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  1. Nick Star

    This was the dumbest music video I've ever heard and seen.

  2. OG NA$A

    Listening to this shid was scary broh why'd they wait so long to release his current stuff

  3. Laquisha Johnson

    146 dislike tf outta here I got this on repeat I love you MAC MILLER U GET ME THUR ALOT I ALWAYS LOVED YOUR MUSIC RIP BABY

  4. Brian Wiremu Kepa

    Rip my brother we miss u

  5. Fenix Sherman

    Wow this is fucking beautiful! Mac this is extraordinary, i can tell this is from the heart! ❤ I love you, Rest Easy Mac! Feels like you never left

  6. Daniel Jones


  7. Cbe_Veo-Tv

  8. Melissa Snodgrass

    I love this ❤️

  9. Alondra Chavez

    Honestly this is my favorite song out of his whole album! RIP mac

  10. Aslhax

    100th time back here

  11. Swank ThePrynce

    I miss these days.

  12. ely gonzalez rodriguez


  13. MkkelThePikkel

    Post Malone: Circles Mac Miller: Circles

  14. Bob Stone

    This shit is wack asf

  15. Joseph Baker

    Lol isn’t this loser dead .?

  16. grizz’s ponytail

    felt like he sent this song from heaven.

  17. juan verano


  18. Ice Kold Killa

    I wish I could've met him to let him know I felt the same. Almost every single line here on many of the songs, are things I relate to. I wish I could sit down and listen to him more than tell him anything. Just listen. That's what I need. And at the end I'd say we're both gonna make it. But now I'm here. And no friends near that can relate or here to help. I'm gonna keep trying but I'm getting tired of being tired in every sense.

  19. Jael Werner

    There’s no one like you 💘

  20. Sabrina Benavidez

    Bro.... I can't even.... Wow Mac 💓

  21. devilish

    2:06 that gave me tame impala vibes

  22. Panzerzombie

    Mac sounds like the Beatles here and it’s amazing 😔

  23. Access Denied

    Stay focused and try to be calm - tempered. Do what you have to do to make it to the other side. Forever is promised.

  24. isa


  25. Ice Kold Killa

    Why me?

  26. Jag vet inte


  27. Zach Golden

    The new song of Babu Frik is so dope

  28. Pizza Bytes

    I miss him...

  29. Philly Boy

    Thank you to Mac’s mom and dad for giving us a great talent! He’s missed but his music will live in us forever 💯

  30. inihc

    this is such a funky song. Mac had all the talent in the world :(

  31. Hello I'm Byttr

    I be a grown ass nigga cryin rn tf

  32. Bruce Wayne

    Rip bro bro love you ik you watching over all of us 🙏🏽

  33. Your_Pal_Music

    How is he still making music when he's dead???

    1. BubberGroves

      You're joking, Right ?

  34. Damvlogs Plays

    Miss the man

  35. Enlightened Soul

    The flower of enlightenment. Lotus flower. Your music is amazing but your meanings are even better Mac some of us understand❤️☯️☮️

  36. Bruce Wayne

    Enjoy the best things in your life cause you ain’t gonna get to live it twice. Rip Mac

  37. Swank ThePrynce

    I wish I can go back to 2011 and appreciate his music more as a youth

  38. James Savage

    I thought u died like a year ago wtf

  39. Cam

    cant help but feel as if flying lotus had something to do with this song

  40. G.W. Bush totally isn't gay

    What I always loved about Mac was his taste in music. He had much respect for what became before him, and this cover is grade A. And he was so good at incorporating different genre's into his songs. I'm not even a big rap fan (a drummer here) but Mac truly made beautiful music. RIP Mac Miller 💔

  41. Jared Thomas

    Feels like I’ve heard this song in a dream

  42. Bruce Wayne

    Freshman when this came out. Rest In Peace MAC love you bro

  43. saul

    he be grooving, up high in the sky, like he was here, careless and carefree and happyn if not on the same level here, even more up there. rest easy brethren

  44. Ivan B

    I just wish this is what he’s currently doing, lighting a cig to get ready and bust the fuck out that coffin, and then just rise up like nothing ever happened... & celebrate his new album with us

  45. MrJr099

    Always been a fan of macs since faces, I was driving home listening to this song today and it finally hit me that this man won’t ever make music again, that he’s just gone.. I’ve always wanted to meet him and show him some of my music, shit ain’t right

  46. CTM 144

    Absolutely Beautiful❤ miss this dude man😔, R.I.P Mac🙏🏽🕊💔

  47. Shimek

    these heads do not materialize randomly

  48. Jael Werner

    Your voice is genuinely dope always

  49. daniel s

    like will be given.

  50. Alejandro Davis

    By far one of my favorite Mac Miller songs i swear i listen to this song about 10 times a day. Don't know what you missing shame on you. #LongLiveMacMiller

  51. Aj R

    The bars being dropped every stanza is such fire. Gotta keep restarting it to catch up

  52. bsmi1361

    😢 I'm not crying, you're crying..

  53. steady shakey


  54. Aaron Adade

    Favourite track on the album, love you Mac❤

  55. kiveyyy

    This was healing. Not gonna lie, I cried. But after, I felt more at peace with his death. RIP mac. We miss you. Thanks for this.

  56. Enlightened Soul

    Mac tried to show us the truth through his music now it is our duty to further his truth and humanity’s truth. I promise

  57. Jade Elizabeth

    Anyone else get a Paul McCartney vibe in this song? Fucking legend

  58. jake nenni

    I’m not crying You’re crying 😢

  59. Alexander Sucala

    Love you Mac

  60. noctiii.

    this shit honestly made me cry for the first time in a long time

  61. Spencer

    Wasn't this called Circles? Why'd the name change

  62. ZayBotic

    Don't trip. 💯

  63. Salena S

    i miss him so much

  64. Shaun Brown

    damn i miss this dude

  65. leo delgado

    Facts @1:12

  66. LockdownWRLD on xbox

    damn this gives you the chills

  67. Yahseq Gookler

    Song pretty much sums up his lifestyle.

  68. NoDipSherlock14

    Him and posty had a bond. And posty showed that after his death. So mac’s producers named a song and album the same name as postys song. That’s love.

  69. andrew

    my new self care:)

  70. ZayBotic


  71. Андрей Туровский

    fuck death

  72. Furiousgamechanger Official Channel

    I was gonna see him before he passed. He influenced me to start making music. When I opened up my Instagram feed and seen he passed, I hadn't gotten that emotionally stricken since my pops died when I turned 21. This is a blessing. Being able to connect with someone you had so much love for after they're no longer with ya. I hope to see ya somewhere mac, whether the stars or heaven. Still making incredibly dope shit.

  73. David C.

    Such a powerful song. Hope you found what you were looking for in the other side. RIP to one of the greatest.

  74. The channel Where nothing will happen

    So happy mac miller was even here on earth to make so much good music it's still sad that he's gone but he'd want us to be happy


    God damn bro I miss you

  76. JayAce wayz

    Yo it's too crazy. Don't know where I should start to write. So much feelings. So talented. I can relate to so much and those songs are so beautiful. I really love it how he shows a painfull side there are so many people in the world who think they are the most powerful or stronger than sb else Through Mac miller I learned so much. I really understand his thoughts. And I'm wondering how long I'm smoking weed bc it just give you other feelings and thoughts like those mac had

  77. Brodie Joe

    Wait, isn’t he dead?

    1. noctiii.

      yes, his family posted his music for him because it was unreleased

  78. joy and hope fun


  79. Mimi

    Malcolm. You’re so missed and loved, no longer in pain. Thank you for helping us and to those who weren’t super fans (like myself), but grew up with your career and your personality. Thank you so much. We love you always 💞 my love and prayer will always go to your Family.

  80. king James


  81. Christopher Gascot

    I don't get it

  82. EhrenRL


  83. QuietBoyMusik

    🙏🏽 @macmiller

  84. Nelly Steiner


  85. TY LENEO

    how is it no 7 trending but only 1.8 mil views......

  86. UnlivedCrowd

    Great cover from a great guy

  87. Communist Mark Zuckerberg

    Stfu u are dead i dont care

  88. Sean Shelton

    What a beautiful soul helping people to get through the very things that he once referenced as the demons "as big as his house" rip Mac

  89. Courtney Murray


  90. WhiteOut015

    His best song

  91. lord flavko

    Miss you Mac idk how I can miss you if I don’t personally know you

  92. JC Keepin It Real

    need a mac concert with these vibes man this is bliss

  93. Luiz Solo

    Wat can i say that been said ? Thanks for the sounds.n the words god is good .

  94. Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk

    Song from up above.

  95. mon bluey

    Wtf I thought hes dead

  96. Elina Eveche

    Siento que todo sucede por algo. Pero Mac, tu ausencia es realmente notable, marcó muchas cosas en mi vida. La evolución artística me inspira muchísimo!

  97. Brittany Johnson

    Ariana crying somwhere i can feel her😭😭😩😩🙏🙏🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🌊🌊🌊

  98. Prince Acero

    When I first clicked on this video, I thought it was gonna be some racist shit just by the title. But this kinda lit. Now I know not to judge a book by its cover. RIP Mac Miller

  99. Patrick Lombardi


  100. ihateu_xx

    whos here after hearing that ariana grande possibly anonymously harmonized on this track?