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  1. Peter Leo

    STUPID pattinson ! BATFUCK costume !!

  2. Mariya Urilska

    From Twilight to Batman... Well done, Robert ;)

  3. Azamat Baimbetov

    Nobody said that music remind soundtrack Imperial March from Star Wars

  4. Detective Taylor Swift

    I am beyond excited Robert is a phenomenal actor

  5. EternityKX

    We want a cool teaser for batman Put him under a red bulb and zoom. 😑🙄

  6. William Bonin

    I soooooooo soooooooo want to see this movie made I would pay what ever to see it 100 % I hope they change there mind and make the movie for us give the people what we want .

  7. el gallo negro

    Not going to lie but he should play as batman beyond

  8. WilltheLemon

    Got Daredevil vibes

  9. Robbie Mann

    They need to make a batman beyond series or knight wing @ this point. Cmon!!!

  10. Pj Mooney

    He better do good

  11. Juan Maidana

    At this point I'm not mad at the cast decision, let's remember we thought the exact same thing with Affleck with the exact same character. We are not in 1997 people, actors do care about the character now!

  12. Dickydockydoo

    The music is great, though those drum beats are kind of poky, they can lose those or make them heavier (but not louder). I love the swelling trumpet at the end, I hope that really develops in the film. The suit looks cool. Not keen on the casting though, for other characters as well. Zoe Kravitz is a great choice for Catwoman though, and the Riddler actor seems suitable. Bryan Cranston needs to be Gordon at some point, they should've cast him.

  13. Kelereizu

    You will be always boy from Tatuine...

  14. Jimmy Morris

    Well it looks like any other DC product, the lighting is to dark to tell what is going on.

  15. zae

    Music sounds like it’s building up to the classic Danny elfman Batman theme

  16. Chris H

    Bruce Wayne needs to get down the gym

  17. TheCheeseDragon

    There’s something ‘Darth Vader’ about the music and red lighting I love it

  18. hisham rahim

    From vampire to batman. Ok thats make sense.

  19. Abdulsami Khan

    This suit is SOOO SEXY!!! Better than the others.

  20. Nur Khalimah Oficial

    mari kita kebioskop

  21. luiz antonio

    i love batman but i will not see this shitbag in this character

  22. Sragdhara Ghosh

    Naaah Christian bale is much better...I will miss him

  23. shilue

    a king would never and ever, gonna win against the god

  24. MusicOrGetMugged

    Robert Battinson

  25. Isaac Newton

    is it true that interstellar will be continued?

  26. incadove

    The nose gives away his identity.

  27. Incog Spectator

    Hopefully his cape doesn't get stuck in a jet turbine. A wise woman once said "NO CAPES!!"

    1. MusicOrGetMugged

      E D N A M O D E

  28. Alejandro Teran

    Sigue pareciendo crepúsculo.

  29. Solomon Kane

    I don't understand why DC has such a hard time doing this character. The music sounds great, Patterson looks good but that suit looks odd. What's with the thing on his chest?

    1. John Martin

      @Solomon Kane or it is a soiecal batrang for a suicide mission by batman

    2. Solomon Kane

      @John Martin OK that makes sense, maybe an odd place to put it but still EZ access I suppose.

    3. John Martin

      It is a batrang most probably

  30. Anakin Skywalker

    Sad memories:)

  31. Joduret Gaming

    İ hope they wont kill them

  32. MMA slayer The mindflayer

    Stupid this is from king of the monsters

  33. Lois Jones

    When it hit 0:37 I wanted to cry

  34. Linspiration Lini


  35. Sarang K

    Christian is lyk batman forever🤟

  36. Paul Hughes

    🤢🤮🤮 just no

  37. ØŽęXß

    Русские есть? Ааа???

  38. JC Lopez

    Hey Rob what's next? Rob: Uhm, Dracula I suppose..

  39. DoubleLegend GT

    Omg , I can't wait for the epic battle for GodZilla Vs KingKong

  40. Debabrata Dey

    I only see Loki vs Godzilla vs Kong

  41. clavi20000

    Cedric : DDD

  42. Fidgetspinnerboy 489

    Big miss opportunity to add the Batman title card at the end

  43. Phantom master puppet Gacha fnaf

    I hope after godzilla and kong are fighting they will fight mechagodzilla if he's a super because godzilla is more powerfull and legendary even kong is only using secret weapon no powers i think godzilla defeating kingkong very easy with he's atomic breath

  44. alatriste2222

    So much ignorance about how good of an actor Pattinson is. I mean, I worked in more movies after Twilight. Great movies. And he does an amazing job on them.

  45. Obito Uciha


  46. Sammy Westenberger

    Michael Giacchino Isolated Score The Batman Camera 📷 Test

  47. Dom Mo

    S U C K S

  48. Daniel kennedy

    Fui tapeado

  49. Shivam Mantri

    I miss Daredevil 😔

  50. Ribeil Jean Stanislas

    Everyone : Woah !!! OMG ! That's cool ! Twilight : Edward is a bat ! Me : Meh ... so what ? Excuse me but the red filter sucks.

    1. John Martin

      It looks so great , Pattinson is a great actor

  51. Mastar Goku

    The music sounds like i am batman

  52. Tommy Wagelaar

    Pretty sure shes gonna tell the russians.

  53. God is my fortress Acts2:38

    No one would use that kindve vile unprofessional language...only pigs talk like that.. Smh

  54. Fallout

    When everyone ignores the true message of these movies, that humanity is destroying itself.

  55. Sonic And The Pals

    This movie could be dark because of the red lightning

  56. Satyajit Mukherjee


  57. James Gough

    That is the wimpiest batman I've even see, almost as weak as the new batwoman

  58. César Iván Rivera

    Pónganlo en español castellano...

  59. Matthew Warrick

    Love it

  60. Galen Marek

    Me dio la impresión que será un porquería de película


    I'm not agree with the bat signal It's ugly the bat signal of drak knight is way BETTERRR

    1. John Martin

      Sorry but dark knight Batman suck ass, bale is an awful Batman

  62. Tempest7

    They gonna team up I think

  63. Case McCallie

    One thought on that wow just wow

  64. rain segaran Alfaran

    VampMan: The adventures of a Hero Vampire Bat.

  65. sissymarylen15741a

    They team up and fight the biggest enemy yet.....Coronavirus.. ..dun dun dunnnn

  66. luis saldana

    Unless King Kong is fireproof I don’t see much competition for Godzilla

  67. COSMIC

    Shit i got a feeling we are getting those wierd wolverine outward ears.

  68. Thalia Del Toro

    I thought of Batman Beyond. Would have been kinda awesome to do Terry instead of another Bruce Wayne movie yet again... just saying. Looks interesting.

  69. Punk Kid

    New daredevil intro holy shit can’t wait to see season 4

  70. paul sciria

    Anybody else reminded of daredevil so far

  71. Alexander

    that mask looks a bit goofy... like a kid with a huge forehead

  72. Devan

    We all agree godzilla would murder Kong right?

  73. Samuel Starr

    whos putting bets this movie is gonna FLOP hard? -before i edit a year from now i hope it works out lol but it won't.

  74. NEO _

    Perhaps the villain isn’t really the villain but rather the misunderstood

  75. Vanessa Kellsin


  76. Hardy Canales

    The Imperial March rip off? WTF

  77. AjI2017

    the music is B-A-D!!

  78. AjI2017

    wow, they are really finally going to BLOW the batman!!

  79. El Gul

    avenger : assemble.! Batman : just me & my 0,56'

  80. tobbie amantillo

    Is the 2nd kong is the kong in skull island or there will be a new kong upcoming that's more bigger?

  81. そういち -INACTIVE-


  82. Ryan Corrigan

    This is gonna be good.

  83. Fhere Soto

    Esta bien cagado , se mamaron que chingadera es esa falta que brille también jaja

  84. Ros Reif

    It looks like it’s a joke

    1. John Martin

      You look like a joke

  85. Clown Dn

    The BatCancerMan...

  86. Paul Marker

    This is going to be the most emo Batman ever! Have no plans whatsoever to see this movie.

  87. Lil Ghosst

    Did they reveal that song Tight Road by Lil Ghosst?

  88. So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating

    I mean...If its going to be Neo-noir-esque like Blade Runner, i'm not complaining.

  89. Savana Robertson

    I would cry is Troy and Gabriella don’t get married and have kids

  90. bonbon3D 2D

    0:23 2018

  91. Danger Ace

    Show us the ears

  92. Yoyi Cat

    como decimos en Chile... Que huevon mas feo!!!!

  93. carol silva

    Isso é mentira

  94. Jezabel Acevedo


  95. Jezabel Acevedo


  96. قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة

    I am very excited about this legendary movie 😃🤩

  97. RyanH321

    Okay, this movie is either gonna be R or they just gave up the one fuck that they're allowed to use in PG-13 movies in the trailer! Oh I hope we actually get an R rated Batman movie for once! Fun fact: In Tim Burton's Batman, when Batman picks up that criminal in the beginning and it does the whole "who are you?", "I'm Batman!" The line the way the scriptwriter wrote it was supposed to be, "I'm Batman, motherfucker!"

  98. khalid al shehhi

    1.Maybe a villan will apear but the two will fight one a other instead of the villan of the villan will apear in the middle of the fight 2. Gozilla is the king now and he is on a quest to find a home for his titan followers and goes to the island where kong is or *he might be also attacking humans for new lands for his followers and him self 3. Godzilla is addicted to the nucular and he wants more thus attacking humans In 2. And 3. Humans bring kong to help them get rid of godzilla 2. Godzilla takes the titans to kongs island and they fight for it What do you think is the right thing and what do you hope will happen.

  99. Wayne Beriman

    Stop making Batman movies , your ruining Batman

  100. BrantheBroken

    Remembering the Witcher first look Mind still open