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  1. Mr. Blackaveli

    Brilliant!! Nostalgia at its best 😁

  2. Bruno Vaz

    2020...Will it ever get boring? 😂

  3. A Rodz

    I loveeee listening to others people's love story!!

  4. karla valencia

    I don't really watch the show but the little times I did Kim does have insinuated that Kourtney does not work as hard as Khloe and her and it pisses her off bc she will do the show I'm assuming as much as the others do and aside from the show they have other work business and some of the sisters may choose work a little more over their children and Kourtney is choosing to stay home with her kids and that's fine but for some reason Kim keeps jabbing maybe not on purpose about that and Kourtney has had it and I did read on some other comments that Kourtney has had her life a little more exposed bc she had her kids first at the beginning of the show and idk how much the others sisters life with their kids is exposed. But then again if Kourtney needs a break she should take it however I get the feeling that at the same time this means no money for her and she don't want that so she's conflicted. That's just my opinion though again I don't watch the show .

  5. The Dude

    I see zero resemblance of Michael in any of his "children". Zero.

  6. 6 omamen

    何でアンタ等はいつもこうなっちゃうんだ(笑) 狂おしいほど好きだ!

  7. Nitesh Aru

    1:55 after that: directed by Robert B. Weide

  8. Nathan Perkins

    You have a slide in your house, wow

  9. sabrina holmes

    Chari*walking their* Corona virus-hello charli ,come here ,yes,come People-corona virus ,charli has corona virus ahhhhhhh


    Bruh jimmy had the ight imma head out moment when the song ended

  11. Vinicius SouZa

    it sounds so real

  12. Christian Sears

    FOR EVERYONE SAYING THIS ISNT A REAL FIGHT for peopel who clearly rarely ever fight that's a really big fight for them. Just because you've seen better and harsher fights doesn't mean it wasn't a big deal to them and a big fight to them. Stop invalidating then just because you don't like them

  13. Rashaad Mustafa

    that was uncomfortable...

  14. ken_mrgentleman of YPG

    Love her😍😍😍😍

  15. Pablo Cruise

    Showing us why he is the coolest.

  16. Ramy Patel


  17. Joseph Oarson

    "I'd rather clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my tongue..." is not a PSA. (looking at the toilet seat licker)

  18. Ricky Bradbury Junior

    You guys are AWESOME!!!

  19. Beverly Niedzwick

    Swe! Love the baby ostrich!

  20. Megan Maher

    I LOVE CORNY. That made me so happy

  21. Wade Gauthier

    Easley one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time!

  22. Heidy C

    True talent 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  23. Christine F

    Exactly what I needed to hear today 👏🏻

  24. r080486

    I always loved the kardashians but they are so hungry to stay in the news that it’s getting annoying... just let corona have the attention sis ...

  25. Alexandra Osborn

    I said frog too💖

  26. Melissa Arreola

    Wow Charli D'Amelio❤

  27. Dayum DeySee

    Hey! Would really appreciate it if you could check out our content and help us grow😄 thanks :)

  28. A Cool kid

    When you memorize tiktok dances but you don't memorize your math test

  29. Naavah Lopez

    call me by your name messed me up big time

  30. patricia art michelle

    Demi : I love me Me:demi I love u

  31. Patt Gomez

    Verdadero TALENTO❤👏👏👏

  32. Swagata Chakraborty

    They should have used a slate.Would have saved so much paper.

  33. Арттур Звайгзне

    What accent does he or she sing? (I am from Russia)

  34. Red Silver

    Anybody notice john drink from cardis mug? Lol

  35. Patt Gomez


  36. paul s

    I love how kevin james just obnoxiouslu makes fun of his weight on a regular basis lol.

  37. Heidy C

    Awwww i love both of the paintings. They should be action as a pair . They go together.

  38. Janine Elice Bukieda

    Lucky Jimmy has a beautiful wife.

  39. NormalSeagullMan

    “We have to lower government spending” This did not age well

  40. N P

    Hes the fcking awkward one

  41. San Pawar

    Maybe Kourts going through menopause lol. Seriouslg though

  42. megann_would

    So who’s doing her hair & makeup tho?

  43. julius dogta

    5:20 Me when i got accepted from tryouts

  44. Brandon Wiesner

    I don't know why this popped up in my recommendations just now but I'm glad it did. She is just the sweetest, most awesome person. I know that a lot of times actors can put up that front in interviews and what not but she is the real deal, genuinely joyous to be around. Even with what she was going through at the time, you would never know by watching this. So brave and positive, what an inspiring human being!

  45. _nina215_

    The drummer laughing is everything

  46. Jordan Jefferson

    When the revolution comes I call dibs on the castration of Fallon...

  47. Kavya Pant

    Ohhh myyyyy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤this guy right here is my loveeee

  48. maria maria

    They are really cute together

  49. Alexa Lilac

    Love you, Demi!!!!!!

  50. Lisbeth Guerrero

    Why does jimmys camera look soooo bad? Like dam not even your iPhones camera would look that bad 😐

  51. Mmbasketball 161

    ceo of surreal

  52. Prashanth M.C.

    Oh! She's awesome!

  53. Sophia Pavan

    Amo Millie e a melhor agora

  54. 제이아르

    A 한글을써줘야해 선진국 세계의 중심이 되는 방탄&대한민국 코로나를 세계유일국가 대한민국 👏👏👏대한민국

  55. Judy Mejia

    Jon Bon Jovi for President!!!

  56. Anthony Rossi

    99% of Americans watching this are going to lose their minds seeing people say hello to someone walking down the street they don't know.

  57. Jeff Miranti

    this is the most amazing thing i have seen in my life

  58. Candie Cloud

    45 million now

  59. Isa Koorevaar

    Is she still going on tour?

  60. allen medenilla

    Love these “how you meet” questions :) and they are so cute :)

  61. Divya Rathinam

    My eyes go around wherever jimin goes❤

  62. GeeDeeBird

    I'll admit it.... I teared up a little watching you guys share your story. Made my day!

  63. Peru Beats

    Can I get a full version of Charlie's version of truth hurts

  64. Jeff Missy Honea

    She married to a border banger.

  65. Peru Beats

    Can I get a full version of Charlie's version of truth hurts

  66. 413 Felix Ortiz

    WepA wOw wOw ⛄💖 iTTrue story NiCeLy dOnE bRo'S 🎉👏👏💨👏👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀

  67. Ron Winter

    Weather cat is NOT a meteorologist!? Durn it...never meet your heroes.

  68. larturors

    What an annoying voice of sofia..

  69. scorp1o pink vibes

    *Finn are you gonna be my boyfriend?* mood

  70. cabov12

    Forget Nicole Kidman. Your wife is the real deal!

  71. Adharsh Ps

    Kids love thor.... But grown ups love loki

  72. Hunter78 YT


  73. issue

    i bet no other celeb would even dare to sing at home live like demi did .coz they can't sing live .& that's a fact !!

  74. Erin LeBlanc Beauty

    You two are adorable!!!

  75. 이은빈

    노래 진짜 좋은데ㅠ 옷이 띠용...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  76. Small Town Girl

    Jonathan I love you even more...

  77. Jonathan Tyree

    4:29. Al lickin toilets well before tik tok hoes made it a "challenge"

  78. Juan Almanza

    jimmy built like hes the first one to loose on a game of bat...lmaooo wya jimmy, lol shout out to thw certified player

  79. Nerissa Melodias

    You two are the cutest! I couldn’t help but smile the whole time I was listening to your story. ❤️

  80. Ana Flores

    Its incredible how much her voice has matured from camp rock till now and STILL maturing! Sing it queen!!!

  81. MstrDarkBlaze Suys

    Everyone worrying about Corona. Meanwhile SEsels makes sure you don't hear the word 'shit' in a video/song 🤔

  82. Kathy Davis

    My Alexa, which is not even in the same room that I am watching this, kept trying to answer Tina Fey's questions. Pretty funny...

  83. Addhater101 Roblox

    I was at Australia zoo a few weeks ago and watched the wildlife warriors show where bindies love partner had to out swim a croc

  84. ChocoKaylaRobin


  85. issue

    other then those stupid rubbish SNS challenge this should be the challenge "try to sing live " .but this comment will be unnoticed by people .coz other celebs can't sing live like demi did

  86. Paivi Project

    Oh wow. Very creative !! I've never heard this song before but it sure got me giggling this morning with those crazy lyrics. Thank you Jimmy and Specially Thank you Weird Al 💗 You are awesome 👍👍

  87. iCJWalker

    Omfg why is everyone in the comments so butthurt 🙄 They’re SIBLINGS it’s NORMAL for them to fight and/or have slick remarks about each other lol chillll

  88. Christine F

    Demi is such a beautiful soul! Loving this interview 💕

  89. Lil Ted.e

    Eleven if she was written well:

  90. Addhater101 Roblox

    Robert your Father would be very proud of you Bindie and Terri

  91. Samantha Cameron

    This is adorable. I love them.

  92. leonard chiarini jr

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸


    No one: Not a soul: Not even Patrick: Jimin: *smells mustard* 1:15 or 1:14

  94. Vitas Stilniy

    Толстая и страшная, фу бля 🐷🤮

  95. Isa Koorevaar

    i don't think corona will let you go on tour this summer

  96. Addhater101 Roblox

    Everybody if u want to see Robert Terri and bindie then come to Queensland Australia get on Steve Irwin way and head to Australia Zoo Home of the crocodile hunter But this hunter Steve Irwin was special he didn’t harm the crocs he just put them in a safe environment (Australia zoo)