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  1. Aneisha Kandhai

    emma hesitating to say boyfriend at 0:29 is a mood

  2. Raquel Torres


  3. Tara Rose

    PHILLZ run Emma her cheque 😤😤

  4. Jenni Arias

    Mood 🤣💞

  5. Kimberly Aurora Joselin sweetcandy Rosa flower

    LOL LIKE AND COMMENT IF YOU DIES OF LAUGHERS😂😂😂😂😂 if you laugh when the cat jump to the table and Emma screamed

  6. noteverydaywitheva

    when declan tried jumping up on the table i died bahaha 😂

  7. Ryan Boger

    Simon Cowell of coffee

  8. Amelia Gillander


  9. Fatima Lopez

    Try better buzzed bro it hitss

  10. Jordyn Palmer

    i wanna see Emma come to Texas & review different sweet tea places


    I’ve never seen this part of Emma’s house Why am I saying this?😂

  12. babymerman

    none are good. come to melbourne

  13. Fin Shark

    You can just tell shes super vsco

  14. Giselle

    Declan is me trying to get all the coffee during finals

  15. Shahriar Ahmed

    Tim Hortons!! Any Canadians

  16. cookies candy

    I think stripes coffee chain is great

  17. Kole Chapski

    I like Starbucks

  18. Francis Unger

    What happened to Tim Hortons? ☕🤔

  19. sweet tooth

    My dad doesn't like your channel, can you make a video acting like a boomer to please him? - your neiberhood freindly 12 yo fan

  20. Bob Rossy is Saucy

    Minnesotans, Caribou Coffee is the BEST Can’t change my mind

  21. Avion Hay

    Do McDonald’s in US not sell iced coffee. McDonald’s Ice coffee is the best we have up North

  22. holly wurster

    she needs to be sponsored by philz honestly

  23. jennah Hulleman

    wye is the titel Netherlands

  24. Eleni___ Savvie

    new gordon ramsay of coffee: e m m a c h a m b e r l a i n

  25. Kyah & Ava

    Emma: starbucks tastes like urine 😱😂

  26. Madaya Kavis

    I want you to come review my local coffee cafe

  27. Spingot Goomer

    Poor girl apparently never had the wonderful taste of Caribou Coffee

  28. Andreas Warren

    omg noooooo! when i went to LA i would go to the coffee been and tea leaf like every morning and i absolutely adored it.

  29. cierra castaneda

    declan:jumps on table abruptly emma: DECLAN

  30. kayla and Happy.videos

    1:20 no one: declan in the background: *zOoM zoOm*

  31. kails bug

    When she said, "DeClYnN!" I felt that

  32. Fiona Brandt

    It gets dark at 2 pm here in Maine

  33. Natalia Lara

    Emma: *got 6/8* Me: THAT'S REALLY GOOD! School: You get a C

  34. Chin Chin me


  35. R3B3L ROHIL25

    Tim Hortons.

  36. Chrono flames

    the only thing more loved on youtube than david dobrik is sister sqaud

  37. Lothar Zogg

    Coffee, the most useless liquid on the planet. Why should anyone care?

  38. _Loner blue_

    Where's my main girl Costa?

  39. Noa Ban

    Is it me or she was more loose and funny before.Her editing was unique.And it made the video 10 times funnier.Now she just isn’t funny or loose.Her editing is boring.Just saying

  40. suraya_official

    Cute!! Ur so good at makeup x

  41. thatfunnyguy182

    Never knew I needed this video in my life

  42. Gymnast 22

    I wonder what she would rate caribou

  43. Gymnast 22

    I wish caribou was on here

  44. Zaaina Potato

    How many times does she change her outfit a fay

  45. Maddie G.

    when declan jumped on the table i started dying laughing i still am

  46. Delaney Hampton


  47. Leanne Mahmoud

    Tim Horton is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better u have to try it

  48. Ji Yun Hwang

    starbucks sales bouta plummet gg

  49. Tabitha Beyers

    9:55 Hahahaha 😂😂😂

  50. Ji Yun Hwang

    emma singlehandedly destroyed starbucks

  51. SamLikesArtFilms

    Would be funny to do another one of these with different brands of bottled water.

  52. Cassandraa Giselle

    Emma. Your new snapchat story show; what house is that filmed in???

  53. Lindsay McDougall


  54. Gianna Lasky


  55. Roquey Jobes

    I love how Emma made a video answering a question we ALL knew the answer to lmaoooo

  56. Maddy Evans

    emma try gourmet latte plss

  57. Nicole —

    Idk if I’m the first to be the one to break the BAD news to you this time is Standard time not daylight saving time.... I’m so sorry Ps I wouldn’t get coffee either if Starbucks was my only choice

  58. Perla Plata

    I thought she was wearing a normal sweater..until I looked what the Santa was doing on the sweater🤣🤣

  59. Ashley Wallach

    jail. dont ever talk about my baby Coffee Bean like that again

  60. Octavio Trejob

    If coffee chains were phones, starbucks would be Apple

  61. Anna Diggins

    When Declan jumped at 9:55 it made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  62. Emily Almquist

    Dutch bros is the best lol. I'm from Oregon. Cant wait to try phillz sometime when I go to California

  63. Cotter Vox

    What about Tim Hortons? :(

  64. Jordan

    Declan got a lil chubby

  65. Jo Jo

    Ugh excuse me? Starbucks is delicious😂. Also I’ve tried that Dunkin Donuts latte and it’s absolutely horrible and taste like milk🤢

  66. Meagon Gabrielle

    that merch though 🔥🔥🔥 super cute

  67. Lazy Dani YT UwU

    When Emma loves coffee as much as you do

  68. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." -John C. Maxwel TERRANCE OUT

  69. Brandon Buckles

    Dutch bro’s?

  70. mo jo


  71. Anna Cardillo

    Everyone on the East Coast lost it when Emma said Dunkin Donuts wasn’t the best

  72. cristal 04

    9:54 😂😂

  73. Malaya Ward

    Like If Emma should start her own coffee brand!!

  74. Xxx Alyssa xxX

    Emma chamberlain: the ceo of coffee

  75. Amanda C

    i feel like u should do a vid where your work as a barista one day

  76. Anna Olivia

    If you ever go to New Orleans on tour go to PJS.

  77. Anna Olivia

    Danm, no PJS?

  78. Rebecca :b

    Emma to her cat: she got me going psycho she got me going mad, mad, mad

  79. Mangotrocity

    Why did Emma’s cat just do that tho 😂😂😭😭

  80. Z garcia



    A what about if i love you Emma?!!! Can we go for cofee then?!!! Obviously espresso.🎄🌻🍩

  82. ZoweBubbles

    declan jumping on the table is a whole mood

  83. Carley Spencer

    no one: absolutely no one: not even declan: emma: this is literally the worst most foul thing i’ve ever put in my mouth i hate it and it’s disgusting and it’s so bad i hate it you could not pay me to drink it you cannot pay me to like it i hate it i actually hate it and i hate everything about it and it’s awful

  84. Cynthia Baker

    Only a personal opinion I think 🤔

  85. Earl Pappas


  86. The One and Only Jaelen

    emma is the only person who can make a video of her rating different coffee brands

  87. Lindsay Nichols

    McDonald’s has lattes....

  88. Ava G

    i DIED when her cat tried to jump on the table

  89. Alejandra Torrez


  90. Evan Jones

    Did everyone forget about Dutch bros??!!

  91. Anna Janowski


  92. Juliana Ramirez

    What about d-dutch bros 😪

  93. Faithful_Vibez

    We have a special guest in the background 1:22


    the coffee i love the most is the one i make myself.

  95. Claire Bear15

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hate anything as much as Emma hates 7/11 coffee😂

  96. Maggie Vroman

    Bro chill just recycle the cups it's nbd

  97. mike logan

    Make your own at the house. It's cheaper and waaaay better. In fact, it'll be perfect.

  98. Carley Spencer

    9:54 "𝗗𝗘𝗖𝗟𝗔𝗡"

  99. Alexander Guan

    My sister says that Philz sucks

  100. Avea Illium