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  1. أسطورة Minecraft 300


  2. Amy The panda Dominguez

    It's fake what

  3. Ian Cruz

    They already broke up , saw this coming since all the latest videos logan paul been posting .

  4. Mckenzie Kensley

    i wouldn’t say ariana likes it so.

  5. Thomas Hopkins

    1:45 that’s the team 10 house


    Fucking bunch of clown is all i see . This is what the world is now SMH !

  7. Phoenix _


  8. J.J.Jchris Plays

    This is fake

  9. Krystle Ferreira

    Who cares if her kid has hoops, her kid her choice.. I bet there's unfamous moms out there that let there kid were them or even something else, leave her alone..

  10. walter brown

    Hey oj if you see this your a killer douchebag.fy

  11. Inferno Warrior

    Honey not even your mama knows you

  12. Inferno Warrior

    Logan was using her only for publicity?? Lmao she must be delusional

  13. Kathryna Yanez-Gula

    Look who's trying to stay relevant. Surprise surprise, he's screaming for attention again. News flash, we already knew you did it

  14. Khad 202

    A deranged fan?!?!

  15. Shae O'Brien

    i thought she didnt like black people..

  16. Ragnarök and Roll

    All’s I can say is we’re going to have fun splitting up all that Hollywood LOOT after my man Bernie gets in. We’re gonna split you 1%ers like a pizza 🍕 😂 why should I drive a beat up car and struggle to pay bills when you MFers have it to spare? #Bernie2020

  17. Tyteyana B


  18. Addyson Broadway

    Who here in 2020

  19. Ferouza Carroll

    Port Ariana grand

  20. Roblox_Fireboy

    wtf its like logan and jake paul always break up with a girl and move on thrn do it as a repeat wtf

  21. Mary Dlet

    Love Billie eilish

  22. joshua dutczak

    That one would be interesting to say the least. lol 😁✌️

  23. kenny lucas

    Ha ha

  24. RCIII

    Hear that Ali? Josies outta the picture. Now’s ur time to shine

  25. Menames M cameraman

    That tick toc advert with that guy who does the weird hand and dance thing is so fucking wank.

  26. Kammi G.

    Omg, I'm a sapiosexual and this man just does it for me! He's so talented! I LOVE him! 😍❤️❤️❤️

  27. nikolygtx

    Its Justin homeless?

  28. Carolyn Cruz

    Offset is the crackhead and cardi is his prostitute 😂

  29. melvin reed

    Here after feeling me release😂

  30. Mom


  31. Gaurav Singh

    Josie if you are reading this than please go fuck your self! We did'nt even know you 🤣

  32. Shadow Wolfie Chan

    Why is this in my recommendation page but still RIP miss u Cameron 💜🥺

  33. Daniel Arpin

    Billie, if you still want a music career, I wouldn't talk shit about Em. And, btw, your music is shit.

  34. Daniel Arpin

    Who cares about Billie dumbass

  35. Nonnom pineapple2

    Doesn’t the girl that’s speaking look like Ethel muggs

  36. AMV Channels

    Lol Clout chaser

  37. Mriganko Saha


  38. sharon sykes

    Rest up King

  39. InammAli God

    Haily is ugly

  40. Central Scrutinizer

    ........What a f*cking idiot....."JOHN BOLTON".....sad that his demonrats didn't fall into EVERY trap Trump sets for them. Hollywood IDIOTS....enemy of the state.

  41. Defenuttly Uh rerun

    Rip KingNIP RIP KOBE/GIGI RIP POP SMOKE For the rest I’m only here see ALI

  42. viper venm

    "Oh boohoo let me play a sad song on the worlds smalles violin"

  43. Itz Talon

    KSI doesn’t need to think about Ryan Garcia Ryan would destroy him

  44. Houcem Sour

    Yo remember when zayn and Selena hockup and jb expos them 🤣🤣🤣 good days (English is not my first language )

  45. Ahmed Al olayan

    I’m sorry but stop making nattie feel bad about herself she honestly deserves so much better

  46. Mrs0Cow0Hater

    Why in the name of Christ is this even a thing Jesus wise up people there are real problems in the world Snowflakes everywhere Are you alive? Then stfu and be grateful Twunts

  47. Ebony May

    🤷🏾‍♀️ Idc about anything kylie khloe whatevea her name has to say BUT r.i.p Pop smoke 💔💔💔

  48. Sanya Sharma

    people seriously need to get over jelena , i mean how much time has happened since they broke up . Find any other thing to feed on.

  49. Master_G

    1:47 are you sure it's not the opposite way because I have never heard about this bitch until Logan dated her I'm pretty sure she used HIM

  50. sree maha


  51. Dariana Amulop

    Rip pop ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  52. Ryan

    Y would u ever cheat on Paula Patton, nonce

  53. Miguel Canete

    Logan paul’s girl is just his toy lol

  54. DRK.rose

    Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean she can’t feel pain 🤦🏽‍♀️ NEVER compare pain from death of a loved one to finance 🤦🏽‍♀️

  55. Professer Johnson

    One video she was "smoking dope" which was a literal baby carrot

  56. youre retarded

    He gonna get out when hes like 73-74 thats insane. He deserves longer.

  57. Snypster

    Who is Josie

  58. fraciah muthoni

    It's always about Kylie....it should be Kylie's life and not Hollywood life

  59. Black Widow Is Dead

    Fucking Hate Seleña

  60. The real Onee

    Kylie Jenner: *shows expensive cars,bags,golden stuff,make up* Taylor Swift: just give me a red lipstick,a guitar and a cat.

  61. Rhonda Marshall

    they should make these women sign a statement every time they are with any of these money grubbers

  62. ツYosa

    Why does x look like melly

  63. gold dust

    She is dressing just like all the rest of them ..grown adult prior to 10 yrs old.

  64. exhale luv

    First hoops cute she's a baby n by the way she was acting in the video she loves her hoops

  65. Kirk Cherry

    It ain't my problem anyway!

  66. Recovery To Sobriety

    It kinda pisses me off that big content creators pedal shit that's not real

  67. onelove for music

    selena will always be justin's one great love.

  68. Taunte YaYa

    Don’t come for Jordyn here. We will not tolerate you or any other network coming for her. So watch your damn mouth. Jordan did nothing wrong but deal with the using ass kardashians. Period.

  69. Kshitiz Chhetri

    Who tf is Josie no one knows her

  70. Lisa Coleman

    Relax people the earrings are cute it's not a big deal is her daughter her money she can do as you please she doesn't have to worry about her rent her house payment her car payment or anything stormy is living her best life and gone continue to live her best life I suggest you guys do the same bless up

  71. tysonrowangta 2017

    Tydus was on TV?

  72. Sophie Knoope

    That is Just disrespectfull op Logan

  73. Jkk Jkkas

    Video title and thumbnail: 90% ksi Video contain: 1% ksi

    1. Jkk Jkkas

      @STARK-king 4Ever 90% of the video title and thumbnail combined is about ksi, the other 10% of the thumbnail and title is about the lovely lady 1% of the video contain is about ksi and 99% of the video's actual contain is about other stuff. They using ksi for click bait at another level , even when the video has nothing to do with him !!!

    2. STARK-king 4Ever

      Where is the 9%?

  74. A Trillion Views

    And Logan Takes The W.

  75. Iman Maghroun


  76. Ada Ricaña

    Well, camila is beautiful compare to Hailey...hehehe

  77. Ada Ricaña

    Well, camila is beautiful compare to Hailey...hehehe

  78. Ada Ricaña

    Well, camila is beautiful compare to Hailey...hehehe

  79. Marilyn Wise

    Oh no may he is rest in peace. He was one of the most powerful rapper all the time. I'M ENOUGH OF 2020....😔😭😭😭

  80. Beste Aykan

    Tana and happy to love🥰🥰

  81. Beste Aykan

    Ugy jake girlfriend julia rose 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  82. bloodcountess81

    Facial expressions say it all what words don't

  83. Mrshrekkiller

    They did the same for juice world

  84. tamara fever

    Hy it is so good

  85. Alandros Stettina

    Cool. Latin is not just Spanish........ Look it up.

  86. Beste Aykan


  87. Aaron Mcneil


  88. Wake Up


  89. 中国曦

    how a mature charming man he is! big star!

  90. Jake Wagner

    Its cute watching tana being extra just so she can make more money XD

  91. Jake Wagner

    We want ali nudes 👇👇👇 if you agree

  92. Pro Junior

    She ruint my child hood you idiot why would you say that Santa isn’t real you are a horrible lady go get a life you have upset me and probably lots of other kids you psycho idiot

  93. Nic SIlvestroni

    Wow! So many strange clothes together ! My eyes are disturbed! 🏃‍♂️

  94. Jake Wagner

    Bruh ali is more pretty than tana