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  1. Anthony Maher

    What if this song was actually by a baby?.....

  2. Antonio Dylon

    I like the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. ImKaiKai

    Man has sex with 4 woman and doesn’t get fucking age restricted?!

  4. August XIII


  5. Jamar Walters

    I fucks with this lol dude. DETROIT MADE.

  6. Michael Frost

    My brother is the person dancing in the front when those white thing come it’s him lol he’s in the vid Edit: he’s In the middle actully

  7. wow ok

    imagine what dababys toes look like 🤮

  8. Inbling

    at the very end look at the girl in the pink she moves and ruins it all

  9. Kenan Marhosevic

    The 8 year old kids : Ulala this is a pretty viedeo

  10. Laye Diop

    02:00 y'all smell that stinking rotten fish

  11. GxmerBo

    666k likes woahhh

  12. Dewey Cox

    videos and music like this is why your community is struggling, being messed with by cops, missing fathers, and 1 in 3 in prison. Why do you have to spread this negative culture. wake up black america. your mind is being poisoned. while the rich man profits off your destruction.

  13. KREMLIN kyro

    Joyner ft tory🔫

  14. Abdullahi M saleh

    I found this song today 😕 Hope im not late🙏🏽

  15. ShoRTdogg

    GOODFELLA sports tv sub Today

  16. BEAST_ CR77

    His dick during this video was like:💊

  17. Patricia Perry

    This beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Sonya Milton

    stunna4vegas he doing tht

  19. Fr4Zz0R btw.

    Like if DaBaby is better than drake

  20. sydeways

    French Montana going crazy on the right at 2:37

  21. Shayne Stack

    Roses are red Violets are too DaBaby so hot He lit up the country

  22. Shayley !


  23. Shayley !


  24. Shayley !


  25. Shayley !


  26. tkf.

    who’s here in 2020?

  27. David Calderon

    Jabowakis made the video lol

  28. Jakhaya Mcfadden

    I love it❤️❤️❤️keep it up

  29. David Calderon

    Girl twearking on street. I wonder if that hurt lmaooo

  30. pro_ofthefuture

    when the mail didnt get here

  31. I know Trap ツ


  32. Davide

    Faccio una chiamata e tu non ci sei più. Only italianzzz here merde!

  33. Shabrei Thomas

    I'm here for the white girl twerkin shit is impressive 🤷🏽‍♀️😂👌🏽

  34. Kei'asia Lockett

    i love it

  35. LILZ 239

    0:35 DaBaby said zooooom

  36. 804 Video

    He should get Petey Pablo or Bubba Sparks for the Charlotte show.

  37. qt quixy

    Shit made it to the gta 5 new radio station lmao

  38. DanVlogs46

    Cade os Brasileiros? 2019 🇧🇷😎😎 Essa é Pesada!!

  39. faycal serray


  40. Xquavius Ellison


  41. Joan Markes

    register and you will earn money ref.paid4clout.com/Dineroextra

  42. power oftheking

    What you came for @2:28

  43. Golden Squad


  44. Troy Moore

    Video of the year!

  45. Chris omari

    Dababy is the best rapper/SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. (Chris Omari)


    DaBaby Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Whitney Blanks

    You are the best

  48. dizzle mo


    1. 92Dups

      A indeed dizzle, ninja was better on twitch btw

  49. JayBae11

    Still waiting on them few days 🙄

    1. 92Dups

      Me too jay, ninja was better on twitch

  50. Xxxx Big Rich


    1. 92Dups

      Ok big rich, deadass tho, ninja was better on twitch

  51. Sah NoLxve

    Am I the only one that forgets and say I’m going baby on baby😂😂😎

    1. 92Dups

      Nah sah, i say that aswell, no what else i say? Ninja was better on twitch

  52. 1000 subs before Christmas

    It’s December now I just wanted to see a*s

  53. kamikaze -Seppuku

    This video gotta heat lmfaoo

  54. Uberjeff34 Savage

    Yall just hateing on him cause his music better than Yall pu$$yass



    1. 92Dups

      Fuck MIXER! Ninja was better on twitch

  56. johnnie Houck

    Man ol girl twerkin is creasing the fuk out them 1's ....smh

    1. 92Dups

      Alright john, Ninja was better in twitch, he would have never done something like that then smh

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  58. Lil Masx

    I know im late but he uploaded the song on my birthday

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  60. chuck otz

    Puro fuego ☄🔥☄🔥☄



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  63. terrancev26smg

    Chick in da blue pussy print in dat bitch😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. 92Dups


  64. Tony Strine

    Boot scoot boogey 🤙

    1. 92Dups

      Tony, ninja was better on twitch. Agreed?

  65. Noob Saibot

    Who's here after winter breakout 2919?

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      volume booster app....... let everyone hear it....

  67. Malachi Wilkins

    Was that king bach in the blonde dreads and that phillies hat

    1. 92Dups

      No it wasnt, you know who it was? Ninja. This was back in the twitch days when he was much cooler though.

  68. wharell

    Intro] Let's go (Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherfuckin' beat? Ah, nah) You know it's Baby, nigga, hahaha Hah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one), ha [Chorus] She wanna fuck with me, but I don't got the time (Mmh, mmh) I just hopped off a private plane and went and hopped on 85 (Yeah) Go call my chauffeur, bitch, 'cause I don't like to drive We in Suburbans back to back and we gon' fill 'em up with vibes (Let's go) [Verse 1] Fill 'em with vibes (Yeah), get in and ride (Yeah, yeah) And no, a nigga not blind (Uh-uh) But I keep the stick and I'm firin' (Bitch) I ain't met a nigga in life That's fuckin' with me, say he did, then he lyin' (Mmh, mmh) Got so many vibes stuffed in the car We can fuck them hoes six at a time (No cap) I make them hoes say, "That nigga so fine" (Ooh) "Girl, he got the dick you can feel in your spine" (Yeah) Yeah, that what they say about Baby You know that them bitches don't play about Baby Baby should go run for president Look what God did, took his time with me (Yeah, yeah) Got a red and white ho like a peppermint (Ooh) Book the hotel, take the vibes in She gon' fuck me and fuck on my brethren (Uh) My brother 'nem, havin' three hoes in the king size I ain't finished yet (Mmh), get another bitch (Mmh) Got her ridin' dick and screamin', "Yeehaw" (Mmh, mmh, mmh, mmh) Make me proud, girl, you a cowgirl (Huh?) Did a handstand, I'm like, "Wow, girl" (Okay, okay) Got me fuckin' her upside-down (Ooh, mmh), baow, baow Yeah, we goin' dumb, say she wanna cum (Mmh) I'm lookin' like, "When?" She lookin' like, "Now" Some more came in, say they want it too I tagged in my brother, bitch, I'm out (Bye), I know [Chorus] She wanna fuck with me, but I don't got the time (Mmh, mmh, yeah) I just hopped off a private plane and went and hopped on 85 (Yeah) Go call my chauffeur, bitch, 'cause I don't like to drive We in Suburbans back to back and we gon' fill 'em up with vibes (Let's go) She wanna fuck on me, but I don't got the time (Mmh, mmh) I just hopped off a private plane and went and hopped on 85 (Yeah) Go call my chauffeur, bitch, 'cause I don't like to drive We in Suburbans back to back and we gon' fill 'em up with vibes (Look) [Verse 2] Let's get on a jet (Yeah), come give me some neck (Yeah, yeah) She ain't pickin' up (Huh?), and her nigga just called, she gon' send him a text I don't need no doc', bitch, you know I'm a dog, better send me the vet Ever made you a million? I tell 'em, "Riddle me that," ain't offended me yet My bitch drink Bacardi, I'm in this bitch feelin' like 'Set (Okurr), quarter mil' on my neck One-point-two on the crib, four hundred thou' on the whip, dickin' down your lil' bitch I'm 'bout to go buy me a coupe (Zoom) Pull up, make the doors raise the roof (Yeah) Louis V army fatigue (Yes, sir) Hop out with a pole like a troop (Yeah, get in there) Baby Ray Allen from three (Swish) You leave me open, I shoot (Baow, baow) We like Martin and Pam at the hotel (Uh) We kickin' hoes out, get the boot (Mmh) These hoes catchin' bodies, they 'bout it (Yeah) We having new vibes in the lobby (New vibes) That's wherever we go, ain't no problem (No problem) I just told a bitch no, she was childish (Bye) Pulled up like [Chorus] She wanna fuck with me, but I don't got the time (Mmh, mmh) I just hopped off a private plane and went and hopped on 85 (Yeah) Go call my chauffeur, bitch, 'cause I don't like to drive We in Suburbans back to back and we gon' fill 'em up with vibes

  69. Sean Mehra

    This orgy has good music

  70. Ruben Hernandez

    Da baby dun made it to gta

  71. Dakota Chant

    Fucking bitch yeah you can find it I'm a fuck the babysitter bitch skip

  72. Ty Eberhardt

    It became a REAL party when the jabbawockeez came

    1. 92Dups

      not as much as a party as when ninja streamed on twitch

  73. Yung ReezY

    Pack in the maaaaaaaail!!! 👊👊She like how I smeeeeeeeeeeell!!!!! 👊👊I just got a deeeeeaaaaaaal!!!! 👊👊 YEA YEA!!!!!!😁

  74. Bryce Hunt

    Legend's say there a Babysitter

  75. Tony Snow

    Y'all can't say they didn't kill da dance....they eating!!!

    1. 92Dups

      Yeah man, as much as when ninja was better on twitch!

  76. Charlie Bravo

    I LOVEEEEEEE THIS VIDEO!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. 92Dups

      You know what i loved? Ninja was he streamed on twitch, he was much much better tthen

  77. jus me

    I've seen nothing this tight and smooth and inspirational honestly since Thriller, it's officially been recreated, NOTHING is impossible👌👏🙇

    1. 92Dups

      Jus me, I know what was as much inspirational as this, Ninja when he streamed exclusively on Twitch.tv

  78. Emmanuel Rodriguez

    DaBaby is the replacement of Big Bird

    1. 92Dups

      What about Ninja when he streamed on twitch?

  79. Julian

    Fuck my bro 🤨

  80. Kebir medjhouda Mohamed

    M9wed 😂😂

  81. carla stuart

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THE GOAT!

    1. 92Dups

      Nah man, the goat was Ninja when he was better on twitch

  82. 최명수

    들을만하노 다베이비 깜디새끼야

    1. 92Dups

      Translation: Ninja was better on twitch

  83. Lupasan

    Bruh, just realized Stunna 4 Vegas was in the back lmao fail

  84. Kebir medjhouda Mohamed

    1:39 tebon mrigel fat 😂😂

  85. LViiZxMz Martinex

    Bruh this song being in gta hits different.

  86. Channel Channel

    This morning this video had 89 mil Now it has 91 mil W h a t

    1. 92Dups

      You know what else got 2 million views over night? Ninja when he streamed on twitch.

  87. JV Gaming1

    I wanna see the reactions of the people on the air plane that told him to put liu on the floor

  88. Fronzenstein

    the girl on the right 2:57-3:00 ... why is she moving EXMAH ... no barbie its not ur time to shine

  89. Cap G

    I feel sorry for whoever's daughter that was in the red shorts

    1. 92Dups

      I feel so sorry for Ninja ever since he went to mixer. Ninja was better on twitch.

  90. 416

    Ээээ ти за воров какое право ваще имеешь базарить?!! Ти сучка африканская

  91. Samila Fancher

    lol yall got to know what he takin bout to get the vid

  92. Diego Martinez

    Tamo arribaa!

  93. IndianIRSScammer

    2:36 100% that's gonna be an emote in the fortnite item shop one day mark my words

  94. Nahaja

    0:04 "Wait a minute, who are you?"

  95. Vida Loka

    Best Trap 2019

    1. 92Dups

      No Ninja is the best trap.

  96. David Gómez Johansson


  97. Hector Jesús

    I steal yo ass right now 😂 Charlotte shit boy

  98. Robert Torres

    Bro this shit go HARD!

    1. Robert Torres

      92Dups no even close, this shits harder

    2. 92Dups

      Not as hard as Ninjas 90s when he streamed Fortnite on twitch.

  99. BrownSkin Eli

    This nigga he said fuck my bro😂😂😂

  100. Ann Fennie

    Love it..