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  1. R D

    I can do a 1x1 instantly Which is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Nanoseconds

  2. unrealdoc

    can I please have the course code

  3. Sylvester Cash

    1:53 misspelled tweak

  4. YouTube Lover

    Why not put a face on the head

  5. Thanh truc Tran

    This is just an eternity puzzle for humans that don’t use an bot

  6. Indy Diependaele

    I am seeing neural networks rn in Python classes in college, this was very helpfull

  7. Jorian Meeuse

    Am i the only one who noticed the wrong color scheme?

  8. morgan harvey

    Far be it for me to tell you how to code or even make ai ... but could you not give them a reward if their feet are in contact with the ground?? make more of a walk??

  9. Lmao Bruh

    0:15 Let’s appreciate the detail of the legs there

  10. 吉井雄太朗

    More efficient than a Turing machine for sure.

  11. Timothy Millard

    Yo what happened to Steven

  12. Abhishek Rath

    4:41 was a hard pause..😅😂😂

  13. BBG

    CB: I lowered the number of female viewers to 0 Me, a female: *clears throat* HELLO there

  14. Fletcher Allyn

    gound is a thing

  15. ninopino12 lol


  16. Fakelife

    Please vids

  17. MaxwellMegaGamer 85


  18. Mathematics Trust United Kingdom

    plot twist: the minesweeper game was a paid actor

  19. Gianfranco Calabretta Sesin

    MachineLearnThis.com ✌🏽

  20. Exploding Potato

    1:25 my favorite part

  21. burger timez

    5:23 Nice

  22. Jameel Ahmed

    If you have a tablet then put your 5 finger tips then slide them from left to right it will keep on going

  23. Tiger 1 E shared family account

    i made a tank

  24. AK 7563

    Apparently this video went to an indonesian tv show

  25. Little Budder

    10:54 art

  26. Enrique De Santos

    Milk gang

  27. Oolm FoxZ

    can u make stat win/lost vs density (h*v/nb bomb) ?

  28. Joshua Harrison

    7:47 kinda looks like he just threw spheres everywhere

  29. Robin Nußbaum


  30. Kade B

    What's the music on the Dick Person Quality Assurance test?

  31. Derek Jiram

    My brain: 10:59

  32. puffin gamer

    When your dick falls off and some dude is playing with a laser pointer

  33. Larissa Clark

    I'm literally watching this video at 3:13AM

  34. Sneha Singh

    This is how terminator was ACTUALLY made

  35. DerSerafin

    Pmnesfovl is my new favorite word!

  36. mega gamer

    Your underated you need nore subs and likes

  37. JustBilly123



    Creation and evolution are both real they just completing each other thats what I believe

  39. Haywire

    0:50 the blue and green were next to each other...

  40. DerSerafin

    So you simulated a mechanical computer, on a computer and we are watching this... on a computer!

  41. Graeme Pyke

    Make a AI that makes other stupid AIs

  42. David Sguerri

    Never even liked snake but, my best strategy was just to run the snake to the low right corner,come up 1 and go left until 1 sqare to the wall, 1 up and right till the wall and repeat all this to the top of the "map" to than just take the left empty corridor and start all over again until the snake bite his ass.

  43. Graeme Pyke

    👋 Edit: 0 likes 😢 Edit: 1 like 😀

  44. Ricky Axlund

    Pretty NEAT

  45. Thomas Elliott


  46. Daniela Finkel

    I demand fanart of Steven Sally Sammy Skye and Simon

  47. Dennis Rockex

    im only going to subscribe because of the minute's 8:15 21:13

  48. crystalpie

    8:25 that is the best walk I've ever seen in my life.

  49. OneraG4M3R

    Almost 2 years.

  50. Mridul Sachdeva

    Where's the code for all this?

  51. The Nightcore Fox

    hello humans

  52. El Octavion

    I would leave a comment but it wouldn't be in my nature compadre

  53. Man of Curiosity

    Do Video About A.I Learns to Play osu

  54. Ken Stentiford

    Same theory in using a auto clicker in flash games. Huge times are saved.

  55. Mr.GoodMan


  56. Tehbert

    Lolmao the end

  57. Danchigai


  58. mudcrutched1

    Forget coding. Try cooking , camping , and calligraphy. You can keep the same shirt.

  59. Blue Berry

    Dude your so goddanm smart holy shit😄

  60. Black Frog

    Music pls

  61. Edward Christoff

    Its been two years and theres ms Corona rn better start that machine of yours mate

  62. bad coder

    anyone remeber where he started to learn coding because i want to start with coding

  63. Trafalgar D. Judge


  64. Guga Michaelis

    Where is the second enigma video? Hahahahaha

  65. hiface

    10:58 is what you’re looking for.

  66. shin kun

    Been here since screen write thing bchhhhhh

  67. Wild Vince

    Dang thats slow i glued thousands of 1x1 together to make a 200x200 and solved that sucka in 35 years

  68. Iam Dot957

    15:11 imagine seeing this at 3 AM

  69. Sebastian Elizalde

    8:18 the music sounds like some song that I hear in Zelda

  70. rajesh kumar Mohanta

    Why do u have to talk so fast?

  71. Kurtis is really angry

    Only by watching this I appreciate the amount of time it must’ve taken to code the call of duty bots.

  72. Minecraft Minceraft

    it runs slower than minecraft java edition without optifine on 2gb of ram

  73. Dylan Fallas

    award for worst father goes to, Code Bullet! (im subscribed to you now)

  74. Aidan Giese

    code bullet...hmm... did you make a turret? oh, wait no, that would start an ai revolution...never mind then...

  75. ZzJasperBeastzZ /

    You can beat it but it will only take 17 million years. Trust me look it up

  76. Time Keeper

    How decreyption work lmao 17:33-18:46

  77. Mind Fudge

    For everyone who liked this video.. Let's go attend a group therapy or smtn for our sadistic preference

  78. Jeremy MCSSJ • 69 years ago - edited

    do dogs have belly buttons

  79. Windows 7 Ultimate

    *When you hire an ai to fight*

  80. Tristan Sublett

    He's a champ but I don't want to watch a let's play

  81. Anthony Cardello

    What happed to q learning

  82. Lyte

    What’s wrong with python

  83. The Imperfect God

    That flipping horse made me laugh so much dude 😂

  84. LC Skyblox

    1:04. That is the same as the totally algorithmic 1000x1000 solve

  85. LC Skyblox

    0:48. You just scrambled it again

  86. LC Skyblox

    Impossible. I call hax

  87. Klid Vipex


  88. jace christensen

    this is the video form of anxiety

  89. Stefano Dumay

    AI= an intellectual

  90. Lee Renderman

    And this is the creation of skynet...

  91. beyond w01f

    the thumbnail makes me feel.... disturbed

  92. Debbie Meyer


  93. Saanvi Rao

    Hmmmm sounds a lot like rendog. probably not him just a theory

  94. top notch worlds

    That happened to me just with out the a.i

  95. adrian medina

    10000000000000000 times 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    1. adrian medina

      I made the numbers unequal

  96. TDC

    Do we like henry?

  97. I have no education

    *Ai Plays Mario*

  98. Mystic Kage

    Skip to 5:00