The Problem.
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  1. Dan Wakefield

    is there a version that excludes the cringe ginge :)

  2. Pelin - Le Blog d'Istanbul

    I can’t even imagine the amount of work behind this video clip of few minutes. 👍🏼

  3. Craufurd Grimaldi

    If you put a mentol in Stormzy he will explod.

  4. Timothy Bogush

    Shout out wiley huh

  5. SalaahProductions

    Nobody: English teachers: Stomzy is actually black because that his favourite colour.

  6. Stacey Matthias

    my 9 year old learned this tune in 2days,stormzy you got to get my boy in a song to grime with you

  7. Kay Dub

    Baddest camera mon ever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. shane beck

    2-1 stormz

  9. Rare Pepe


  10. adam downey

    All i hear is boris bop

  11. drauds7drekku

    This got me feels man. You're so good 😍👍

  12. Ashley Copeland

    Amazing xx

  13. Surfacekilla 1

    No one: English teachers: Stormzy is wearing a cap to convey Wiley is a lie, a joke nothing to be taken seriously

  14. The Lenght Circumference

    This is couple of days after stormz trash Wiley Wiley : Yoo Cad, Stormz is cumin bruv Cadell :What? Wiley : Stormz is on d way 2 U bruv Cadell : don’t lie…. Wiley :I swear down; he is in a blackout german mate Cadell :serious! Wiley : informer them bell me, Cadell :Yoo, Yoo, Yoo: bruv just told me that skengman is pulling up, cut d light & get d Rambo….. (Cadell to his Friends) Wiley : make sure you call dad yeah Cadell : Dad! You joking. That man bailout on me the last time bruv Wiley : OK, sweet . call 999 then……. Cadell : Naaah, no jakes bruv. Am looking for my passport, am going to mum Wiley : You have to book a flight bruv Cadell : Doing it now bruv….. Wiley : Member yeah, Heathrow Terminal 4 Cadell: Sweet bruv, see ya l8r Wiley : tell mum “ me soon join her”

  15. Frank Barnabas

    Burna Boy’s little dance steps made this video complete 🔥

  16. Frantisek Va

    Wow. Great job!!

  17. Trainerr Red

    When I first heard this I thought Stormzy wasn't worth my time but after hearing his more later stuff I got more respect for him, think he's top 10 UK grime artist all time now.

  18. Schrandy Curry

    Nobody: English teachers: The camera angle indicates that wiley is always underneath stormzy

  19. Young Gunner

    Came back quick with the reply full of smoke

  20. Indigo Animates

    he's s i p p i n g that tea

  21. Your RllyMad

    "I'm a real g and your dad's a witness" Holy shit this bangs 😲

  22. Kyroq

    Who just randomly thought of this and searched it up lol 🤣

  23. Benedikt Noppen

    Daran ey bra

  24. Calum Kelso

    Fuck you Nike, Adidas for the big mandem fact!!!

  25. Jennifer

    why do i know all the words to this...

  26. Jennifer

    stormzy please come fuck me

  27. Slashley gibbins

    Lots of kids talking shite.

  28. Lboogie

    here before 100mil like if you are too :D

  29. Amy Beauchamp

    Every rapper: drives a Lamborghini Stormzy : lies on the bonnet of a Toyota prius

  30. 4boyz

  31. Mureked

    1:03 white man driving car

  32. Juste Gloriana

    Dave and stormzy are the bests in uk

  33. Pixie Mishra

    1:05 1:05 1:05 1:05 Ur welcome (I’m my opinion that’s the best bit) (obviously they eNtiRe song is fireee but uno still) 😇😭😂✌🏼

  34. veetee7

    put this as my i wake up 1 hour early

  35. Fate Btw

    Nobody : The comments: English teachers: Stormzy is wearing all black to... Shutup you neeks 🤣

  36. Natasha Coke

    2:04 😂😂😂😂 that dance killed it!

  37. mediacenter man

    This song makes me want to catch my shadow.

  38. Louis Jeremie

    Why they beefin

  39. Danyal Syed

    Naa stormzy is too good

  40. Matty Mcfarlane

    This guy is nothing new.. I dont get why people think hes so great.. heard it all before

  41. costi iere

    It s just about the money 🍗

  42. John Muslime

    This Nigerian should be deported.

  43. XxUnmasked FaizyxX

    Every comment: This makes me want to..........

  44. Harry Cox

    This is just noise. Will a good song ever be number 1 on my birthday ☹️

  45. Arbab Khan

    Stormy has to drink tea

  46. dockcom

    Music to transcend to

  47. Jabez Reji


  48. akiyaa

    who's here before 100m?? 🤩🤩

  49. Sali 80'show


  50. Sonia Nath


  51. Lola

    _i thought this said my brothers don’t _*_die_*_ we just Vossi Bop, so I kept telling my younger brother this song is bad lol_

  52. Vuk Master

    BakaPrase copy your song the Ono Moje

  53. Melissa Louise Madden

    This is boss but its fucking heavy man... he best not get stabbed after this

  54. Vicky Vandikkelen

    I Like Ed and Stormzy, but i LOVE them together!!🙈👌🏻💯

  55. txfe __

    Lukaku when someone doesn’t play him a through ball

  56. A King

    Tune is banging 🤴🤟👊💪

  57. Muoio Manuel

    Dayum, he didn't show his eyes once haha

  58. Monica David

    Stormzy at the end of song:"so bthhhhh" You:So disappointed

  59. CR7 SR4


  60. txfe __

    This is what he does when he misses inter milan training

  61. Lee Swift

    He should bring out his own brand of tea......Stormztea

  62. Davinator

    Label (or something like that): "OK Michael we are going to sprinkle water on you while you're performing on stage." Stormzy: "Sound wicked"

  63. then what

    bruh need some shit wit some bop in it hit da baby up

  64. Lee Swift

    He should bring his own brand of tea out.....Stormtea

  65. Fiveminded

    Pg Tips need to sign Stormzy for their new tea advert.

  66. AS10 Gaming

    bruk her back and them bend her oml

  67. Jimi Morgan

    This is based on the classic fifteenth century ballad 'Silence You Fools'

  68. GZUprise

    almost 100M views

    1. Esav Mcgee

      GZUprise shutup rude boy

  69. The Cobra

    that s14 silvia. bro i need it

  70. Timur Zavidov

    Good to see him blowing up. I can't say I am a hardcore fan of his, but I listened to him since 2016, and I remember when he was relatively unknown (in popular terms) even in Britain. Views showed that. Now you got 5+ mill since December. Good for him.

  71. Mpathergrenade_3.0 Y

    Just remember that one of the viewers is Wiley

  72. mikiav1

    My favorite song ever.... It makes me want to dance whenever I hear it♥️♥️♥️



  74. Saul Sutcliffe

    This song makes me want to ask for houmous in Lidl

  75. Christina Davis

    Have you ever read a really good comment and think damn I wish I wrote that

  76. Herick Vital

    And they say uk is better than America 🤣

  77. John Paul

    Did a freestyle with this beat bruh Here's the link if you wanna hear it Shout out to stormzy 💥💥

  78. Terri Sadoo


  79. N0T_ BL2CK

    The product of imperialsim

  80. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

    I can’t stop playing this!!! 😩😩😩

  81. AJ Lethal Beats

    Should've done 3 dubs each. Stormzy asked for a reply and didn't respond. Instant lose for Stormzy

  82. Jamie Thomas

    so disappointented, on youtube

  83. Zeptobeam

    Very NICE ))) -

  84. Zeptobeam

    WOW ))) -

    1. beedsj roiue

      Nobody: English teachers: Stormzy was referencing wileys mum before the beef by releasing a song called 'take me back to London' showing her ambition to come home

  85. Simone Smith

    stormzy hold my... nothing. pass my cuppa! 😍😍

  86. V M

    The tongue at the end deaded me😂😭😭

    1. beedsj roiue

      Mamzy Approves This Message

  87. uE j3

    Bro dat music Video Thoe

  88. PinkyFingerUk

    New Stormzy Wiley Diss Track!!

  89. Wideband Atlanta

    1:08 give me some distance, name anyone this consistent.. *not feeling the N word being used though and whites can't say it when they made it up but anyway. Bars* ..

  90. bob nob


  91. Chidozie Muoka

    Fire 3 different artists come together

  92. Wideband Atlanta

    Message to Stormzy. In future just do any flow ya want besides grime. I will listen, I don't know who told the other countries dem dat grime represents most UK urban, it don't, it flopped, there were nuff other vibe (garage) and even bass dark vibe's that wiley must have took from and if in any doubt I've been a dj since young and still have most me vinyl dem. Keep doing fresh music, so called urban music most of it is rip off music etc oversampled classic music to highly trained ear's. UK dance/house/garage and UK rap has only solidified connections with all countries. Once smart listeners realise grime etc all come from garage that's it, respect for it gone kaar garage really was banging first in Chicago, last time I check, dat place deh inna United States ta raas.. Not garage but speed garage again a derivative, its what grime was born from, it was fast but slow enough than drum&bass to mc over, not everyone can keep up with drum&bass bpm, wiley would have been maybe the only one from East mcing if he made a sub genre of drum&bass instead of speed garage. Anyone go listen to speed garage or even garage now you'll change your direction of you're making music at the moment or planning to.

  93. Ally Walka

    Why these man getting so personal?

  94. Wideband Atlanta

    1:33 forget fire in the booth, go see my fire in the park. Lyrics. Damn

  95. Wideband Atlanta

    Stormzy chatting lyrics fa real.. Only way to clash stormzy is to come original which is hard because the people who could potentially clash and win have built their whole ting around samples etc pirate etc piracy at some point so can't ever win.

  96. Rules And regulations

    Thos sick not lying

  97. project zorgo

    He still hasn't finished his drink😂😂

  98. Wideband Atlanta

    1:58 Bars.. *_Overblack_* ....

  99. Louis Jeremie

    Someone tell me why wiley and stormzys beefin

  100. Jaiden P

    Seriously one the best rappers out there