this in the laundry mat where there was wifi.

  61. Emily Heldt

    Wait is Brendon Taylor Swift's boyfriend?

  62. PainlessBeauty

    The song that made me a fan. Heard it first on CMT back in 2006

  63. PeachCarmelite

    0:29 so deeeeeep so looow voice 😻😻😻😻

  64. joyful

    some of the people in the crowd look like their label or publicist told them to sing along or clap

  65. Chandra Wijaya

    Taylor Swift, you are an amazing talent.

  66. judith demers

    merry christmas and a happy new year too

  67. txhiyq _

    awwwhwh she was 19😭😭😂❤️

  68. meilin chen

    I’m so touched by this song it makes me cry

  69. Unknown Human

    Yeeees queen

  70. Fabiana Vaca


  71. Feisal Ajaj

    Is it true she stole the Idea of this Video Clip from Bart Baker?

  72. Sanjay Attri

    Any legend listening this song in December 2019...???? Hit like❤👍

  73. Christine Waters

    I showed this song to my roommate who has stage 3 cervical cancer. I met her 4 years ago and we instantly connected because we both have been through abusive situations with our families. She was the first person I actually opened up to and over time we became family. We both didnt have a lot but we had each other. She got diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and when she told me she started to cry. I held her and kept my head up and told myself I wasnt going to cry infront of her. I told her that shes the strongest woman I know and that she'll make it through this and no matter what I will be by her side. It's been months of taking her to chemo and radiation. Waiting in rooms for 8 hours for her chemo treatment and staying there the whole time just in case she might need me. And in those moments, when shes in there and I'm in the waiting room.. those are the moments I cry. Those are the moments I break down because she's one of the only things that makes life bearable and all I want to be is strong for her. Checking in on her everyday to make sure shes drinking and getting her stuff to eat, even if it's just little portions. She's that kind of person whos smile is contagious. Who is always so kind to people and so empathetic. So when I bought this album and heard track 12.. I cried my eyes out and went into her room and hugged her tight and showed her this song. That was the time we both cried together and I held her and told her that no matter what she will always be my best friend and I will forever be grateful that she came into my life and made my world one million times brighter

  74. nick Ellen noget Fint nok

    So much pure hatred summoned up in a single video...

  75. Ola Zralek

    Dobra, dyskotekowa piosenka

  76. F3NN3Y

    Come on team youtube, who is the girl at 7:55 dancing in the crowd? i think im in love

  77. Aman Bisht

    Meanwhile you people are rooting for The Man to be the next single. I am waiting for Cruel Summer mv ( even though it won't happen). MAN IF CRUEL SUMMER was THE LEAD SINGLE. it would have been another no. 1 for Taytay

  78. hayat


  79. Lovely Princess 123

    I love this song but the music in the beginning sounds like sit still look pretty

  80. Anjna G

    Loved it!💞

  81. Fatma Mohammed

    Memories ;(

  82. Hailey Ulusoy


  83. just a girl

    In 2009: wow, this is an awesome music! Now: wow, this is an awesome music!

  84. Evi

    "You need to calm down" :))))

  85. Alyzah aly

    soo amazed love story

  86. purplecroctopus

    aw I’m 15 today ahha I knew I’d come back to this song

  87. Nayara Bitencourt

    remeber without you- lana del rey

  88. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song !

  89. Priyanka Shilewant

    Hi Swifties I am kinda celebrating December as Taylor Swift's birthday month and putting out old 13 favourites of Tay Tay(I know just 13). Because she is the reason I learnt guitar and piano. Show some love on my covers❤️

  90. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song !

  91. Zerepy

    This music video is great and I'm really happy for Taylor, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best of all time!

  92. Priyanka Shilewant

    Hi Swifties I am kinda celebrating December as Taylor Swift's birthday month and putting out old 13 favourites of Tay Tay. Show some love on my cover of this song❤️

  93. Miss Burrito

    What are lyrics ? 😂

  94. Nicole Zoe Ortiz

    Omg I just realised there’s Zendaya OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love her luv u

  95. Antonio Banegas

    I’m sorry Taylor but I hate spelling

    1. Chandra Wijaya

      Maybe because you had spelled out of class. Hehe.

  96. Jesus Tovar


  97. luciano davila

    This one's my favourite of the album. It has a kinda sad vibe with a touch of relaxing music. I don't know why but, as a teenager, this song hits me (and i have never lived a thing like what the song says).


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