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  1. fxlippx 21

    I like your work but you missed the most important rule in the whole game..

  2. heehae

    Apologies if someone already suggested this but.... wouldn't it make your end game much more efficient if you altered the hamiltonian algorithm to try to back fill as much space as possible with its tail? New food can only spawn in empty spaces, so if you could block out entire sections of the map with your tail then it would allow for much easier pathing to the next food, making the last like 2 hours of super snake much faster. The idea is to predict future spawns of the food and try to keep it in front of the head. Thoughts?

  3. Ded Pewl

    Codebullet showing why 8 year olds in a car should wear seatbelts. Also not sit in the front. Also not driving.

  4. מוטי שיוביץ

    6:20 Pretty sure your grandma is not into overclocking. Not saying she's not tech savvy, just... Not that niche-ly savvy

  5. A Good Boi

    noodle stimulator

  6. Anonymoose

    You sound like Luna on crack.

  7. TheMagnificentZoltar

    10:49 ...

  8. Ashley CSB

    A poem AI?

  9. SolemnPanda092

    People who hold the record for the level are just like how did this guy quadruple my score

  10. ZombieLicorice

    That strobe effect on the 2nd to last speed up

  11. Tuyen Phan

    Plot twist: Code bullet doesn’t know how to code and is just really good at solving large rubrics cubes

  12. deep divyam

    Your voice is ASMR to me

  13. Big Boy

    But can it do a 3x2?

  14. Tuyen Phan

    AI learns to beat Minecraft

  15. Layla - Classic Mallefic gunner

    *”That Perm Though”*

  16. supergamer

    Category education hmmm

  17. Joachim Rives

    Could you try to do a pong AI on your terms? I really want to see how a good screen-processing AI works. Is there no way to have the AI scan for pixels instead of knowing the position and velocity of the pong immediately?

  18. Isaac Lomeli

    All the AI’s this guy teaches to learn stuff by itself is gonna be the beginning of the terminators

  19. Aiden Ellis

    You should make an A.I. that defeats Egg, Inc.

  20. OscarTheVirgin

    Ah, Code Bullet's arch nemesis, the Bode Cullet

  21. Absolite666

    lol twerking jumping mechanics

  22. Must Stay Anonymous

    20:10 My intestines trying to digest that bag of doritos

  23. Aidas Baranauskas

    I love how the snake became the lack of snake in the end

  24. Clark Kent

    1:40 LMFAO

  25. The Majestic Phoenix

    Why... in the fuck... is this in my suggestions list, why the fuck did I even watch this and how in the living fuck is a video this young already near 4M views?! I'm astounded and I'm proud to have watched this :o

  26. Danger VelCas

    wich snake eats apples?

  27. Zachary Calina

    STOP CURSING!!!!!!!!

  28. Skywalker Who

    I have a perfect snake

  29. Remynator92

    u shoud try to make a tetris AI

  30. arpita1shrivas

    Anybody see the IP and port of the server on which the game was running? U didn't? Yeah well...I did so ....GONNA HACK NOW.

  31. J0K3R 969

    Wow i can't even solve 2x2 cube

  32. Clarissa M

    It's so fast, i didn't even see how it solved it.

  33. You’ve Been gnomed

    When it started opening random tabs I got some real bad ptsd of when I had a broken touch screen and it just when crazy sometimes

  34. Only Wolpix


  35. Shubham Jadhav

    @20:12 it looks like leaves are flying

  36. tpa nash

    Minesweeper is next

  37. Donkey

    Evan: Go my perfect snake AI! Perfect Snake AI: :raises finger and zaps Evan: Mr Perfect Snake AI

  38. Aidan Klug

    lol, the car is like; THOSE LOLLY POPS ARE MINE!!!!

  39. Anas khan

    I hit the like button . Then i watched it half way then i was going to hit the like button again and once more atleast three times.

  40. God of The Dark

    Can we get fs in the chat for the NBN

  41. I_Like_Tuwtles

    5:40 looks like a turtle

  42. TechnoBoy54321

    Actually while it may be difficult to code that method of solving cubes. In the physical world that method is simply tedious. Not difficult. Or at least that's my experience. And I currently don't have enough money for anything bigger than the 4x4 I have Edit: I'm not saying it's a bad method (after all. It's the method I use). I'm just clarifying that it's more tedious than difficult to anyone who bothers to read this.

  43. Matt Troll

    i don't know what's cooler, watching this be solved or knowing that I could theoretically solve it more efficiently. It would probably take me months to finish , but I guarantee it would be in less moves.

  44. ElfyzZz

    Pretty neat

  45. Marcin Rybka

    "Am I doing goot fada?" ... I almost shit my pants laughing XD.

  46. blackcatv1

    If I could laugh react to this video I would xD

  47. Nayan Belkhede

    that one red color car with a green shirt driver was doing pretty good!

  48. Nerdoxide 2

    What the force is it doing

  49. Stars227

    The very first idle clicker game

  50. Jake Schmell

    3:52 So, for a really big grid, how frequently is the lowest (best) bomb proby NOT = 0%, ie. the AI truly must now make a guess ??

  51. melanjester

    Make it do an even numbered cube but don’t tell it which side is supposed to be what colour

  52. I Love Tigers

    Adrian cloned 4K times and disliked the vid

  53. 0MindSwept0

    "He must be so bored thatvhe has to resort to killing himself multiple times for entertainment; I mean, its relatable really, we've all been there" lmbo

  54. ThreeGhost

    8:28 did somebody watch to many pitch meetings? 🤔

  55. Witchfinda

    Nobody: The snake when it turns red: *NEW OBJECTIVE- SURVIVE*

  56. Ayushman Mathur

    9:08 Viking by Akash Gandhi

  57. Orion Swift

    Djenty snake boi

  58. Andrei Kovacs

    Auto clicker... Seems like 500 gunmen with extra steps.

  59. Preston Knight

    You win

  60. Carl craft

    You Sound like KSI😂

  61. Samuel Ortiz

    Hi I'm watching in 2019. It's spelled rubik's cube dumbass

  62. John Undefined

    Oversight. The monster can't go up the "T" areas (only down.) It provides a way to shake "Shadow" when you are out of scatters.

  63. Phoenix

    "no matter how bad your internet is" I'm sold

  64. Lu Ji Ku

    what a wild journey

  65. Nick Vasseur

    These Line Rider levels are getting crazy.

  66. Loading

    I no idea you could complete snake. I thought it was an infinite game.

  67. sawinemaker

    You still haven’t made that neat video

  68. Daniel McLaughlin

    That's a very slow cloth ew

  69. Juan Huertas

    Do another video of this game, . But with the Dragster In the moon level

  70. Last Vieri

    What song is this pls i need answer

  71. W0ngnim

    Could you please give music credits? You used a number of songs I'm interested in but you don't give any info on what songs were used in your videos.

  72. Hifumi

    19:18 i fucking DIED of laughter

  73. Titan Polus

    sooo,,, couldn't you code it to not allow seperate, enclosed boxes after say 80% of the map is full?

  74. Reza Behnood

    Wouldn’t AI be if you feed the screen as I put and expect it to figure out what to do?

  75. - Thegameplayer-

    Me sees dislikes My brain those are the AI hat wanted payback for all this hours of work

  76. Emilee Weir

    It barely sounds like a song after 1000...

  77. Thunder 221


  78. Drew Helbig

    You should make an ai course.

  79. T3CHN01200

    Evan forgot one of the fundamental rules of snake that he could have added to his A*^-1 algorithm: Maintain a state in which the head and the tail remain in the same segmented area. This could be used in the place of the 80% tile rule...

  80. The Noobness

    let gameOver = Runner.prototype.gameOver Runner.prototype.gameOver = () => {}

  81. JJJ The_dark


  82. master9819

    You should create core functioning algorithms for quantum computers. You would then be considered one of the smartest people in human history.

  83. John Lord

    I've seen this before. You are treating diagonal as shorter when it's not because you can't move diagonal.

  84. Rechordian

    So after playing 2048 I came to the conclusion: making it random between a 4 or 2 is reaaaaally frustrating. Of the 30 rounds I did, 8 were lost solely due to spawning a 4 where a 2 was needed.

  85. Stealthlock

    Please upload your weird “survival mode” full snake algorithm code so I can take and alter 80% to 100% and see what happens

  86. Battleblast Journey

    I mean, if you had 1 5kilometer square and 700 1inch rectangles the 5km might take longer...

  87. WhyDidntIInventYT

    it's great how you can create a masterful AI with a few simple, elegant rules!

  88. 0MindSwept0

    But where's part 2?

  89. 0MindSwept0

    The first turn for each player isn't 20, but 24 since the knights can move over the pawns

  90. Banjo Barry

    codebullet is just I did a things nerdy brother

  91. Tony Graham

    Skynet is officially online I guess?

  92. TheYargonaut

    Q-learning works on Markov Decision Processes. In order to avoid any memory in the neural network, the input feature vector needs to encode all the information about the state. If it doesn't, you have created a Partially Hidden Markov Decision Process, and need to add memory for your NN to manage, making it some form of RNN. There are efficient ways to decrease the number of input features quickly in your neural net without manually throwing out potentially-necessary information: attention-based neural networks, which, happily, outperform RNNs on the types of sequence tasks where you would normally have this problem. I am surprised the 2-frames method was too large an input vector, given that the original paper used 4 frames of an Atari game at a time as the input vector. Impressive results though. Came here from the next video to learn the rules you imposed, so let's hope you found these ideas in the interim :)

  93. poend

    the military part made me laugh

  94. sickhouse


  95. temaron cansler

    I love these videos but when u go into not talking and playing music the music is too loud and it drags on for way to long

  96. iQueue

    This man almost made Ultron trying to play a flash game

  97. Rebelone111

    The genetic shirts were a really nice touch.

  98. Ivan Knowles

    Code bullet got 30 viruses to record this video

  99. Daniel Gonzalez

    16:48 I lost it 😂

  100. LORDSNIPE 99

    Code bullet: blah blah blah important confusing stuff with ai My 10 year old self: .-.