Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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  1. Robert Shaffer

    Awwww, you got a tripod ! And what a cutey she is ! You're a genuinely good person.

  2. Christopher R Bailey

    Having had brain surgery myself, jokes do help. Thank you for being open about your surgery.

  3. SirTubeALotMore


  4. sdq sdq

    those bars , should have remove it

  5. Matthew Hargis

    I used to have a 3 legged dog... he lost his leg in a brutal way and later died a horrible death.

  6. 2soldierman2

    I was gonna say I'm not completely house broken, like belly rubs, but she's for sure got me beat on cute.

  7. AwesomeMau5Heads

    My dachshund mix had a disclocated hip when we found him in the Arizona desert. In his case they removed his hip ball, but he gets the zoomys still. It's so cool to find someone else who gave an injured dog a home.

  8. alto man

    What microcontroller do you used to do this?

    1. alto man

      I found it it's Adafruit.

  9. Dana Taylor


  10. Dana Taylor


  11. Suzanne Prescott

    I loved the alarm clock you created.

  12. GrimReaper4Hire

    This is one of the very few channels that I GENUINELY get joy from watching. You KICK ASS, SIMONE!!

  13. Antoine St-Yves

    I guess they blacklisted you and you can't supercharge anymore? I don't like their position against modified or home repaired car.

  14. maroonedsia

    A good piece of furniture for The Incredibles.

  15. WalleWessla

    Kan du bygga en pistol som skjuter godis?

  16. oceandrew

    4:44... wise words.

  17. terriblegoatman

    It's just a robot that she forgot to make the 4th leg for

  18. Hot Cheetoz

    Sorry simone, but you look like that girl from tiger king 😂😂

  19. Kevin U

    It also looks like an eggapolt

  20. Matthew Getman

    If you used a sensor that would kind of figure how tall the point of contact is, could you mount the whole thing on a raising and lowering track to meet anybody's height? Love you got ADAM LOLOLOL

  21. baerleon

    You look like a young Cybill Shepherd. Seriously, look at some of those photos. The resemblance is striking!

  22. Graham Heath

    @simone Did you know that SEsels is running Trump Ads on your videos?

  23. dirtyhannie

    Nice! Wouldn't mind one on my wall. :)

  24. Matthew Getman

    Are you using an arduino for this project?

  25. Dark Angel

    Me: *reads half of the title* Also me: OHMAHGODSHESPREGNANTAAHHHHH! Me: reads whole thing Me: *ITS A FLOOF CHILD*

  26. Nana Chomnk

    Oh god she’s so cute I love her

  27. Aris Yeiah

    boi u better get out of here tesla cyber truck is already here

  28. Joe R M

    Darryl walking up to those cows. Cows: “Holy shitballs!”

  29. Troy Helton

    This is what pure happiness looks like! 🥰 2:40

  30. Slawed

    Went back and found this video just to find some laughs and oh god was it worth it 🤣

  31. P C

    Dog really likes chewing flesh... And is missing a leg... Hmmmmmmmmm...

  32. Botaflow

    I can’t help falling in love with you

  33. Able Kitten


  34. Iain Campbell

    I'm gonna say 2:23 still counts as a dick joke

  35. K Deronimo

    i make really cute kids when ever you want 5678094368 of your own

  36. Horse Teeth

    It's probably best you sold it. That isn't a houseboat dear, it would class as a tug, or trawler.

  37. Ivan Tran

    2:46 oh no another man down

  38. Spinkey

    now put a sensor to automatically turn on when paper enters the top of the brain

  39. geeky dhaval

    What breed it is?

  40. Outside Stuff

    Thank you NHS

  41. Millevenon 585

    That car is so cute😋

  42. Thehiddenhippo

    Congrats on your baby

  43. ghiagoo - War Robots

    You have a 2.19 million fan base

  44. Erna Aja

    I want to cry

  45. Brett McGillis

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  46. HLINE

    you are so goddamn funny

  47. JumpGecko

    Are you double pregnant...??

  48. BogartFan

    Congrats on the new team member. 🍻

  49. Wenceslao Jaimes Ocampo

    You're the best Simone! And totally deserved unranked to a commander position!

  50. Joe Jia

    Imagine if Kim Jung uns surgeon saying "HES FAMOUS DONT YOU KNOW WHO HE IS?" before the surgery

  51. DatBoyGuru

    where are my testicles summer ?

  52. Ben Andrews

    Adorable... Thanks for sharing

  53. TravelBean

    This is so so so cool I love it!

  54. Able Kitten

    The deer looks like jenna marbles dog kermit

  55. Able Kitten

    Simone ripped her pants XD

  56. Javier Fernandez

    Super pregnant?!

  57. DrejcD

    You too are so adorable. 🤘🤘

  58. Lily

    Simone: it’s been a good month. Me: ... *checks when this was posted* ok, I’ll give you this one... Also congrats Simone on 2 mil!

  59. Christopher Longhorn

    I think that means he has a Vitamin deficiency when they eat their pooh

  60. Redbull Lover


  61. weaselman24

    I was kinda hoping for brain slugs. But dogs are fine.

  62. saravanan jeeva

    Why couldn't they make u do a lip sync

  63. sour tooth

    I want you to feed me an apple with that hand.

  64. rekozma

    As a retired contractor I can say you just picked the wrong contractor. Most of us enjoy a good belly rub. All kidding aside your new pup is adorable.

  65. Jon E

    And gosh I love you

  66. Jon E

    I was gonna say, you better not be cheating on me 😜

  67. eioshen boboi

    I saw the first few words I immediately thought “She’s pregnant!” Then I looked at the rest of the title.

  68. ThePr8head

    I recommend peeing outside as often as possible! It not only saves money but it saves lives!! GO NOW AND PEE ON A LEMON TREE!!!

  69. yousuzers

    Scraps is sooo adorable <3

  70. fryrear technology

    Love animal personally. We got... (long list) robo hamster, teddy bear hamster, 3 cats, 6 chickens, 12 fish, 2 year old son who puts all the other animals to shame besides me lol. However I do like eating meat (not fish it isn’t meat it’s mush). Cute doggo puppy

    1. eioshen boboi

      Would you like to be pregnant?

  71. kato223

    Your video needs a love button! She is a very cute puppy! Great addition to your workshop!

  72. Ben Shakespeare

    Nothing at all wrong with your dog voice :)

  73. joe turse

    You’ve given that sweet creature the best life it can ever have!

  74. Drew

    Love your new dog. He will be a great assistant, and moral booster.

  75. James Roland

    This is both excellent and extremely wholesome content. Thank you.

  76. fockin bloody hell


  77. Batata

    Why isn't anybody talking about this 3:43?? 😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Cath Wood

    I have been saving this video for a rainy day and it was perfect in so many ways. Thanks Simone!

  79. Lokesh Sharma

    Ofcourse her name is Scraps. Bt she is so cuddly

  80. Meeper

    Aaaah! She's sooooo cuuuute!

  81. Beni Self

    It looks great!!!

  82. roastedsanta

    I just assumed you would make your own dog instead of getting a real one.

  83. Beni Self

    Your the best

  84. Beni Self

    Make A leg for your puppy!!!!

  85. lucifer morningstar

    Kevin would hate this

  86. Moto

    A little worried about those "Virgin Legs". Could cause fire, just saying.

  87. Liv

    Scraps is so cute!!! I have a westie mix that looks a lot like her. She's kind of an old lady now but she is just as playful and feisty as the day we adopted her.

  88. LMint

    Hey. I heard you like tripods 😉 Looks like a poodle-westie

  89. David Analyst

    well, you have an excuse to make a shtty ball launcher where the dog can return the ball!

  90. Dick Reckard

    It would be super cool to do one of these but make a pattern with burnt/unburnt matches.

  91. Kim Thirion

    Have never seen your videos before, but yt recommended it to me and I ain't even mad. Scraps is so scrappin' cute! Totally following the Commander!

  92. Greg Swartz

    As a pet "support animal" (currently 3 cats, 2 dogs), awesome congrats on grabbing a tripod. My M-I-L had a tripod cat and we've had 2 dogs with one eye (kinda tripod-ish). That little scrap of fur will be the love of your life (you will judge others by this relationship, I guarantee), Awesome choice!!!

  93. Jacob Canote

    Would you like to be pregnant?

  94. Amy Sloane

    Scraps is majestic...

  95. George Hawley

    Did you build that dog?

  96. Jacob Canote

    i love you

  97. Mariana Garcia

    I love the bauhaus poster !

  98. Beni Self

    Your the best

  99. ian connell


  100. debora

    As I saw it you put the motor where the paper is supposed to be falling down