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  1. BrianAttempts

    I thought that was Jake Paul

  2. Chàng Trai Tên Pi

    It's nice. Love you ❤

  3. Kimi RoihanZ

    Now playing Harry Styles - Adore You

  4. Zara Grigoryan

    i can’t believe this is 5 years old

  5. Jor Acosta

    Bad dreams.❤

  6. Kim SEOKJIN

    0:59 IRAQ my country

  7. Andrew Jones


  8. Samyuktha Suthish

    At last the fued ended between Taylor and Katy 😊😊 ....it's all calm down

  9. LoosingHimWasBlue

    this song: **plays in the radio** me: **happy fangirl squeeks**

  10. Eoin Laverty

    Camila is shaking!!

  11. Stefan Adams

    Taylor vs Ariana Taylor-100% Ariana50%

  12. supercrazy0304

    Can someone tell me who that girl is at 8:05? She's super cute and I see here everywhere. Lol

  13. 13aimless


  14. Andrew Jones


  15. mark mia

    Who's here because of nadine?😭

  16. Shadow Enchanted

    Me: * watches music video from a decade ago* *THIS IS A BEATIFUL MUSIC VIDEO, I WONDER, WHEN WAS THIS MUSIC MADE????* also me: * looks * O.O

  17. nattvb uo

    Number 1

  18. Jose wilton Nunnes dos santos

    Só tem comentários em inglês.😒

  19. Ana Luiza Sabatin

    misica. linda

  20. Ratu agnes

    29 December 1998 . . 22💞

  21. Kenadee Kuiper

    anyone else used to pretend they were in a music video with this song?

  22. Ziaul Hasan Hamim

    Like seriously! He can do everything pop to rap he is all-rounder. Yes you're thinking r8.i'm talking about ed sheeran

  23. madam suparna

    "I got some big enemies" Understatement of the year.

  24. ferdy aziz

    All 1998 kids are Turning 22 this year, this is our year Fellas!

  25. Isabedra Familya

    Im lucky in this song

  26. vxnphil

    This aged like wine. Becoming iconic as time passes by.

  27. Nastia Yaremko

    Who's from the 2020 ?

  28. Buzz Channel

    Power stream guyz

  29. Buzz Channel

    Queen of Pop

  30. Buzz Channel


  31. Buzz Channel

    Culture Masterrrr.queen Taytay

  32. Buzz Channel

    Pop Changer

  33. Buzz Channel

    Artist of the Decade

  34. Buzz Channel

    Pop Legend

  35. Buzz Channel

    Superrrr Queen

  36. djrocks 567

    Do people still remember this amazing song?? Is it just me who JUSTS WANNA KEEP WATCHING THIS SONG TILL I CAN'T NO MORE

  37. Patricia Maplemoon

    Is that the same guy who played Alex in X-men? Just asking cause they look quite identical...

  38. Jim Guo

    Fakers gonna fake fake fake that they don't like this song

  39. Trọng Nghĩa Nguyễn

    The 4th single from Lover: The Man. January 28th

  40. Apolo Tommy

    Me heeeeeeeeeee

  41. asha Khandare

    "I can't say anything on your face" -- -,

  42. Sumikko_hh H

    2020 anyone? No? Ok

  43. Armita Taheri


  44. Nikesh Shahi

    Jan 28 The Man is coming 😍😍😍so excited

  45. Kiwi Kiwi

    Also the shake it off collab ❤️❤️

  46. Kiwi Kiwi

    All the celebs know every lyric to every song and I love it

  47. Alaia Aya

    I love you tay girl ❤

  48. Alma D.y

    Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. Aieyan Chaudhry

    taylor swift :no nudity,no explicity,just talent

  50. RebelRona

    *Swiftie* is our *name* *13* is our *number* *Golden* is our *color* *Heart break* is our *Anthem* *Taylor is our Queen* *Long Live Taylor Swift* We love u Taylor...😍 Who else agrees? 👇🏻

  51. RebelRona

    *Swiftie* is our *name* *13* is our *number* *Golden* is our *color* *Heart break* is our *Anthem* *Taylor is our Queen* *Long Live Taylor Swift* We love u Taylor...😍 Who else agrees? 👇🏻

  52. RebelRona

    *Swiftie* is our *name* *13* is our *number* *Golden* is our *color* *Heart break* is our *Anthem* *Taylor is our Queen* *Long Live Taylor Swift* We love u Taylor...😍 Who else agrees? 👇🏻

  53. RebelRona

    *Swiftie* is our *name* *13* is our *number* *Golden* is our *color* *Heart break* is our *Anthem* *Taylor is our Queen* *Long Live Taylor Swift* We love u Taylor...😍 Who else agrees? 👇🏻

  54. Rupa Chowdhury

    TS lover.....💌

  55. 赤い緑とキツネのタヌキ

    洋楽ってちゃんと聞いたことなかったから面白いなーって思ってるなう〜 ラップかっこいい(∩´∀`∩)

  56. Trang Nguyễn


  57. Khalid Juaksan

    Single 4

  58. Lancy Wong

    Actually, this is already the music video......

  59. WT schwalbe

    who are those 2,9 billion people?

  60. Aiden Ashworth

    A lot of satanic images in this video.... how peculiar.

  61. Lộc Trần


  62. Richard Ward

    Well I am no longer a fan ..

  63. sadia Jannat

    Taylor swift was jealous of herself ?? Makes sense

  64. Keri Agush

    Who is here after Sundance festival ?

  65. ari i

    強制的に自然消滅させちゃった両思いだったけど付き合ってなかった彼に未練がある 不安で色んな人の言葉に惑わされて連絡無視して会うことも無くて 今更ごめんなんて言えない 、 12月に戻りたい

  66. Rachna Joseph

    She just cant dance😂😂but shes still so cute no matter what she does😍😘😘

  67. WOnG GrAcE

    This video is the best evidence to show that Taylor is rich

  68. Prince Jhoey

    Nadine 😢😭😭 brought me here😭😭😭😭😭

  69. Judz May

    No one is perfect. We all made mistakes. But we all deserves to ba happy and free from the things that holds us back. Thats tayler! Who made me believe...

  70. Nehal Naser

    Yes I’m subscribed

  71. aashna nayyar

    Are the Christmas lights still up?

  72. lester naval

    Selena be like: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in"

  73. Recon Smith

    Song make me think of all the men she destroys in her miserable life.

  74. Janneke van den Berg

    Remember Harry said to a fan "you need to calm down"

  75. Ali osman



    Hoping this is the next single 🙏

  77. mrlz ndn

    2020 ♥️

  78. pulmonary circc

    *my fav song from taylor swift to ever exist*

  79. Jasmine Demetita

    im fifteen and i will sing this when i turn 22💓 i hope i don't forget..

  80. bigo ban

    In this Beyonce is shorter than Ariana grande

  81. Gãchä Ãvä

    6 years old me: i wanna be older Now:Having anxiety,depression and sad life 11 years old me:Everything has change🤧

  82. Jym King

    I am Indian I not understand the song But it is owsome

  83. Shelby Guerrette

    me too better me

  84. Bawin

    who's here after The Man was announced as the next single?

  85. Shelby Guerrette

    I love you Taylor

  86. Cassi’Ana Cruz

    Who’s listen to this in this new decade 🥺😢

  87. SamTheRedFox

    Any fellow Pansexuals in here listening to this in 2020 💖💛💙?

  88. Shelby Guerrette

    I know yeah better me boyfriend Taylor Swift on 25 year old me too

  89. Twilight Existence

    I just wanna say...uhm...it's a beautiful day today..

  90. miss tiktok girl


  91. Francis Polea

    I love you Taylor


    Anyone 2020

  93. Angelo Lugtu

    Who is in old song marathon?

  94. Anderson Maciel

    2020 BR aqui??

  95. Manal Muazzam

    am i the only one who is hearing this song in 2020

  96. Manal Muazzam

    2020 any one