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  1. Felix_ Web

    Everything wil be settled when my mom takes out *LA CHANCLA*

  2. Duong Sahra

    Who else has em?

  3. Vids by Jane

    I was raised by a super strict mom to the point where I don't see her as a friend or someone that I could open up to easily, I would see her like this all-knowing big brother type. So I became really good at lying and keeping secrets 'cause I've developed it throughout my childhood, I became so cautious and manipulative at times that my friends would rather leave me out of stuff.

  4. Maegan M

    'blue light makes you more awake' the fact my phone falls on my nose from dozing off proves i'm the lucky ones :D

  5. YouJust WasteYourTime

    Hey my mom do the same things ! I'm talking about the ones on the cardboard !

  6. Donaldtrumpsjuicysaliva

    I’m still not comfortable knowing that Rolly Pollys are baby roaches and I used to get them and roll them in between my fingers. I’m sorry..

  7. hi my dudes

    I wonder what people thought when they asked if having sex would hurt the baby like did they think the penis would poke the baby or sum

  8. Niyah_ T

    So they were alive in the hole?

  9. soy_saace

    every time my parents say no, I always fly around the town because I chose the flight instinct

  10. Siren Studios

    no the darkest color is the black in drawing apps

  11. Patricia Handa

    Once, I opened a cupboard to grab some cereal, bumped a plastic bottle of ketchup, and added just enough of a slow spin that by the time it landed on my big toenail it was small top end first. It took nine months for the bruise to grow out. Then there was the time I put my keys in my purse, got out of the car with purse sling over my shoulder, locked the car door, and proceeded to slam it shut on my fingers. All four of them (missed the thumb). So I had to find my keys in my purse and unlock the door with my free hand while my fingertips on my other hand screamed while firmly trapped in the door. Life can be very physically painful at times. 😨

  12. sergio

    I like how she put white cells as fighters

  13. Xenia Cordelia

    I like how both of them have such gentle voices. It's calming. On unrelated news, I miss sleep :,) university assignments are really badly spaced out and my sleeping and eating schedules are whack. When they said you should be proud of having a proper sleep schedule and rest well...i felt that :,) i miss being well rested T^T

  14. fridaymanly

    Will Racism follow us in this new places?

  15. deraldsjaysonify

    Dentist don’t want us to regrow teeth. We can’t line their pockets if we do that. Doctors, dentists, every one of those healthcare fields are in it for the money. The medieval way is what gives them a job. You can’t tell me that we can create micro chips and create nuclear fission and fusion reactions or reverse mutate a chicken into a dinosaur and not have the ability to recreate our teeth or any other body part. Greed

  16. David V

    Please, The coronavirus vaccine will be arriving on July 1, 2021 worldwide and last for 18 months and 1 Year.

  17. David V

    Please the ice should stop melting forever.

  18. Shafiq 26

    The black hole is darker than that

  19. Abby Emrich

    I went on the Keto diet and cured my lifetime of horrible psoriasis after trying every. single. diet and medicine intervention. Anyone who says that keto is horrible for you should tell that to my bleeding, cracking dry skin. Make your own decisions based on trail and error, do what makes you feel healthy

  20. Shodoe Ya Heard!

    Shoutout to Oakland!

  21. Mykaylah Sherwood

    I sent this to my Mother. I’m scared.

  22. Trent ingo

    For me I watch my phone before I go to bed every night and its fine in fact my phone makes me more sleepy than without it I. did tests to see if it's better to go to bed with are without my phone and I couldn't go to be without my phone.

  23. iiJx_ke

    Me watching this at 2 AM: 👁👄👁

  24. Monique Jhoienyl Laxina

    I read the thumbnail as don't walk a buyer help

  25. Eijirou Kirishima

    I remember these things literally mentally scarred me. Even months after I got them, I was constantly sitting in my "are there any bugs around?" position. If I ever saw a cockroach on the ceiling I'd immediately have an anxiety attack. I'm literally so used to sleeping on the floor, it's scary. If I ever hear someone has bed bugs and I know them I can't help but go out of my way to stay away from them. Bed bugs are the most draining infestation. I'd rather have to deal with head lice for five years than have bed bugs for five months. When I had them, even the mention of bed bugs made me feel like I was going to cry. I'm fine now, but I can't tell you how many times I just stop, and realize it's fine. I just look at my bed, so thankful I don't have to constantly look around and check. It's like after you have bed bugs, you are so thankful for sleep and a bed it's crazy. I never want to see another of those bloodsucking vampire bugs up close ever again. Not even to crush it. The smell they emit after being crushed makes me want to hurl.

  26. Jessica Zeller

    Why am I watching this? I should be sleeping. 😴

  27. Alex C

    That eye contact is so comforting I'm falling in love wtf.

  28. SajtotSajttal

    Most dogs dont hump because they are “in the mood”, its a display of dominance.

  29. CeruCarmine

    On "protecting the child 24/7": This is very important with guns. We all know guns are dangerous. That said, over protecting can be a very bad thing in regards to them. When it comes to gun accidents, the main types I've come across are: -pure ignorance: mostly happens with children. They have absolutely no idea what a gun is because they were never taught, and just mess with the mechanisms as if it was a toy until bad things happen -double action revolvers: this one tends to happen with older kids/teens, who know what a gun is, but don't really understand how they work. Basically, a double action revolver has two modes of fire: single action, where you manually pull back the hammer and then pull the trigger to fire, and double action, where pulling the trigger pulls back the hammer and pulling the trigger more fires. The trigger pull feels different in double action because it takes more effort to move both it and the hammer together. In accidents, a kid gets accustomed to the heavy trigger pull of double action, then pulls the hammer themselves (setting it into single action) and is caught completely off guard by the drastically lighter single action pull. -muscle memory: This happens with experienced gun owners whose muscles are so trained that they loaded a gun without consciously realizing it, and, thinking it was still empty, fired. My brother has done this. Thankfully no one got hurt, but the car windshield ended up with a hole in it, and it's a good example that it can happen to anyone. -muzzle climb: This one usually happens with adults that are complete rookies that decided to rent a full-auto gun at a range. When fired rapidly, all guns drift off target, and the vast majority drift up. Someone firing a machine gun for the first time may not be prepared for that. In cases like these, it's often the range instructor behind/next to them that gets hit, though people using machine pistols can hit themselves... in the face. You may not have guns, or you may have your guns locked up properly, but your kids will likely visit thier friends' homes at some point, and it's better to teach them what guns are and how to be safe around them before they come across one. (Even adults in countries that don't allow guns should probably learn, since the machine gun thing can happen with tourists)

  30. Kim Pedersen

    you shouldn’t fight in front of your kids. i find this true because i don’t wanna see or hear my parents fight, it makes my anxiety a lot worse and gives me panic attacks as fighting verbally or physically is a trigger. so i would say it depends on the child.

  31. Harumone

    even as a kid i was a night owl tho. i got tired around midnight and 3AM, but it's really tiring to wake up at 5 or 6AM (cus school start at 7).

  32. Sai Ganesh

    I wasnt taking seriously but I am now. I hope we get through this together quickly and hope things dont escalate from this point forward.

  33. ashleigh

    i love how god is behind them

  34. alahollywood

    I guess he doesn't know all "Boob Lights" today are LED, So i'm assuming titty lights are here now and for the next 200 years.

  35. Jack shadow123

    No one is debunking anything, they are just explaining how the "Myths" as you like too call it, work.

  36. Jake Jaisaree

    Excuse me sir, but those are actually known as “Ceiling Tiddies”

  37. asanti2539

    Me watching this at midnight trying to sleep and hearing the lady say she does not recommend watching videos to help sleep 👁👄👁

  38. swiggity swooty

    Everyone: OmFg It'S sO eAsY fOr TeEnAgErS tO gEt SlEeP Y'all do know some people have problems falling asleep right? Some of us need to take pills for us to go asleep, it's not that easy. We can't just force ourselves to sleep that's not how it works😂

  39. rat

    fancy a$$ name for a ceiling titty

  40. sheepgray08

    Haha I see that yall are perfect in the coments..! Great that you all are perfect parents!

  41. alahollywood

    Meter this Meters that Don't squeeze the shit out of those creatures on camera Climate Change. Blah blah blah... I got your progressive point.

  42. rat

    wtf does this video have so many dislikes, the ceilings are ugly don't get offended edit: and apparently they're dangerous too so like

  43. froilan anthony

    covid paranoia

  44. Alex Vause

    i could never handle the "because i told you so" answer when i was younger. Would always sit there and ask why until my parents gave in and told me. they stopped doing this pretty quickly and started giving me real answers when i got older.

  45. CeruCarmine

    A few notes on picky eating: -there is a developmental stage where kids are naturally distrusting of any new foods. This is likely an anti-poison defense mechanism. -some picky eating can be caused by sensory sensitivity. It may be an issue of texture, flavor, or even intense smell. "Super-tasters" are able to detect intense bitterness in things that are completely flavorless to the average person. Interestingly this is also a poison prevention thing, since most natural poisons have a more bitter flavor. Since children are naturally still calibrating thier senses, many will grow out of this -drawing attention to the picky eating can make it worse. For one thing, forcing a child to eat something they don't like will turn meal times into a struggle, which can make a kid uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable does not help anyone's appetite. If you try to use positive reinforcement, you're still giving the issue a level of attention that may bother the child, and you're also bribing them to eat. Children are smart enough to understand that bribes are usually reserved for getting people to do things they don't want to do. Why would they want something if you have to pay them to take it? -context can help for introducing new foods. Instinct says that in a new location, familiar foods may not be available, so kids will have an easier time trying things if you're offering it in an unfamiliar place. Also making things a game or adventure will help increase thier desire to try it. Try something like dressing up as samurai while trying new japanese food -teach kids a polite way to refuse a new food. Even adults sometimes try new foods they don't like, and it will help your child know that they're allowed to have preferences like anyone else. In general, it takes 10-20 tries to aquire a taste for a new food, so teach them how to deal with the initial failures -a lot of kids are more likely to try a new food if they helped grow or cook it. Let your kid decide which things to try first. Get them involved with preparation, and give them a little vegetable garden if you can -instead of bribes or forcing them to try something against thier will, give kids an option between two things that both work for you. Ask them something like: "do you want peas or carrots tonight?" This gives them a choice, makes them more likely to try the thing, and gets them to agree to what you want without a struggle -use reverse psychology. Make a food that you keep only on your plate. Tell the kid that it's special adult food that they can't have until they're older. Tell them it's adult food because it's magic and only tastes good to adults. Defend this food when they try to take it. Make sure the kids know how wonderful it tastes to you.

  46. Romulo Romero

    Pakicetus : lets be a mammal aligator Ambulocetus:no that dosen 't work Dolphin:I hate sharks

  47. Bo Bo

    Im never having kids, worlds too overpopulated and gross

  48. My weird Corner

    You forgot about slamming your finger in the door

  49. Romulo Romero

    Whay is a narwhal and a dolphin in pakicetus time And narwhal are whale:-(

  50. Seth Jaffe

    Yes you can outrun a high calorie diet when you engage in heavy physical work 8 hours a day, unlike most people who sit at desks and spend maybe an hour, two at most at the gym. I worked in trail construction in Americorps. Hiking 10 miles a day, lifting boulders and swinging a pick incinerated the large quantity of sausage, pasta, cheese and chocolate that commonplace in the field rations. I dropped at least 20 pounds in 6 months.

  51. Alex Vause

    All i did was googling "ceiling Titty" and this came up.

  52. Big K’eh 1867

    If the earth spins backwards We celebrate old years eve

  53. The fryChicken Clan

    Lie Perth and Sydney also Adelaide won’t be submerged underwater

    1. The fryChicken Clan


  54. Nalu_boyy

    Just watching this makes me forget about my anxiety 😍😍

  55. IBSoccerStarYT

    God and Jesus Bless everyone and everything in all the universes!

  56. Spencer Bhotiya

    But i only drank two cup cold coffee and at night why i don't know but I couldn't sleep at all.

  57. Carson 'Sip' Dunham

    i wish they were my parents

  58. InkyStar


  59. Sarah Poisel

    I glad they where wrong on numbers. Remember these are the same people that make climate change models. If they where good at their jobs we would have been dead 12 years ago.

  60. Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.

    Those fish must have been like "Oh hell nooooooooooooooooo."

  61. Angelee Lewis

    "Never spank your child" Black Caribbean Parents: *Excuse me?*

  62. Jose Hernandez

    Video comment: there so hard to kill What I heard in the video: when you get them they die so easily

  63. Daniel Vasquez

    Keto + IF I’m down 30 in 3 months.... are y’all tryna look good naked or are y’all tryna eat cake while being considered “healthy” cause you also eat kale.

  64. Bradyn Nixon

    As expert, I'm sure Custokebon Secrets is good way to lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.

  65. Tydawg05

    I've had two infected pimples. It doesn't hurt man just put some cream on for it.(forgot the name) and yes it honestly feels better to have an infected pimple than have the pimple

  66. Greg Slater

    My female dog humps every dog she sees it’s kinda wack

  67. Mona Martinez

    Yes the warm weather will stop corniaviris

  68. tweetie the lovebird

    Also sometimes saying "my child respects me" isn't always true some parents should learn how to know the differences of fear and respect

  69. Badger at Toad Hall

    Very scrotal thumbnail.

  70. Thien-An Truong

    I thought it was a brush-

  71. horst32111

    This still surprise me, just how some people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets, even though lots of people get great result because of it. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost crazy amounts of weight with it without starving myself.

  72. Sandra Kimberlin

    Those numbers never added up their numbers are rigged.

  73. Neiroe

    1. Fight in front of your kids. 2. Do not protect your kids.

  74. marlons1

    I notice that CBD by itself doesn't do much for me. When combined with some excercise, listening to music, laughing with friends, or on my own with some stand-up comedy, it really makes me feel great. U might think those things on their own will make you feel great, however I have noticed that the Serotonin boost I get from those things after taking CBD is alot more pronounced. Notice the guy in the story said he felt good after taking CBD and listening to the Lion King Soundtrack. I have alot of faith in this medicine. If you have a serious condition like diagnosed anxiety or epilepsy some CBD merchants online offer deep discounts. I get mine 60% off. I won't mention where so people don't think this is an ad.

  75. Eseercam

    Ketogenic "diet" has worked just fine for me. Ketosis is whay the body does naturally & Keto just ups the anti & switching is a lifstyle change not so much a diet

  76. Lux Ler

    I tried not to sleep and started exercising I ended up being dead tired and fell asleep in 15 mins after it, it was only 4 pm.

  77. Pog U

    Ay boys, there are. NASA found one.

  78. Neiroe

    "Pediatricians encourage you to fight in front of your children." is one of the most important takeaways from this video.

  79. Ruha Komaragiri

    There is a darker color than vanta black😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 omgggggggggg

  80. Cooliotopnotch

    >epidemic >6 dead whoa

  81. Ifa Iftikhar

    Me watching this at 4am 👁💋👁

  82. Samson Crosswood

    In how long? I need to talk to a realtor.

  83. Katie Pitman

    Do a bunny myths video, please! They're the 3rd most popular animal! Please!

  84. Katie Pitman

    TL;DR Please do a rabbit myths video! My bunny is getting radiation in a month, the 2 male bunnies getting fixed tomorrow, I'm a rabbit expert. Do a rabbit myths video by a rabbit savvy vet please!

  85. Ziggy Pierre

    yo who is driving that car at night?!?

  86. Katie Pitman

    Please do rabbit myths! Bunnies are the 3rd most popular animal! I love my bunnies! Taking my girl to get her radiation therapy in a month after she's live with a thymoma (one of the rarest if not the rarest cancer in rabbits) for almost a year with a severe case. She's a fighter, and seeing a video about rabbit myths would make me soo happy, cause there are A LOT of myths about rabbits. I'm a rabbit expert, I go around educating others about rabbits. They're the BEST pets. The best personalities and NOT how you think they are.

  87. Chuuqie Soneclairé

    Should I send this video to my super strict dad? 😳

  88. Priscilla Cabrera

    It's still shock me just how lots of people don't know about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that many people with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I've lost lots of fat.

  89. Khazoo

    8:17 when you're high as balls and you try to follow your friend's story.


    The question is why doesnt the dr got beards yet


    The way that lady says"testosterone"

  92. Robot surfer

    virus's & Infections - in short - an alternative viewpoint: sesels.info/video/video/p2yphqHLyqSyetA.html

  93. LING Minecraft

    Is this a NovaBlack

  94. Zaira Larsen

    STORY TIME CAUSE I'M BORED AND ALONE AND WANT SHARE MY CHILDHOOD: My dad did not 'mean' to hurt me. And he is sorry to this day. But he was not a good dad during my childhood. I used to be a happy kid, but my mom went to the hospital for some time so I had to live with him... I talked with my mom about it recently, as I can't remember the process, but she said every time I visited her at home (when she was released from hospital) I got more and more 'shy'.. I stopped smiling and laughing, and I didn't want to talk or be open with other people, like the neighbours or people at school. I litterally had no friends, I believe I developed social anxiety at a very young age because of my dad. Because of this something inside me blames my dad that I am so lonely today. The only friend I ever had was a girl I knew since we wore diapers, we were bff's, then when we were 13 she moved house and schools, got another bbf, I was fine with it. We met up, I was shy ofc since she was a new person, me and bff did our usual hobby of swimming in a river while the new girl didn't wanna get wet and just sat there. After, when we were walking back to the bus stop, the two of them walked in front of me... chatting... like I wasn't there. Once the bus arrived, I got on first, and sat at the 4 seaters so we could sit together.. Guess what, they walked right past me, in front of my eyes, and went to the back of the bus. I had to sit all alone on the bus ride home, feeling so confused, wronged and hurt, while they were just chatting at the back. My bff didn't even say bye, as if during our whole meet-up I was never there. That was the last time I saw her irl, my last talk with her was right after I got home, I cried while typing a emotion filled message to her on Skype, asking why why why why why why. Anyways, Because my dad would shout at me and get super angry when he 'tried' to help me with my homework, I lost my motivation and I stopped doing it, and over time, I stopped working in classes at all, and just drew drawings. Im 16 now and to this day my knowledge in maths is only in the + and - X'D My mom says I might have some sort of trauma in me. Not the kind of noticeable trauma, like flinching and such. But I've developed a fight or flight response. My dad never hit me, except he would slap me hard on the butt, but not abuse, he did shout a lot, drew his hand up as if to slap me just to scare me when I misbehaved or something. I was yelled at for wanting to be a kid. I have 2 memories of this. Christmas, my dad dressed up as Santa, me and my little brother were laughing and having fun, I knew it was him though, and thought it would be funny to pull down his fake beard, I can still remember the moment his laughing eyes changed to a angry animal, glaring at me like I was prey. Halloween, I wanted a costume, go out like all the other kids in our neighbourhood. My dad got angry when I got upset he didn't even buy me costume. I had to hand out candy to kids on the door... 4 kids, all YOUNGER than me, came at the door, I handed them candy, my little brother got upset he couldn't hand out candy too and cried, my dad heard, got angry, peeked out from the bathroom with no shirt on his top body, and starting shouting at me again, I can still remember the looks the kids had when I locked eyes with them, idk what I saw, fear? awkwardness? confusion? I stopped handing out candy then, and laid in my room and cried while watching all these kids going outside late in the dark in fun costumes. It makes me sad to think that was the last time I was at the door handing candy, in front of people, without being too caught up in my anxiety, but that just broke it. Even now, last year, for the first time since then, handed out candy for the kids in our neighbourhood.... KIDS... Im almost 17 years old and I literally sat there waiting for these kids to arrive just so I could be most prepared and not mess up anything and embarrass myself in front of some kids. Because of my dad.. I feel like not only did he give me a mental illness, he just made my whole life so much harder to deal with. Like the man said in the video... what matters now is that I try to fix myself, start going to school, even if I can't even look people in the eyes, can't talk with them without feeling like going into a panic attack. I need to do it, just get on with it. I don't care about education atm (its hard to care) all I want is a friend. A genuine friend, someone I always think about, can always talk to and be happy with. But that wont happen in a snap by joining a school. That's the sad part. Oh well, idk what to say, bye.

  95. GABE THE GREAT 2301

    Well that sounded easy 😑

  96. Tasnim Rubaba

    This video demonetized my device😰

  97. Wolffang1996Hyano

    #8, I WILL ADOPT ALL THE BLACK CATS BECAUSE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! ... Well I would if I had the money... QwQ

  98. Epic Gamer Moment

    I remember I had to get cans from the bin that we had in my backyard and i move A CAN AND THERE'S A GIANT BLACK WIDOW RIGHT THERRREE BY MY FINGeerrr. I LITTERALLY PULLED MY FINGER BACK SO FARRR AND RAN BACK INSIDE