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  1. Noora Bader

    Is it just me or do I still see the zombie Mrs Crumble

  2. Noora Bader

    OMG I'm glad to see Gregory aka Eli isn't dead 😍😂

  3. Juanita Pabon osorio


  4. Blaaqphoenix

    WHY AREN'T THEY MIC'D UP!? Good grief....Monbebes struggling to hear

  5. gio C

    I love the interview, my boys monsta x are amazing!

  6. Myra Montego

    Everyone misses Jooheon but I wish for him to be 100% good before anything 💯

  7. Sinickas Davis

    Awwwww like to see Beyonce with their beautiful babies awwwwwwww

  8. Sinickas Davis

    Awwwww Blue

  9. Aceijn N

    I love you all so much. This interview was so cool, an interviewer who knows what he’s talking about. Thanks for mentioning Joohoney and for including Wonho in the pics!

  10. Narisa Amel

    I hope he gets well.

  11. Narisa Amel

    I didn’t know this.

  12. Jayyyg Jayyyg

    Whether you believe Jay Z, or not. That's on you. I am sure he will be fine! Why do white people, make the biggest noise; when comes to the national anthem. How about listening to the people who are protesting! instead of blindly worshiping a piece of cloth. There are people dying, and some of us crying about whether a person sits or stands. That is sad! yes, I am a U.S. Marine. and I stand during the anthem. That"s my choice! isn't that what AMERICA is all about!. CHOICES!!!!!!!

  13. Vernice Hayes

    sending love and my support for all members 🥰remember to take care of your health mental physical and spiritual as well we love you 😍

  14. Steve Valencia

    He forgot One In A Million album smh

  15. kiyokochanable

    .When he asked if they're in touch with Joohoney ialmost choched in my chips. xDD

  16. Amy Lee

    Tq ET live for putting an OT7 pictures, miss Wonho so much 😢😢

  17. M Ro

    Kihyun has been impressive lately in interviews, also liked this interviewer his questions were not the usual bleh good job!

  18. Monelf

    We miss so much bothe Honey and Wonho 🥺 Love you all 7 💙

  19. sr

    my kings i love you so much!!!!!

  20. shawty imma party till the sun down


  21. Cis M San

    Only deluded JT fans dream of meeting Nsync with him. The Group does not need JT. JC has always been the main voice along with Chris. The 4 are great !!!

  22. eri_lee

    SHOWNU! MY EARDRUMS! for god sake 😂😂😂

  23. HONEY DY

    Wao! Felicidades para los chicos, son GIGANTES en cualquier lugar que estén ♥💎👑

  24. jiminssprout


  25. Khawla Nokry

    Such a smooth interview I love it

  26. Marylin Collins

    That white weird looking woman and white weird looking guy need to shut up

  27. Wesley


  28. kim._taehyung._

  29. kim._taehyung._

  30. wwe wwe

    Congratulations luk justin bieber guyes Good blees you dear

  31. Gacha Mia

    I’m so happy for hailey and Justin I’m in happy tears 🥺❤️❤️

  32. مـريم الأنصاري.

    حباييبي 😢❤❤

  33. Harvest honeymoon


  34. stanonewe

    Different setlist in the US Me: crying in Europe

  35. Laureli H

    I will only accept Wonho also being on a break......

  36. xaouqinz

    Hyungwon I'll drink beer with you in the middle of the night 😆

  37. Cassie A.

    Photos with Wonho 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  38. J Chavez

    We love you wonho!!!🖤 hope he is safe. excited and sad that monsta x is here but we are missing one piece of our hearts..

  39. Henrietta B

    Did shownu say a specific kdrama?

  40. Autumn Moon

    Jooheon hope your recovering well. Stay healthy come back soon🥰. Wonho we love you and we hope to see you back as well soon 💞

  41. The Baobabs

    He is disgusting!!!This man is a pig!!!

  42. Maite fs

    I'm so proud for Monsta X, Jooheon i loveee u <3

  43. Following My Bliss

    You guys are bound to be on an IV drip of insulin.....syrup overload with the 1st sentence!!

  44. Nicoleon33

    I miss Jooheony! But I want him to take all the time he needs to get better. I'm so glad that the label is allowing him to do so. Much love to Monsta X!💛

  45. Dream Singer

    5:25 Just skip ahead to where they talk about Jooheon

  46. Adriana

    Well if anyone who started or will start watching the series IT GOT CANCELED!! I’m saying this before you get attacked and want to know what happens at the end because... it doesn’t “end” the way we wanted to 😔💔

  47. 여보세요Felix-Allen

    I’m glad my idol is taking his time.

  48. 24-7 bts heaven

    3:48 ET said OT7 forever

  49. Mazey

    Wonho was in the tour photos T-T

  50. Kayla I

    SHOWNUUUUU that scream "AARGGHH" Oh my Lord I am cryingggggg!!!!!

  51. Beth MonstaX

    Hace poco en Corea I.M parecía un nene, acá se ve tan hombre.

  52. Beth MonstaX

    I. M ♥ Shownu ♥ Jooheon ♥ Minhyuk ♥ Kihyun ♥ Wonho ♥ Hyungwon ♥

  53. See This

    What happened?? I thought Chris won??


    My KINGS❤💯

  55. Jojo_is_a_MBB

    "Are we really taking over?" "Thank you for the compliment but we should be humble." I CAN'T, ILL NEVER STOP LOVING THESE BOYS-

  56. Agustina B.A.B

    Minhyuk, te amo. Kihyun, te amo. Shownu, te amo. Hyungwon, te amo. Changkyun, te amo. Jooheon, te amo. Wonho, te amo.

  57. Maria Clara Nascimento Baroni

    I miss my Hooney

  58. d4dangerous 005

    Yooo he is literally Joey from Friends... They both Italian They both love their mama They both like to flirt And overall he is just real life Joey Tribianni (idk how to spell)

  59. Jasmin Bebe

    Aww honeybee... I’m very thankful for him to be able to take some time to get any help he needs and focus on his health. I’m also glad SS let him as well, I know we all have some opinions on them but they let one of their artists take time off to get their mental health back on track and that’s so important in their industry. We love you, Jooheon, and we wouldn’t dream of rushing you so get to where you need and want to be❤️

  60. Ruth Santamaria

    I want to meet them!!! Omg! :'( they are so precious!!! I'm so proud of them!!! Monsta X!! Thank you for everything! You make me happy with your music!!!

  61. neovixx

    Remember, as much as we love jooheon we want him back 100%

  62. Ruth Santamaria

    Los amo!!!! No matter the distance! No matter the language!! I love everything about you guys!!! Love means Monsta X to me!!!

  63. Doward Washington

    I love Viv, but I disagree with her. I'd like to see Netflix do Set It Off like they did She's Gotta Have It. There's something about doing a updated version that takes us on a full bodied journey of a film.

  64. Doward Washington

    Viv is the oldhead auntie who doesn't want to ever admit to getting old.

  65. Harrybrownmusic

    Love her😍

  66. Zipp Nguyen

    So excited to see them in concert!! Can’t wait!! Love entire album!!

  67. SheoulGra *

    I really love i.m but he always seems so annoyed by interviews

  68. haemi jolly


  69. Dominique Myers

    I'm so glad Joohoney is doing so much better and taking the time to get better that's the most important thing for him to do. He'll always be with us Monbebes in spirit 💛💛💛💛

  70. Dominique Myers

    Denny and all of the Monsta X members look sooooo good!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Water Witch

    I think Starship should take a clue with the fact that in America we included Wonho. MonstaX is 7. Honey can take as much time as he feels he needs. As far as Wonho, I will wait forever.

  72. Sarah Miracle

    thinking that WONHO also worked soo hard on this album too makes ma heart aches a lot

  73. Lil17Lil

    Nice interview! It felt natural and you made them feel comfortable thank you for your great questions!

  74. Cherry Rose

    I NEVER saw a more beautiful bride.she glowed n her dress was so nice n bridal n not a scandalous thing which is so popular nowadays

  75. the8 sj

    I'm so dramatic I cried at 3:45 when I saw wonho Cried harder 3:48 3:50 I'm fine

  76. Amelka

    Jooheon we pray for u and waiting for u

  77. Luiza Queiroz

    Im so proud of Joo, so proud of all of them, all 7

  78. Roblox Terrain

    wow, they're all look like michael jackson..

  79. smoshy fever

    wait anyone what kdrama shownu mentioned or idk what he watched on netflix LOL

  80. Roxana Ortiz

    Love her personality and seeing how she deals with mental heath issues but is still driven to fulfill her dreams is really inspiring

  81. Yhan Chim

    Wonho in the picturessssss.....!!!! Jooheon we will wait for you. Take care!

  82. Lucy Waller

    Wonho will always be in their hearts tooo ahhh 🙌🏻🙌🏻🥺🥺💖

  83. AziAmberish

    5:31 Shownu scratching Jooheon's ear. I was not prepared for this cuteness

  84. Moroccan Monbebe

    I'm all for ot7 content💗

  85. Moroccan Monbebe

    I wanna smell changkyun's perfume so bad😭 i wish this goddamn phone can send smells

  86. B. Berya

    That wedding dress is just everything. VERY BEAUTIFUL 💃👌🏾

  87. AziAmberish

    1:42 Shownu's 'that's right' got me awwwww

  88. Julia IsNotCoolia

    Dude I saw my name in the title and I got scared fjdbdjd she doesn’t even know who I am but I still got scared shitless

  89. Arschloch.

    Haha- i don’t live in the USA. >:)

  90. Yolandah T

    Forgive me for being a bad Monbebe but someone explain to ME WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY CHILD JOOHONEY

    1. Jenny

      He's taking a hiatus from the group to focus on his mental health, but don't worry, like the members stated in the video, he's recovering well, and will be back soon💕

  91. Qᴜᴇᴇʀ

    First of all, we'll wait for Jooheon's return. Let the man rest and stay as positive as he can be at this time. We love you, Joohoney. ♥ Shy Shownu has entered the chat. 4:35 The way Shownu and Kihyun giggle to themselves about something while I.M is talking gives me life. 1:31

  92. Namjoon's and Shownu's wife

    Sexshy Monsta x

  93. JangX

    Showki 😍!!! I am loving Minhyuk in these long jackets he's been wearing lately ❤

  94. Kathy Niechcial

    Shownu : * Screams * Shownu : * AHHHHH * Me : * Damn that's the loudes scream i've heard *

  95. Vathana Dianna

    Kihyun still using that "magical powder"

  96. Karen Najera

    I can write a whole dissertation on the topics they talked about. This interview is everything.

  97. Amnestria17

    Monbebe's before Monsta X enters the stage 5:10

  98. jordan63092

    If anyone wants to look up the Netflix drama Shownu mentioned, the English title is "When the Camelia Blooms" (Korean: "동백꽃 필무렵") ^-^

  99. adryhooney

    this interview was so smooth i love it❣️ i hope joohoney is doing well~

  100. Homo Sappy-ens

    So proud of my babies