Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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  1. Dreamweaver

    Do i have a fever? Is something wrong with me? A brain tumor

  2. Jmlittledude 2

    With certain death on the horizon, Just for a chance to go into space! - A Space lover, 2016

  3. Box Lol

    1:24 its your 2nd favorite pe teacher

  4. Glitched

    Checkmate, non-gravity believers.

  5. SmkOW

    youtube recommended brought me here

  6. Ryan Schmitt

    1:16 Exactly

  7. Ron Arts

    Sending you a hug from Amsterdam. You're great.

  8. games tube

    Title : i got to be weightless for 7.5 minutes Video : 6.12 minutes Me : I have been cheated

  9. Lola seath

    someone send this woman to space

  10. Xtra _


  11. Xtra _


  12. Maheshwar Ramanand ➊

    Having that as a job would be fun..

  13. Mortals AMV's

    i looked at the prices and its $55,000 per person for PRIVATE SECTION

  14. Cap'n Slipp

    _“I'm going to take my one-of-a-kind custom vehicle - which I showed off extensively on SEsels - out into a major US city.”_ _“Why are people talking to me?! Why do they want to know things about my car?! Leave me alone!!”_ Simone, it's a cute act, but I think you're completely missing the point of car culture, along with the basics of sociology.

  15. Omar Rashad

    Vover these silver parts with mad black color

  16. ImiChimi

    Ля , я спать хочу

  17. Angela Jooste

    Wasnt taht on shark tank?

  18. Michael Sharpe

    Strictly speaking you were not weightless-you were in free fall. Gravity was acting on you, your mass was under acceleration, your weight didn't go anywhere. Just sayin'.

  19. Connor Hogan

    You better be in space this time next year

  20. Aesthetic Potato

    *Dam gravity*

  21. Mourad 90

    I guess the thumbnail for this video helped a lot to boost the views, Because people simply wanted to see that nice hair flying around !

  22. That One Bass Player

    Shut up libtard

  23. gavi5170 gavi5170

    Why does this look 20x better than the real cybertruck?

  24. mayagayam

    Simone + Jenna. I’m waiting for that epic vid.

  25. Cool Beans

    I wish I could work in one of those planes! It would. E so fun being weightless all day everyday!

  26. fswerneck

    Oh but that smile 3:50 That damn smile...

  27. Walkie

    hey, you also visited the ISS.. ;)

  28. DrWeabo


  29. Ricardo Vlogs

    I died about having anxiety watching.

  30. BudaTheBunny 2019

    This video made me smile!!

  31. Flighted

    you mean you got to be in freefall

  32. battle formula

    i can imagine how's this cool by how she's happy in the moment of zero g

  33. Flexus

    Anyone throw up up in dere?

  34. Roger Conrad

    How expensive is this capacitive touch stuff?

  35. Roger Conrad

    What is this "capacitive touch" shit????????? Maybe I can apply it to my invention.....Pentagonal Dodecahedron Perpetual Calendar.

  36. Roger Conrad

    Genius idea

  37. David Houlton

    I've enjoyed your u tube stuff , and have just actually discovered your postings. This tumor thing is a lot to have heaped on your plate. So, I'm going to fall back on what I tell my children. Your young and vibrant, one of the very bright lites on the tree. You will overcome this challeng, I'm rooting for you. I will always look forward to what you will do next. You are strong and intelligent, this challenge will not define you. So when you feel able, I'm looking forward to another "she's gonna do what"? " Oh,, WOW" moment. Best wishes.

  38. MofoWentFullRetard

    Im gonna to fuck your ass unnoticed

  39. swiftleigh music

    poor camera man filming and not enjoying ha

  40. Maya Alnaif

    now i wanna go to space

  41. Garry Doubleday

    Sorry but Simone at the end looks like she could be the next joker I wonder who would be her Batman

  42. Ron Wolf

    Pls stay in SF!! We need you!

  43. Kirk Douglas

    Cracks me up, Orange Man Bad. hahahaha TDS is in every liberal brain.

  44. Brahim Gheffari


  45. Snap

    guy in the back of 3:43 vibing


    че нужно сделать чтобы также летать?

  47. Ris_Kis

    126.791 ₴(UAH) cost fly

  48. Jake P

    funny how you accidentally disproved ISS.

  49. Pierrick Miston

    I think you are very funny...That said, there would be no Tesla without oil companies...just think of the electric thing as a need to trash anyone on the way there...fabulous job with your Truckla :)

  50. Rinku Kings

    Hy Beautiful

  51. Super Duper

    You look so super adorable in space!

  52. Cyber Punk

    I also have brain tumor on the right frontal lobe, they did the scan and showed it wasn't growing or cancer, so the best thing is to leave it. I do get terrible migraines and fatigue frequently and haven't been able run my Painting contracting business any longer, also due to me having Spinal fusion surgery that wasn't very effective (yes I'm all kinds of special, at least my momma says so). Just found your channel, and can relate to the WTF factors in life, and still staying positive!

  53. Hacin Hamdane

    If i was with you i will think to do a double backfilp

  54. Austin

    If I ever get to be weightless, I’d do a bunch of front flips in a row.

  55. Alex ,in the name of Sweden

    Lol i whil only survive 0,1 secong with out Playstation 4

  56. Evan Klemick

    "Who needs coffee when you can eat tampons with strawberry flavor?"

  57. gamer tug

    make it bigger and higher :) :)

  58. Helene Eaglebank

    3:55 it really seems like this is some kind of love ad.

  59. YoShiXD _

    Hello Simone what happen when u put a suspension that is high on truckla

  60. SuperMunQ

    Hey Simone I know this will probably be buried in the thousands of comments but I wanted to say that the way you have manifested your potential despite all the hardship you have had to deal with is pretty fucking cool. Greetings from Finland!

  61. The Greatest

    will you marry me ?

  62. Californiaman 1122

    You looked so happy,glad you got to experience that 👍

  63. Chris Braid

    Nice that your creation intimidates Tesla. You are cool chick ....

  64. Chris Braid

    Over here in Australasia your vehicle would be labeled a Ute or utility vehicle rather than a Truck. Your execution is great and I personally would love to own one.

  65. arif hossain

    you are awesome.

  66. bonnastuk

    Sätt på en lgf skylt ;)

  67. Jasinta Leslie Leo

    I discovered you from "Savage Builds"

  68. enzoli23

    Tesla: *brings the Cybertruck on stage* Simone at 6:51: *visible confusion* :D :D

  69. SnowGlitchYT

    the glas broke because he damaged the base of it wit the hammer. If he trowed the balls at the windows first it didnt break

  70. MasseyGamer590

    Make a sex robot

  71. Levin Soh

    "G-wiz had sex with the Delorean and out came the CyberTruck" XD

  72. peachimochi strawberry

    Do the things what you makes happy.

  73. Serah

    Real Supergirl

  74. Karolis Kanapickas


  75. シbox


  76. shepard coronel

    buy nissan e power ><

  77. Mister Raisin

    This was awesome, seeing how happy she was when she was floating made me so happy. :)

  78. Olliver Fitzgerald

    Why is every one laughing and screaming in joy your literally going staight down into to ground In a plane

  79. B Uzumaki

    How much money does it cost to do that

  80. Joe Koepfle

    You should change the roof rack with rodeo bars, aka bed bars. Something like this should give the support you need and look way better:

  81. Xaviah Hudson

    This is what tesla shouldve went for

  82. Hwaryun unn

    I’m glad this was in my recommended

  83. Cyrus Smith

    The next time I wanna weigh myself I’m coming here so I can feel better :(


    6:13 like si viste a grefg

  85. iStoleYoToast

    this turned so liberal, so fast.

  86. •Roxanne• playz

    Omg that looks so fun but... *poor camera man*

  87. somthing goeshere

    Looks better than the real one...

  88. Yah Yeet

    Well uhh at least it doesn't look like triangles?

  89. J T

    Dork... and you are stupid

  90. Clara Deshotels-Bujnoch


  91. My Boring Channel

    For once a thumbail that isn't green screened

  92. Mr.shark man

    I would try to Superman fly

  93. Feldon Ferguson

    To tell the truth I like trukla more like alot lot

  94. AreDee

    @3:44 *"I Feel like fu*king Pac-man"* ;) haha

  95. Hon Estman

    Gravity is not the only thing keeping you down. Your sense of respect for others is low , and possibly other things, such as your maturity. Don't force others to receive your filthy language when the take interest in your content and click on your vid. Raise your wisdom first. Best regards. Peace.

  96. Try Not To Laugh

    No. Cybertruck

  97. Margo Cleveland

    So cool

  98. K.T K

    Lumber call?

  99. Adàm Huss

    Her hair looks nice short but she suits long hair better🙂

  100. Ahmad Ashkyar

    Weres rasumos