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  1. Dark Drift Gaming

    any1 else angry about how he says deku

  2. Tristan Van steen

    Diana was romen not Greek. Artemis was Greek.

  3. PHE Yingkiong

    joaquin is great but....Personally Nobody and I mean nobody.....can reach to the level of joker acting as Heath Ledger

  4. Xvyolt

    Based on this Theory, this is a case of Horizon Zero Dawn, which I am totally down for.

  5. Punshy

    I only heard half of what he said

  6. AgnotologyTV

    I know I'm late to the party here, but why did we use the movie as the source for Mulan and Moana, and but use real life references and sources for Hercules, Dinosaur, and Atlantis? We are totaling the in-world deaths of beings with free will and personal agency, right? Dinosaur would win, we witnessed an extinction level event that would wipe the slate mostly clean. 75 to 90% die-off. Atlantis would be next, as we saw an advanced civilization that allowed long life and prosperity be reduced by a factor of at least 10. Even if that city was only 100,000, and half the population managed to get inside the bubble, its easily sitting at #2. Hercules would barely tip the scales as there was limited population centers affected by the fights at the end of the movie. Mulan to me would hit #3, as we saw two armies wiped out to 6 and a single man. Assuming each one was only a regimen (we only saw cavalry on the Hun side) the low end would be 4,000 lost, high end would be 20,000.

  7. irma turashvili

    iT CANT be a sequal bc in episode 10 of rick and morty flies notebook cup and a pen and we know when it happening so theres no way it can be a secret season 3 of gravity falls

  8. Felicia M. Bertelsen

    18:41 Harry*

  9. alber the thing

    Sleeping Beauty: oh look, a very rusty yet sharp sewing kit. * pierces needle through finger * Sewing kit: * gives Sleeping Beauty tetanus * also Sleeping Beauty: * surprised disney princess face *

  10. Jorden Strother

    0:45 you lied to me matpat you Liar you liar

  11. Queen Of Hell

    it's not a surprise that Hercules and Ariel are related Triton is the son of Poseidon making Herilise his nephew and Ariel is Hercules cousin it makes perfect sense in greek mythology I figured this out when I watched Percy Jackson and the lighting thief cause Triton also has a brother named Perseus who is based off of the Percy Jackson series wow now that i think of it i'm a nerd about this kind of stuff

  12. Guilherme Deitado

    Hey MatPat do a theory about Teen Wolf

  13. pI mAge

    2020 is now just around the corner

  14. Dragonized

    9:37 correction, you get what you FUCKING DESERVE

  15. Guillermo

    Actually, I think toru's invisibility can be disabled, she just keeps it on always

  16. Early Birdie

    You could just sell loads of drugs... also the families of the victims may trace it back to you still

  17. Jann Eduard Tomas

    Me: mom can we buy some Wisecrack? Mom: we have Wisecrack at home Wisecrack at home:

  18. Ana O.

    Can you cover the movie ready or not?

  19. Renia renia

    Hey buddy ur theories are really amazing

  20. Niix Playz

    Stanley said my statue 9:37 check

  21. consiltrix

    I am a lion

  22. LivingNihilism

    This just got recommended to me, and boy this didnt age well at all.

  23. Brandon Andrews

    Fine you’re MatPat

  24. Ryu is Confused

    *this is America intensifys*

  25. K dog

    A meter or so

  26. Perchomize

    yeah no

  27. Johnny Fry

    Crap video

  28. namjintrash

    thank you for putting an actually nice photo of BTS

  29. A Galah

    Hey, didn't Robert Heinlein go down this path with 6-to-the-power-of-6-to-the-power-of-6 alternate universes where authors got to hang out with the characters that they created? (I think he smoked some bad weed that day)

  30. Lu1z 4 3v3r And the voices

    It kinda actually makes sense... If you examine Rick's garage in all seasons theres a box in there labeled "Time Travel Stuff" ...So yeah, Mr PBH might actually be Morty from the future

  31. Brandon Andrews

    How you doing now that he win

  32. Mike McConeghy

    I wonder if the writers ever watch stuff like this and go, "Oh, is that what we were doing? Hmm."

  33. Kyle Chapman

    I liked this theory because I always believed that yes rick says he fabricated that memory of Beth and his wife dying but I believe he was selective to what he was referring to. I believe that really did happen to him and the only memory he fabricated was the formula for the portal gun. I think rick went straight to another dimension that was almost exactly like the one he was living right after the bombing. But once he noticed the differences between both dimensions, he got to depressed and eventually left that version of Beth and his wife. He is the smartest man in the universe after all. Knowing that your one true wife in the universe died and he couldn’t replace her. That is reason why toxic Rick is so attached to his Morty because he cares about that original version of Morty. Even though he can clone them with no problem, he has these attachments and he views them as toxic. Which might be the main reason for his depression...the loss of his original wife.

  34. Andrew Karen Smith


  35. V 0451

    Rule 1 of buissnis: what you have is never enough

  36. SpideyAnonymous

    Never would I have ever thought I’d be saddened by film theory

  37. Jade Ansell

    What if joker was trying to get rid of them all so he could be on top. So he could kinda rule Gotham? Dunno just a theory.

  38. Wksk Sjs

    Even if I don't like one of your videos, I still leave a like, because at least I learned something, which makes me happy

  39. Chris Patterson

    I have watched several videos this week I love your video keep making more videos I will love that.

  40. Marc Bouzi

    Hey mat pat thanks for ruining my childhood

  41. Asa Indomável de Deus

    Lol thats the best video video i watched in this channel

  42. Isaakistarn

    I thought soup?

  43. Mr. Hawking

    Wait we see morty old in that death crystal I tought old morty is rick does this mean the rick is morty theory is wrong?

  44. utamiteslayer x

    What if we’re a tiny weenie verse inside a micro verse inside a mini verse inside a intelligent galaxy

  45. John Morris

    How is it that She was smart enough to beat James, but only have the muster to stay for only 3 days?

  46. Simon Tracer

    I don't need to be in Apocalypse to know that manipulation is the actual way that people work their entire lives and I mean everyone including you. don't believe me? I don't expect you to and that is the Crux of the whole situation. Because even if I do explain and it does make sense to your brain it doesn't mean that it will be implemented any differently for the majority of people who are too hard headed. But whoever said that manipulation was a bad saying it has its purpose has its ways of guiding people into what they should do even if it's not what they want to do if given the choice. but you already know the answer yet you made this video because the truth is obvious but there's no point in saying it because we don't want to know because that's the nature of what we are even if you are someone who reveals the truth as science is where you say you do that's exactly what you don't do in special cases

  47. Zoey Lives bitch

    1:20 That's the moment I chocked on my coke

  48. Zoey Lives bitch

    *Get out* *US* *Get out* Of the *US* United States U - S Not 'US' like us,but like United states. *Get Out* if the *US* the *United States* of *America* HES TRYING TO TELL US TO GET OUT OF THE US

  49. Kile James

    All of this marshmallow talk is getting me hungry

  50. Zoey Lives bitch

    I don't live in American actually, I'm from Norway. I love boat trips with my family! :3 Altough my dad is American and I am part american! :3

  51. Mr.SpaceClapper

    Well, the building had a clam thats a crab trap... so Crabs, the formula is crabs

  52. Jimu Rhew

    Just say to thanos “No we don’t want it.”

  53. PLUSHIE channel ink.


  54. Rachel Waite

    When he was reversing the clip from Dash’s prank the teacher was twerking

  55. Sebastian & Sylvia

    It’s ok Matpat my childhood was already ruined

  56. BeBop Aloola

    "I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me." Wreck it Ralph ! A Bad guys Bad Guy , We Love You RALPHIE , You Rock Son !

  57. EnderQuakePlayz

    Make a “How to Earthbend” theory.

  58. Ryan Proshusta

    Not sure if you’re a fan or not but South Park did some really meta stuff by posting a number to buy streaming rights to their “spin off shows”. These shows went by terrify farms, pc babies, one for the ladies, and Scott Malcason. Each was listed in the phone recording if you called the number. On top of that the show even calls out Disney at the beginning where Mickey Mouse asks. “Tegriry farms? Do I own that” Then a random third party yells not yet. This means I think anyone who can stream may be able to get rights to one of more of these spin offs for cheap be it SEsels or even SEselsrs or any of the big platforms. I think they just want to prove a point.

  59. *Gachahit neonUwU

    Your in luck Walt Disney died or he would ban u XD

  60. Randy Abney

    Digs fasho.

  61. Aquaticar-Gamez

    The dragons may be reptiles but in the films they are smarter than reptiles. In the first film the dragons don't attack the vikings instead they fly away from the danger wich is the red death. Or when hiccup (probably writing that wrong) finds toothless and frees him toothless is sparing hiccup and is not killing him. But it is also said that the night furrys really intelegent dragons are so there is that.

  62. Nonsense With Jessie

    I know that 50 people have probaly already pointed this out, but I'm going to do it anyway. Hogwarts actully has a fund for the less fortune children who can't afford robes and wands etc. While it won't it get you anything fancy you'll be able buy all the things you need for school, and that INCLUDES TEXTBOOKS!!!! Schools today can't even do that. Howarts is truly a magical place.

  63. Shaikh Mustafa Salman

    You mean Zeno

  64. Rachiel Ramsamooj

    Spoiler warning ⚠️ for frozen 2 Matpat: Canada Frozen 2 : Enchanted forest Matpat : that is Elsa’s girlfriend Frozen 2: that’s her mom Matpat: their sailing to Rapunzel ‘ s wedding Frozen 2: ottoholland It’s like they changed the whole plot after seeing this video

  65. Ludwig Jose

    Please do a theory on coraline

  66. Liam Warner

    I wasn't thinking what if she cut her tongue, I was thinking what if she died from dehydration from spending several day's licking envelopes?

  67. Rahul J. Ghaywan

    Rad green screen skills

  68. Chained Castle

    "For one night, all crime is legal" Me: Becomes a bounty hunter

    1. Chained Castle

      Or becomes a vigilante* (sorry not used to talking to ppl so I don’t normally comment and figured I would but I don’t think I’m doing this right, forgive me if I’m not)

  69. Habeba Gamal

    Well, i always like scar more😂 So the movie still isn't ruined to me

  70. MrDuescarnifex

    Beth is a clone, sorry but weekends start on a friday. Think of it this way you get off of school and as you get out you go back home and wait to go to your father for the custody because in actual custody cases when parents get the days. The days counting weekends are Friday, Saturday, and sunday. The only reason i know this is because i have alot of family member's who are going threw this. Plus when rick and beth are back in the garage after the execution and behind the cloning vat is a clock showing that its either late or its the next morning. Because the kids wouldnt be back until Monday because of the custody. When parents get days the father wouldnt get just two days they make it to were its even, especially on holidays. So this cant be true.

  71. ginVir

    2.6k Boomers didn't like that

  72. Idk what to Name myself

    Am i the only one who yhinks he sounds like odd1sout

  73. man Kid

    They are movies

  74. Demarcus Swagger

    “Stray a bit” *checks the videos* yeah this sure is straying a bit in the dark

  75. derrick carmenatty

    i feel you Rick, i feel you... :(

  76. jojo0142

    Why did I even click!?!? Lame!!!

  77. Steven Haws

    did anyone else notice that Morty is in ricks eyes? @1:00

  78. peregrine2129

    you were right matpat it is grape fruit. Also Dumbledore says in order of the phoenix it could have been Nevile who was in harrys place.

  79. stephtastic ssiris

    Mat pat: “this in not one to watch at night, nor with headphones” Okay now I’m really scared but I do want to watch it so I guess I’m gonna watch this with headphones at 2:40 am Edit: I reeeeeeally hate this format of comment but it’s easy to explain this way

  80. The beast Ok

    Not trying to spoil the theory but if Rick Sanchez’s didn’t know who his Monterey is from an alternate dimension then who did the evil mortey come from and most importantly of all where would that morety’s rick be because I thought it was illegal totravel through dimensions like that.

  81. XT_Games

    This theory: comes out before season 3 Anime watchers in 2019: *aw man matpat... y o u d o n t k n o w t h e h a l f o f i t*

  82. Anton Portell

    Who saw Virginia fart

  83. Kayagorzan

    "For one night, all crimes are legal" Me: orders "2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, 2 number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda" at a chik-fil-a on a sunday

  84. Vincent Ordas

    Cringy af opening

    1. Cassie

      You should watch disenchantment on Netflix

  85. Kiki Thorn

    okay so before I finish the video6:10 what if unity was secretly Beths mother but she died and rick bought her back as an alien thing that takes control of other people, probably why we never saw unity's real form

    1. Cassie

      in the 8 years? His wife died but how and when? Did he leave or come from somewhere else?

  86. Henry Noble


  87. Tray Corbin

    Great video but did we need 19 mid roll ads?

  88. santi madjid

    Rip Theory After Frozen II

  89. Sir Isaac Justin

    6:58 what is this?

  90. black_ shadow

    OK so I pressed this about 4 years ago and had nightmares but now I'm still scared a little

  91. jw nichols

    kinda funny you dont pay for youtube premium.......maybe if you win on Jeapardy.

  92. Jacob Zettlemoyer

    Also just gonna say that it wasn't a body he was kicking in the alley. The audio sounds like glass bottles

  93. Cheyenne Delgado

    am i the only one who thinks his edits on their faces are kinda creepy... this isnt a hate comment lol

  94. Johnny Clash

    Spider Man Homesexual

  95. aariaMB

    The gillyweed was dobby in the books.

  96. APY Reign

    Dude love the intro👌

  97. Morfrid

    As someone who has never watched this show, this is fascinating!!!

  98. tony Renger

    I can't Snap for years Because of you i lerned how to so it right am i am 21 years old Thanks

  99. BIigbro cool

    Btw when the songs gets in. he is imagining things

  100. DaVaughnMD

    Your green screen is in higher resolution then you lol