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  1. Archis

    6:40 The truck was already on 85% of the way, what was the point of stopping and adding another pulley, not to mention turning the old man's truck around while he could have just driven a few more feet to finish off the job. Lol, sometimes destin overdoes things to make a point.

  2. killmoo

    This really helps with KSP

  3. Rahaman Michael

    I do that with my spoon all the time

  4. NickBestN


  5. Matthew Crosby

    ben aFLACK

  6. محمد المنذري

    Thank you for adding the Arabic language

  7. Mark Hackney

    4:12 is that the original cat or a duplicate?

  8. Billy Sheek

    I played your video through my Sonos sound system playbar, subwoofer and surround speakers. OMG...it sounded and felt like I was there. I played it ten times.

  9. Alan Hanel

    I thought my man was going to bang the science fair winner

  10. Benoit Letourneux

    I heard 6 sonic booms

  11. Tyler ThaGr8

    This was a great episode Dustin

  12. skydivejumprope

    I think i've watched/listened to this like 30 times in the last week or so....

  13. Ben Bowman

    So if we switch the flap back over, we could hypothetically live underwater

  14. samuel Felix Claros Molina



    I have a feeling while he was suffering from hypoxia all he could hear was a song and it was SHAWTY LIKE A MELODY

  16. D.R. Pingu

    It's interesting to see dustins face as he concentrates on asking questions, figuring out science, and keeping the framing on himself with the camera simultaneously

  17. Alex Fourther

    U skipped the main part too much

  18. The Pig

    Pedo tube xd

  19. Michele Bovero

    That was incredible!

  20. Chris

    I love you

  21. Julián García Londoño

    Excelent video but please, take care of your eyes. Use goggles.

  22. Chris

    Best thumbnail ever ngl

  23. tubelitrax

    Supersonic Booms are not special for me. I heard it every day when I was younger cause I lived near a german air base.

  24. Ray

    How do you even get in touch with these people?

  25. Jon Anderhub

    There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number- living things both large and small. There the ships go to and fro, and Leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.

  26. Henry Stickman

    It ain’t much but it’s honest work

  27. Darren heiberg

    you are one of the few youtubers that i have clicked the bell for

  28. Matthew Smith

    Hey destin.... this is the best video so far.... except from shooting the schlrin videos

  29. Ben S.

    Get a better cpu then

  30. Alessio S

    9:40 let alone the science.. I could watch and listen to this for hours

  31. useless player

    Κάντε λαικ όσοι είστε Έλληνες να νομίζουν ότι είπα κάτι εξηπνο

  32. useless player

    Κάντε λαικ όσοι είστε Έλληνες να νομίζουν ότι είπα κάτι εξηπνο

  33. HyPe Lac

    My Dad has his finger cut by one of these thank you for making a difference

  34. Joseph Bloe

    Could listen to this guy talk all day long

  35. tom s

    Reddit is currently under US military occupation. The propaganda operatives there do not allow any opinions that go against the narrative that the US government is pushing. They come down hard on any dissent with an iron first. This is especially apparent on the subject of China.

  36. Enzhe Li

    13:31 Alien Jellyfish

  37. K C

    these BLM protests, i wonder how much was by russia/china

  38. Tim Walther

    Is that a dent in the cylinder at 46:02?

  39. Sean Scullion

    Here after launch, will now proceed on to drone ship videos

  40. Kevin Honeywell

    Your explanation resonates so well. Thank you for this amazing video (and of course, all of the others ones too)

  41. KDANK

    Still not even comparable to the Saturn V in audio aspects.

  42. zLove_F1r3x

    This was filmed in 2015.

  43. Naim Ibrahimi

    Nice video 👍 loved it 👏

  44. Aardvark892

    Destin, please be careful when standing near cables under tension. Where you are standing when that Jeep is pulling itself, if that cable has snapped it could've cut you in half. I know you know better... you may just not have been thinking about it at that moment.

  45. Mihir Patel

    Man, 🇺🇸 is just great. So many great people!!

  46. Pigeon Gamer

    I clicked the cat and it didn’t subscribe

  47. Aardvark892

    Far and away the best thing about all of your videos is your excitement about the subject. You make us WANT to learn this so we can find out why you're having so much fun!

  48. Fred Flintstone

    Incredible! I want one

  49. Cody Debonis

    this was fun. I have a video of me doing this in oki. he didnt mention how the first run or so you have no oxygen regulator, its all on the breath

  50. Ree Yee

    Now I respect rockets

  51. Matevž Šimnic

    More cores usually means more power for programs that can use as much of them as possible (8 core CPU, use 8 cores), but 8 core procesor with faster cores beats 12 core one with slower cores (it depends how slow are they).

  52. K McC

    "How many times can I use the word head in a video with fighter pilots?"

  53. Warren Meyer

    I think she was also saying not to be so hard on yourself, you managed to sustain 7.2g's. You did amazing! Thanks for such an incredible video!

  54. barnis

    anyone here after demo 2 wanting a binaural audio for it?

  55. Estabon

    This is one of the best videos you've ever made. I love the video and amazed the CEO gave you such an amazing discussion and tour.

  56. Robix

    Now not only coronavirus is stopping me from going to beach.. now it's this knowledge too

  57. Yeee 01

    Okay SEsels, I watched it

  58. Ryan Ramdeo

    2 Houdinis Have Died 😭

  59. Ricky Gonzales

    This is awesome

  60. Vikram Aggarwal

    My Alexa can’t unlock my door or turn off my alarm, only lock and set. Point Alexa!

  61. aixomoxia

    Could the 90 degree turn be from the same force that causes a tennis racquet to always twist when you throw it up expecting a flip but always get a flip and a twist? LEG

  62. Jeann van Rooyen

    Next level, backwards pedal to go forward + reverse stearing

  63. King_Fr3d0 ツ

    Just to think a GTA character carries everything and more in that bed of the truck

  64. BobbyBigBlue

    i've never felt so dumb watching a youtube video.....of course iso grid

  65. 城下君

    So Thor is real

  66. Ripperduck

    We did this training just to go out to the oil rig, then we took a 13 hour trip on a boat.

  67. EmperorOfSparta

    is it possible that you vomit in the mask?

  68. Adrian Wan

    Woo falcon 9!

  69. Itger Dijkstra

    Who else came here after the how to not land a spaceship

  70. Terrance Zhang

    is it dead

  71. T Lloyd

    I took a back seat ride in an F-105 training run at Ft Sill Oklahoma. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. I was ok from the 10,000ft to 1,000ft. Still ok at 5,000ft to 500ft. What got me was the strafing run. My vision went to looking through a toilet paper roll. They have to pull hard to keep from catching a ricochet and shooting yourself down. Not sure how many g’s but enough. I can’t begin to imagine an F-16.

  72. OrionM43

    @Destin, I am a 65 year old man, in greater Birmingham. I am always amazed at the experiences you share here via your videos. I would really enjoy the opportunity to meet you in person, while you are working on one of your fascinating projects. Who knows, stranger things have happened! Take good care, Destin, and Godspeed! Jack

  73. Brandon Samaroo

    I like how glacier ice is blue🙂

  74. Tabish Rahman

    Try this with trump

  75. DE Plinker

    “If I don't approach each new experience with an appropriate balance between confidence and humility, there's a good chance I'm going to be humbled by force.” That statement is profound, but even getting humbled by force doesn't make you look stupid... it just makes you humble. :) You and the work you do through your videos is outstanding. I have little doubt that over time you will continue to inspire young minds to do great things later in life, and that, outside of your own family, will be your greatest legacy.

  76. Chris

    Also, the S maneuver. when the pilot said "here come the g's", he said it as he was starting it. If he had said it before, (like he said he was going to do,) and had given Destin time to get ready, he could have done the 9 G's

  77. eTox One

    Nice vid 👍🏻

  78. Laurence Browning

    Hey mom I can carry all the groceries, can I ride in an F16 viper and experience 5 G’s? I think I’m ready now.😂😂

  79. Eastwood Game

    I can ride a bike with no handlebars


    Come On D ain't this Coooool?

  81. Black Element Studios

    Imagine animators animating a 90 minute film at 100k frames per second

  82. Derro0

    Destin that was one of the best videos I've ever seen. The personality factor is impressivly good demonstrated and I really learned a lot here today about confidence and humility 👌 Thanks!

  83. Chris

    What was the banging noise when he was pulling the G's

  84. Chaitanya Athawle

    Great words man .. 👍👍👍

  85. Navneet Kaushik

    Who is here after today's launch (31-5-2020)

  86. Michael Jorgensen

    "Son, go get a rifle" "What caliber dad?" "a 22 should do it.....with a scope" "You want the Marlin, the Ruger, the Browning or the Smith and Wesson?"

  87. Hehe Tymen

    Lmao am I the only one who pressed into the toilet seat and clenched when he'd say, "here come the Gs?"

  88. noilex

    You might end up missing out on opportunities, if you you don't have the confidence to face your limits and learn from them. I know it's difficult in practice, but anxiety since childhood has taught me that lesson in life;) Thanks for a great video as always;)


    Awesome video

  90. hooman

    3:33 a u fecker ya

  91. Chris

    6:16 the moment when destin realized his name was on an F-16

  92. ProfessorData 1701D

    3:53 i thought he said 67 g and i was like that would kill you.

  93. Enchanted Mirror Tarot

    I work so hard on my videos try and try.

  94. ミイルザ[MiilkT]

    Ah yes. Join the US Airforce

  95. Sachin Kumar

    Tanmay OP

  96. H5-Phil

    That was a fantastic video/demonstration!!!

  97. MusiX

    bro can you tell me how to apply nasa

  98. Manish Kumar

    Tanmay Bhat op

  99. Riley Carey

    anybody think that the fighter that hes in looks like the lazer in gta

  100. eotzuofug

    Who is here after demo-2?

    1. skydivejumprope

      Before and after.......... !!!!

    2. Kalonji Lowe


    3. Wilbert van den Esker

      After every launch I want to hear again how it sounds ^^

    4. Tudor Tudor

      Lol, SEsels started recommending all SpaceX videos

    5. Teflon Gaming