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  1. Univ.s Fell

    This is literally nothing 😂 it’s funny that you think you have something. First you make this then you make an old man cry saying that he’s a pedophile. Your so wrong all the time, and your apology meant nothing.

  2. Zsnake Pliscon

    just saw brothernatures face on TV. wow talk about FAT LIP LOL! all the ice in the world couldn't stop that swelling

  3. Brody

    He started the fight he ran in and swung on a guy sitting at the bar. He deserved to get beat well

  4. Johnny

    The guy who beat him up with definitely get charged anywhere in any state... There is no way to legally defend repeatedly hitting someone who is defenseless and on the ground and clearly not a threat.... This is exactly why ASAP got charged

  5. Johnny

    says he was just trying to eat a sandwich and wasn't trying to fight but yet admits he was the first person to threaten to smack the shit out of nature dude

  6. Johnny

    That guy is full of shir he just beat up a a drunk guy who was making stupid comments and acting like an asshole instead of handling the situation like a civilized person because he's a violent scumbag... You could tell the moment he threatened to spit in the girl's face and by how confrontational he was saying backup or I'm going to hit you which was actually him making the first physical threat. You could tell he was never actually scared of that guy's threat just wanted an excuse to boost his ego buy curb stomping a guy so he can feel like a big tough guy

  7. Johnny

    I don't care what he said he was clearly drunk and that guy who beat him up is clearly a piece of shit. There's no excuse for kicking and punching a guy repeatedly when they have clearly given up and are covering themselves on the ground the guy clearly wanted to beat some guy's ass that wasn't even a fight someone charge of that man with assault before he goes around assaulting other people because he thinks he's a tough guy

  8. Pshych

    the guy on the call :- muther fhucker

  9. macks dh

    Bruh this is so sad so mean this is the nicest heart guy


    Pure F 😥

  11. Girlll The Teaa

    ⚠️CAUTION⚠️ In this comment section, there is a whole bunch of little boys who are trying to justify cheating. So if you dont want to lose any braincells, I would suggest that you dont read what these little assholes have to say.

  12. David Yun

    I like how all the comments are against this nature dude when they didn’t even hear his side of the story. This just shows how gullible and quick people are to judge someone

  13. Serra Orozco

    I must admit It does suck always being recorded now a days every second of the day.... he was just trying to maintain a positive rep & was prolly drunk or f**** up on something & this dumb girl started instigating shit 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Franklin Osizugbo

    He should've called Canela. Shit would've been over in 3 seconds.....

  15. Andy Hinchcliffe

    Keem: tell your story Guy: *tells story* Keem: *interrupts every 2 fucking minutes*


    Bro KEEM shut up and let the guy talk

  17. MrBeast

    I Was Not Robbed.

  18. shredded shrine

    10:46 Leafy's question to keem is the ultimate peace of foreshadowing in SEsels history.

  19. Sophia Griffin

    This dude already knew Why the money was fake he literally mentions that he read the discription SO 👏WHY 👏YOU 👏MAKING 👏A 👏VIDEO 👏 ABOUT👏 IT everybody already exactly knows why it’s fake 😑

  20. mansour GTCT

    “Logan Paul has the edge on this one” KSi your a legend I knew you would outsmart Logan

  21. fuhjrvr

    Nature was the aggressor it’s proven by footage of the restaurant

  22. fuhjrvr

    Bitch was stupid af lmao, ima slap tf outta you if you keep getting close and tryna take my phone

  23. Dante

    “Back up two steps before I spit on you.” Realest shit.

  24. fuhjrvr

    Brother nature was acting stupid so they mocked him, he confronted them and then he threw hands first after got beat up. He’s not innocent and good thing he got beat up

  25. ChristianIsHere

    Skipped the whole vid lol

  26. williamdiaz32

    There’s a video on Twitter that Brother Nature started it and he started talking shit and swung it’s on @PopCrave page The food place posted the footage

  27. Mr HunterF λ

    This is the moment you and Ethan from H3 H3 begin to fall.

  28. Rick G

    How did people actually support this asshole?

  29. Gabriel Benitez

    when he said ima smack the nature out of you i lost it

  30. Asylum Productions

    This dude sucks at interviewing

  31. The county’s Finest

    Guys this is literally the first time hearing there names an it took 10 seconds to google the dude confessed to assault not rape. There’s a huge difference.

  32. Eric Merino

    Keem if you want to report news u have to cut this bullshit out man. Stop defending your friends Man U can’t continue to do this shit. It shows how brother nature behind the camera is a bitch

    1. afutla qian

      but i do get dees side

  33. Ismaiel Hamoud

    Yo keem don’t worry I’m a Muslim and my family is Muslim and my dad smokes, it’s not a big thing many many muslims do it

  34. Kath M

    Here we go again with the Apple notes.

  35. Fernando Morales

    Humans creating a disturbance is life now hahaha damn

    1. afutla qian

      Oh nah that nigga beat the shit out nature

  36. alejandro martinez

    Song still a bop

  37. Ron Velvet

    Bro wtf why is it so difficult for you to understand the caller? 😂 Were you high or some shit? He’s speaking super clearly and you kept interrupting with weird shit

  38. delicious Fries

    You are lies

  39. Gryphn

    ah yes, ninja before the fame

  40. Vicky

    wonder what keem star looks like w/ his beard shaved

  41. you are gay

    2:28 cant hear shit bfvvv

  42. J_ madson

    Fuck you keemstar You target inocent youtubers like Bash and make them look like an evil person Fuckin rackban keemstar someone please

  43. Brad Johnson

    I know I'm really REALLY late but I will never forgive keemstar for killing one of my childhood memories (not literally but Bashur did almost kill himself which is f***ed up.) I hate that he does these kind of videos and Bashur brought me joy. Keemstar is a total douchebag in my opinion.

  44. FIGRZ

    I thought ksi was white WTFFFFFF🤔

  45. Olga Tsvirinko

    I hope you can give me a shout out and show the world this because I believe in what I say and I want the world to see and agree.

  46. D’Angelo Gutierrez

    Ugly people really if you grew up judging people by looks you are not a good human

  47. ジジ


  48. tintin

    No one deserves to be cheated on. If you don’t love your s/o just break up with them, there’s no need to cheat. Smh. What’s wrong with romance & our generation.

  49. Swift

    Idk how anyone could cheat on Alissa

  50. Ratchet0203


  51. Alexis Loder

    Wow I guess he loved Alissa so much that the girl he hooked up with looked just like her. Amazing.

  52. epic gamer 133

    All this for PIZZA

  53. jrod78414

    Pretty bad interviewer let them man talk. Please cant even finish sentence worst interviewer ever. Jeez. Bro let the man talk

  54. Jhakobion Sears

    Yeah da kid was jumped jit talm bout it was just him big cap

  55. Jess Martin

    Don’t fuck with a mans sandwich and phone

  56. Carter Rumsey

    probably one of your best podcast video thing you asked many great questions 👍🏼

  57. Forest Survival 'Experts'

    Either way you dont stomp a guys head, hurt him, dont endanger his life.

  58. Kris P

    Never heard of brother nature lol. But that was fucked up of the guy to kick him in the face and throw drinks on him even though he’s already on the ground. Smh bitch move

  59. Black Reaper

    Out of all the Paul’s Logan is still the favorite brother.

  60. EverGreen Royalty

    Who else came here cause sc had to many ads lol

  61. Brandon Gregorio

    It’s about to be 2 years 😭

  62. Simmidic Play's

    See now this would be fuckin hilarious if he didn't get called out for doing stupid shit

  63. Joanna

    This guy sounds like A FUCKING IDIOT!

  64. T Stinzy

    when you need to hit that 10 minute mark, but only have 9minutes of content

  65. Chadwick Borawski

    Maahnnnn....this is so sad, unimaginable, and without question, unforgivable! How dare that man try to get away with that? I hope charges get filed, & the judge gives him the max. Which reminds me guys, whats the maximum sentence for Filming a Video Vertically????

  66. Leen

    maybe make a new palette

  67. Nihao

    Brother nature thought canela would jump in and help him but canela was drunk too.

  68. Daniel Exume

    Oh nah that nigga beat the shit out nature

  69. PantherX

    but i do get dees side

  70. PantherX

    I feel really bad when he gets hit

  71. pew pew

    Seriously? people are mad because a dog sniffed her butt. I don't even know who she is but that's just absurd

  72. Cristian Marquez

    god this guy is annoying

  73. chris seaton


  74. 10,000 subs no videos?

    Love this gaming video, keep up the minecraft series.

  75. Nrg Tin

    Who's watching this after the fight?

  76. chris seaton

    At least he owned up and didn't be a puss

  77. Kamron K

    0 days buddy

  78. Pretty Peanuts

    Bring back Minecraft Monday V click here if you agree

  79. ElipsesGaming

    Keem bro, can i hit your juul?

  80. afutla qian

    Damn they was closing in 10 min after that now they closed 40 min later lmao

  81. Ranimal Gaming

    Why hide your like/dislike stats? Lame.

  82. Luke Saucewalker

    10:18 Nigga whooped his ass and finished eatin his sandwich lmfao

  83. Yarbsy Plays

    Keen star only reports the stuff that he disagrees with

    1. afutla qian

      different manner that is not necessary.

  84. Golden Phyzx

    *13 year old youtuber


    this guy just wants his sandwich

  86. Forky 3469 Mendoza

    Good job keemstar you are a great person thank you for helping noah

  87. chris seaton

    I think the mrbeast thing is a lie.. there's no way anyone taking shit like that wouldn't video tape it.

    1. chris seaton

      He prolly ran out of money

  88. Karissa Jindra

    Maybe faze should of idk like break up with her then hook up with a girl?! I mean come on!!!

  89. Eggplant Errors

    Somebody needs to get jakes grandpa

  90. Lul_shawty Shelby

    If he already knew her past what she has gone through he still does that?🤧💔

  91. Leafy !

    Me scrolls through SEsels SEsels: STREAMER DIES!

  92. Jordzyi1

    These SEselsrs are pathetic accept for Pewdiepie

  93. Dylan Murray

    Wow he’s one of those people who comes in before closing. That’s all I need to know.

  94. Jake Taylor

    Lmao at the Trisha and Tati drama in the description 😂😂😂😂


    4:57 the OG ninja

  96. Ben Satake

    This is the first video I've watched in a super long time His content has advanced far beyond

  97. Eric Sellers

    Keen big gay launching make up tf in sub

  98. Reflex

    Famous people think there invincible and then they get fucked up, play the victim card. Don’t get so drunk that you start on people and expect not to get fucked up

  99. Joseph williams

    Def gonna have black eyes after this nature stunt

  100. Thomas Davis

    Weird how in first interview he says he went so hard because she messed with him now it's cause JJ told him to?