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  1. 21Youngstars ZH97

    0:45 so Christmas is cancelled...

  2. Man like Alisson

    Alisson > de gea

  3. fp s

    Sad to see coman injured the man is a beast with the ball a real demon always enjoy watching him play

  4. badanimator67

    wait 75 mil million /\ /__\

  5. Jino’s Army !

    No one: Absolutely no one: Pellegrini: CLARENCE DIES

  6. Riley Brandt

    1 like = 1 prayer for Clarence.

  7. Adam Tariq

    1:03 Whoopie Goldberg 😂

  8. Rabin Adhikari

    Christmas is cancelled guys ☺

  9. Lucas A.

    Rip Clarence. You will be missed 😔

  10. Judy Chen

    8:18 8:19 8:20 7:16 7:17

  11. Bullet Boy

    I personally like the reactions more...

  12. Farhan Maleq

    An easy game? Dang Man City, you scored 8-0 against Watford and yet, we struggled against Watford to the point that we could only score 2-0 (thanks to Mo Salah)! That should've been 8-0 if the sh*t-feree didn't disqualify Badio Mane's goal with his sh*tty VAR last night... 😡

  13. omar foxy

    wayne rooney 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. how to make a good

    As a scottish person: Hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahaahahahhahahhahahahahhhaaahahahhahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahhaaahahahahhahahhhhahahhahaahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahhhahhahahahhahahhhhahahahhahh

  15. PokemonTrainer 999

    Wait did mbappe sign for real madrid because after the race it was 2-2-0 then it was 3-2-5 so mbappe signed for real

  16. jack sekhon

    wanna hear a joke? her gs bz sgaev

  17. Liam Goodfellow


  18. Ian MG

    1:29 :)

  19. Broski jetski

    "I think he's lost the plot"😂😂

  20. Hacheeze Gaming

    you should say piemonte calcio rather than juventus 🤣

  21. Zacster 08

    A-Z Of Cavani Like so 442oons can see

  22. Fx3 Jazz

    Haven't heard that Fowg song in age's

  23. Nether Fury

    Next vid- footballers try coutinho's 2nd goal

  24. Loosed

    Why is phil coutinho the only one with black dots as eyes


    Who is watching this when Pochettino got sacked

  26. Michelle Roworth

    Stay COUTINHO please

  27. Kaz Rubel

    Kazimier is my osm name

  28. Jamie Allan

    argh! 1-2 croatia. mentally scarred

  29. Jhontor Fin

    Somebody : Santa can I marry this girl? Santa : We only do it at transfer window Somebody : Well f*** you Santa

  30. Dimityr Lefterov

    Last time I was this EARLY Cristiano was the Best player in the WORLD. .. OH WAIT!! RONALDO :,, The Dissrespect! '' Ronaldo Siiiiiister :,, The Dissrespect''!!

  31. brobed1

    Leicester drew Chelsea lost Liverpool whatever Blah blah

  32. Saggy_ sack07

    Great vid 4 is for 442toons!!!!

  33. BarteQ_ games


  34. Enzzo leite

    Materche ruam

  35. Jake Coles

    Hoooooray!!!! The FWOG is back ⚽️🧙‍♂️🦉🧐

  36. Alaric De Melo


  37. Muhammad Sanyang

    5 goals in 9 games that is sick

  38. Finlay Hannah

    2019 anyone?

  39. T-wex Moose

    Watching this 2019 wow Robertson

  40. Edu Lontoya

    like si el portero es tonto osease 😜

  41. Juan Martinez

    One more day until my birthday where is says published!

  42. Glen Reddin

    Since this video was published: Leicester city drop points at home against Norwich Liverpool win 2-0 at Watford and go 10 points clear Chelsea lose at home to Bournemouth

  43. JNTC

    Quality like usual. It’s us JNTC a new football SEsels channel and we would appreciate a sub by you the person reading this

  44. Bendy B

    Pep: finally easy game ahh Me: uhh Norvitch?

  45. Jan Mrozek

    0:45 Chelsea 0 - 1 Bournemouth

  46. HunteR UmaiR


  47. Aryan Velgekar


  48. T Cash

    Sorry Chelsea

  49. the c.f.a.

    R.I.P. Clarence

  50. The Kobster 05

    “They’ve also got Lovren, Divock and Moreno” Lovren- Been quite good last few matches, injured Moreno- Sold, but how can you hate Alberto Moreno? Divock- Lord Of Belgium, King Of Nigeria, Red God of Merseyside Divock Origi

  51. Angela Coffey

    Now Poch is sacked

  52. Hamza Ilyas

    1:39 That sounds a bit ____________

  53. doliio volay

    The only thing that didn’t score that goal: Alvaro Morata

  54. Kylian Mbappe

    R.I.P Clarence

  55. Sports Talk


  56. Sports Talk


  57. LeoRC-132

    0:40 Paulo Dybala jajaja

  58. PECJ

    The Mannequin challenge at 1:05

  59. Meme Review

    Lol i love ole zombie characters

  60. Andrew Sarabia

    Not made for kids Me:why :arsenal :me screams

  61. Prince Opara

    THE ‘‘CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED’’ statement was a joke

  62. Makisha Bulatovich

    Whos here after he scored a hattrick and 2 assists against Werder Bremen

  63. Larry burke

    Who'll win the league Like: Arsenal Comment: Arsenal

  64. Raquel Mcgrane

    i don't like the first one because I support west ham

  65. markopolo 0

    Can you make a video on qatar

  66. Jacob Watson

    Fwog returns. Sooooo good

  67. CFC Reviews


  68. Blob Dob

    Happiest day of ny life this was (And karius was there)

  69. Dude R


  70. Gisli G Sigurdsson

    Coutinho would probably be winning the league with Liverpool right now lol. And why is Suárez moving his hands with the song like he is Masturbaiting

  71. Gisli G Sigurdsson

    Its Cold at the top. Most people even say the title race is over.

  72. Angélica Ventura Salmerón


  73. Syed Niaz Mohtasim

    Come on man expected better from you guys, it was an unfortunate injury and he said he might even retire if its bad. It's not funny mate

  74. Random user

    I love the fact that Arsenal is in the warning at the start P.S Chelsea's christmas ia cancelled they lost 1-0

    1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      And Clarence is gone. But at least Dyche won't have to find a new team using the Xmas bonuses of the old team.

  75. Marouan Belmaachi

    0:28 Suarez : you sill have 5 if cr7 was in real

  76. S Kay


  77. Wesley Kirwin

    Come on I'm unsubscribing......why? Well u said man utd are getting relegated when I'm a united fan and we beat city 2-1

    1. TXL - YT


  78. Daniel Baetens

    MCN are friends again

  79. Theodoro Oliveira

    Messi 6OAT

  80. Hamza Ilyas

    Only OGs will remember ‘ hastalavista baby baby baby oh ‘ in the Austria match

  81. Oliver CQ Giroud

    A baby with a beard

  82. Wesley Kirwin

    I think Barcelona

  83. Manu Fan

    Chelsea: If we lost to Bournemouth, Christmas is canceled. Next Day: Chelsea 0:1 Bournemouth CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED

    1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      Christ above. Frank, you savage.

  84. Wesley Kirwin

    Does anybody feel sorry for de gea

  85. Johan Sebastian

    Sorry, Christmas is cancelled

  86. Tekkerz Gamer

    Harry Kane wasn’t in this video but he doesn’t spit at all

  87. Kevin Ichwan

    RIP clarence 😂😂😂😂

    1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      Also RIP Xmas at Stamford Bridge But at least Sean won't have to replace his players.

  88. yofiygyovohgyo tjyofyiidiy

    I found 442oons stickers at £1 shop

  89. *Kyron* Gaming


  90. Arios ali

    This isn't the first time in 2018/2019 they've beaten Man City, they won 1-2 AGAIN, but this time with Ole.

  91. Devyn Green

    Christmas is cancelled

  92. 100k subs without videos challenge

    the morata song is even better cuz david luiz actually did go to arsenal

  93. Oliver CQ Giroud


  94. Lucas YT

    No prif

  95. Erick Morales


  96. ONEK1nG,,

    Why do people disrespect salah :(

  97. kerem Zeki Ayaz


  98. Ackz Warsama

    Christmas just cancelled because Chelsea lost😂

    1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      No Xmas at Stamford Bridge.

  99. Mr.saad2707 M

    Looks like they did tactic 3 but in a different way