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  1. Luann26650

    My favorite line was the “ I call it fifty shades of yay!”😂😂I died

  2. Raytt Tang

    ahh my name is Raymond

  3. bangerangrufio13

    So this list should've included a movie called cool world which is about a cartoon who tries to come over to the real world by having sex with a real dude way gnarlier then monkeybone for sure. What about fritz the cat? Theres a scene in fritz where he hooks up with other cats in a threesome! What about akira? Or even grave of the fireflies?! Theres so many anime that should be here above street fighter

  4. burgoynefamily

    no rey is a palpatine

  5. Мармеладов ТВ

    Racist Hollywood has stooped down to "blueface" . They could have hired the blue man group

  6. Aldrich Dabao

    Lots of spoilers. So it's a dislike.

  7. Jack Coleman

    "Baby junk is TI... ...NY! Baby junk is TINY! ...what did YOU think I was going to say???”

  8. Jake Zimmer

    The reason he said that the Ukraine sequence would be a good ending is because it actually was the original ending

  9. Mark Amyx

    11:08 Principal Skinner on the right? LOL

  10. Jake Zimmer

    "We'll just have Kevin Hart hook them up" "That works!"

  11. Robert Rouse

    When are you going to do a black and white pitch meeting for an old classic film?

  12. Marco Baek

    the good ol crayola oblonGATA

  13. • Kenya •


  14. Valaglar Propaganda Company

    Can you like, get a new voice? Ik that’s kinda rude but omg it’a obnoxious.

  15. Kailee Altman

    So. Many. Songs. SO MANY.

  16. Calvin Bottoms

    Sorry, I gotta go listen to some Queen in the other room...

  17. Sheep Fur

    Cars, Planes, Boats, Ships, Cruises, Helicopters, Flying Cars

  18. Marc Brown

    Lol I had to try the number 888 512 1984 andnd it still works LMFAO lol

  19. Grounded Promotions


  20. Emmanuel Sanchez

    What if boooo is bonie

  21. Dave S.

    Damn I never thought about why Luke didn't kill the Ice monster and stay in the cave

  22. Kyndal Norton

    Can you do les miserables 2012 please, also love your work

  23. Marcus M

    No Fight Club pitch meeting?

  24. Kevin Fatkin

    “That seems to be what I wrote here” 😂🤣

  25. Marcus M

    The one thing that legitimized it as real events that took place (as opposed to it being a “Fight Club” kind of thing where it all happens in his head) was when Thomas and Martha died.

  26. Stuart Baird


  27. Mr Cat

    JFK's mutant powers were consuming pain killers by the bucketful and banging Marilyn Monroe.

  28. Angela T

    You’re telling me I missed the end scene??? Now I have to go watch it all over again

  29. Brad Pattinian

    Labyrinth Pitch Meeting could be fun!

  30. jeremy steelman

    "Animation should be perfect." That's you. That's what you sound like.

  31. Rosa Ramirez

    Wolverine is Canadian the actor

  32. bruh

    Looney Tunes

  33. Ichi Yamamoto

    Please Pitch Meeting Movie 43.

  34. Nathan Witus

    Lol this movie sounds terrible

  35. Hykeim Bland

    Y’all remember incredi boy what if he is vegetas great grandson

  36. Timothy Lai

    This is the most wrong video ever made. Remember: Disney just killed one of the most influential game studios and admitted they can’t make good games :p

  37. Daniel Wenske

    9to5 Office satire about three female secretaries who decide to get revenge on their tyrannical, sexist boss by abducting him and running the business themselves. The trio, one of whom has been passed over for promotion because she is a woman, spend a night together having drug-induced fantasies of killing the slave-driving chauvinist. One of them panics the following day when she suspects she really has poisoned the tyrant

  38. Deyash

    I heard a stormtrooper cameoed as a stormtrooper!

  39. Enrique Caceres


  40. rackt09

    I got on Netflix one day figured it was time to see what's this walking dead thing is all about. Watched s1ep1, thought, "hmm ok, not bad." Then I thought I'd check to see how many seasons I need to catch up on, and it there were about 65 seasons, each with 100 episodes. No thanks!!! But I appreciate this pitch meeting episode.

  41. Tee pom

    No the orange stone is because it costs a life natasha

  42. Dave S.

    Have to admit this video kind of made me sad just because it is so spot on on how bad Disney, Kennedy and Johnson screwed up the Star Wars franchise

  43. Elizabeth Lynne

    im new to the universe i need the explanation to the lightsaber colors

  44. Mia Rants

    ok but it seems like the only people offended r... white... as a black woman I’ve experienced plenty of racism and sexism and have even been traumatized by multiple racist bigots and sexual predators but even I appreciate that family guy makes fun of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Nothing is off limits when it comes to comedy. If u r offended, don’t watch the show.

  45. Daniel Martinez

    Watching a pitch meeting two days later to also have fun reading the comments... Is tight!

  46. Yammo Yammamoto

    Im curious... why would someone downvote this? It's brilliant. :)

  47. Swordblaster

    I like how Executive guy nearly breaks Pitch guy in this one with his "do it in the real world" objection.

  48. Craig Williams

    1) Your cat is awesome, I have one like it; 2) I can’t stand the star, because she hates white males, and I’m a white male; 3) Your videos are great, but that movie seriously blew chunks!

  49. 6-bit ninja 10

    Warning warning:AT ANY TIME DONT WACH PIXLE PINKY AT ANY COST you will die

  50. caspaas

    I would love to do it. but at the same time, it would be scary

  51. Dreamiie

    I literally just got home from seeing this. Thanks SEsels for being on top your game.

  52. Charles Ovatasarn

    TDKR definitely has the most plot holes I've ever seen. You should've mentioned Bruce could've climbed up the pit just by using the rope Adam West style instead of jumping from ledge to ledge.

  53. Calvin Bottoms

    just to be clear we didn't hate Tico because he only evokes the emotion of fear.

  54. Calvin Bottoms

    ...a meth dealer and addict with just BEAUTIFUL teeth! lol

  55. w-wMouse Ninja#16

    Rey is a Kinobi. X Rey is a Solo. X Rey is a Palpatine. _/

  56. Gummy Worm Guy

    This is a good video but it’s not really a documentary

  57. PureSniperWolf

    So like...I can't be the only person who heard "they're attracted to blood" and thought "all females on their periods are in trouble". Right? These creatures can literally smell the menstruation.

  58. SouthEastern Kaiju

    " that seems to be what I wrote here " LOL

  59. Michael Deth

    Hilarious when the writer gets defensive If confronted with too much criticism 😂😂😂😂

  60. SonyWho?

    I FUDGE LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS VID it's like Gemini inside gemini

  61. Superfanboy

    Please do "Interview with the Vampire"!!!!!

  62. Dark Eclipse

    1:15 they were sailing to rapunzal's wedding

  63. Tim Couch

    The next one had - hot people, dinosaur attacks and a FRICKEN VOLCANO


    The John cena joke is amazing. You can’t see me.

  65. Patrick Chole

    Every one of these videos has a moment that makes me die laughing. 0:45 ps-glad I wasn’t the only one kinda mystified by the bullying message😂.

  66. Federico bernal

    Its Moana


    didnt kevin take money from DM for making bets? or was that his little side pod cast?

  68. its shanesia

    i for one appreciated this particular undertake on the joker because it provided us the audience with a more holistic point of view therefore inviting us into his world and his upbringing it was disturbingly inticing (if thats even a thing)

  69. The Crow

    Leslie Jones is awful, and should be replaced in movies by a ficus plant prop.

  70. King Kunta

    I swear I never saw any of these ghosts! Would have made my experience way more scary.

  71. Skylar Young

    I know a deleted scene ! In "Spongebob in randomland" I saw suicide squidward. But then later I saw the same episode. I wanted to see suicide squidward again. But he was replaced by a baby squidward. I was s a d ;(

  72. planet ice gaming

    fight club

  73. rashard zanders

    Hulk has been my favorite character since I began reading comics, and I was born in the 60s...I had such HIGH hopes for the MCU and initially they hit all the right notes, but I avoided ENdgame because after infinity war I knew that the trajectory the seemed to be going in is what they were going to do and did as I glean from the and how could anyone produce a Marvel Avengers movie and bitch the Hulk like this...THANK JAH MCU IS NOT CANNON! MCU? ..they turned Hulk into Shrek...and as I read these comments I am horrified to learn that what!!! Hulk didn't even throw a punch? And BW died? And he wasn't angry enough?!? eff the mcu for punkin' one of it's all time greatest characters. Hence, after waiting all my life for Hollywood to get comics right, and from Spawn to Civil War I was mostly quite gratified..I will avoid all further comic movies, dcu or mcu...and for the love of god, could dc develop Nightwing past junior year in college? Rant over.

  74. Patrick Chole

    That was truly brilliant.

  75. Kiki Sweet

    2:42 had me weak 😂😂😂

  76. Joop

    Pretty much. And now I'm woke and am fully disappointed with the sequel trilogy.

  77. Thao Nguyen

    I was thinking the anime

  78. Pintexx

    This felt like a prequel to Dunkirk and I loved it!

  79. Jason Me

    Howard shouldn't have been in the movie anyway. Dude was beating his wife the whole time

  80. Mikael Watts


  81. xfinafire

    Omg that ghost head tho.

  82. Tremble Dust

    ew? @ dubai scene for Iron Man. What are u people over at SR 9 years old? smh. and Ghostface killah was "the guy"

  83. Rowan Lloyd

    Marge has had friends tho, what about Ruth

  84. Obsidian Mother

    People keep bringing up this dragon colonoscopy and I just simply refuse to believe it

  85. Bill Cipher

    I'm still alive and looking at SEsels

  86. David Sandine

    Ang Lee Hulk movie wasn't bad

  87. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster. Like so Screen Rant sees

  88. Alliance to Restore the Republic

    *Faces directly into camera. “I’m breaking the fourth wall right now” - nice

  89. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster. Like so Screen Rant sees

  90. legendary broly

    Elevators still not worthy

  91. Shines_ Galxys

    Venom pretty much hates galactos

  92. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster. Like so Screen Rant sees

  93. Hank Flitz

    Why. so. *serious?*

  94. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster. Like so Screen Rant sees

  95. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster

  96. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster

  97. Abduljaleel Asani

    Hey so how about that Back to the Future Pitch Meeting huh?

  98. Alphonso Killen

    Their needs to be a Pitch Meeting for The Last Airbender. Its such a disaster

  99. Kevin Prendergast

    I don’t get it. He held up a picture of John Cena but I can’t C him.

  100. Antonio Becerril