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  1. Sturm Antilles

    You guys really need to play Day of the Tentacle, which was the sequel to this game. 1993 on PC. The "talkie" CD-ROM version is best. There was also a "remaster" with updated graphics a few years ago. Up there with the other awesome LucasArts adventure games, like Monkey Island and Indiana Jones.

  2. Bobby Finn

    The Mask cartoon and Ace Ventura cartoon crossed over before. It was nuts. Two Jim Carey characters in one cartoon. Pure bonkers. I'm not sure of it was The Mask meets Ace or vice versa but it was awesome.

  3. Yeah Right

    James has no technique at games whatsoever.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Wait.. how are they playing without the obnoxiously loud jump sfx? Every time I try to go back and play this I get to about Chemical Zone before the constant BEWWWWWWP drives me insane and I have to quit.

  5. Yang Nini

    I got a heart attack when they zoom in Sonic's face at 1:46

  6. Tom Jackson

    I don’t see Simon’s Quest and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

  7. Danny James

    “It started before any of us can remember, and it’ll go on ‘til the end of time.”. Beautifully said, and gives wondrous perspective to not just the origins of Gilgamesh et al but the humble stories we tell our children that turn from seeds of imagination into larger forested landscapes that bear legendary fruit and countless retellings

  8. Zachary Gatt

    I heard this movie is on AMC's website.

  9. Seamus Peacock

    Krusty: What The Hell Was That

  10. Melissa Harris

    In the novelization of Friday the 13th part 5 it's hinted Roy possible had his body taken over by Jason soul

  11. Jeremiah Fox

    Old hickory is Andrew Jackson. Lincoln was the great emancipator

  12. Amonthered

    It sounds more like a marketing ploy that didn't work , you know trying to get sells up as a last-ditch effort to bring some money in for the game

  13. Jokuman357

    These guys should really try the original Dark Souls. In my opinion it succeses in what Simon's Quest tried to be. An open world experience, where even the premise is basically the same, if you boil it down to it's basics. Its also difficult, just like Castlevania games tend to be, but grinding is not needed.

  14. Ammar Lonewolf

    The universe that I came from, you're known as the Angry Genesis Nerd. Also, Nintendo died in late 90s with 64 their last console.

  15. I No 'peeka Cabbage

    Could you guys find time to do a podcast? It would be up there in number pretty fucking quick.

  16. Life With Gadgets

    Has AVGN never reviewed the Lion King on the snes or SG? Oh boy you HAVE to review this :)

  17. Raymond Lugo

    Man, this episode was absolutely HILARIOUS 😂

  18. SuperSpook


  19. Jollyazeシ

    Maybe a year later James *will* review WII games because it old.

  20. Akshay Chaturvedi

    2:30 my childhood disaster game.😄

  21. McFlingleson

    This is the episode where the Bullshit Man reveals his true identity.

  22. cAnon

    Detective Pikachu WAS set in the actual Pokémon World though. The Pokémon World has always been a parallel for our real one, and Ryme City is from the games, as is England-inspired cities in Gen 8. Technically, the Sonic series is no stranger to "real" locations too. San Fracisco has long since been an inspiration for cities seen in the games.

  23. abubacarr jeng

    Definitely my all time favorite avgn episode

  24. Matty C.

    Keep your draws on there shorty.....🤣🤣🤣

  25. Andrew Wright

    Even though it is so obvious she is gonna say it again the suspense after 15:45 waiting for it is halarious!

  26. Dame Frühauf

    Idk why but "do I need to ARRIVE without the hat?" made me laugh way more than it should've

  27. SpAßaMzocken LP

    Nerd you have to try this Spezi thing...... It tastes awesome....greetings from Austria ❤️

  28. clarkb2697

    I think what should have also been on the list is that with older media like back to the future, the God father trilogy etc. Why are they not all on ONE disc. The original DVD version fit it on three discs, so why can't it fit on a disc that holds massively more data?

  29. Carson Sablan

    Next AVGN should be 30 great games on the Wii U!!!!!! Its horrible!!!!

  30. Thirteenth Tribe

    I know why you merry make on earth. I know that wich you seek.

  31. Thirteenth Tribe

    Read the book of Enoch.

  32. DarkCode

    39 years lol i want that sword!

  33. Asuna Chan

    Cinemassacre NUMBAH WAN #1!!! ☝️❣️🇵🇭

  34. James Cook


  35. Mikal Lyngbø

    Obama we did it

  36. The Amazing Super Mansion Freak

    SMS does not stand for Sega Master System haha. Unless you’re Gen X like James

  37. Stewart Woods

    The game's that were the same on both had such minute differences that it didn't matter what you played it on. It was really down to which of the exclusive games you liked better.

  38. Didy RC

    I would like to see the AVGN play Stargazers. It's one of the worst shits I have ever seen

  39. Tom Crews

    We had West Coast Video in Pembroke Pines, Fl

  40. David Tillwach

    You remember laserdisc they took a dump on it . One of the best sound quality ever even the video quality was very good for that time 425 line of res . DVD 475 or something like that . So what you had too flip the disc

  41. matt224058

    This is one of the best episodes so far lmao

  42. Brooke99

    Zoot Suit Riot!

  43. John Doe

    Why not show James Hard Corp: Uprising? That game is sweet!

  44. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    The bank teller. It's a MAN, baby.

  45. John Doe

    Recently saw Aladdin/The Lion King for sale on PS4. I kinda regret passing it up.

  46. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Never thought I'd see one of the best games for the N64 on this series. This is one of those games I enjoyed watching other people play more than playing it myself.

  47. greekgod41

    S SO D O MM I TT E enabler

  48. Jason Allen

    So these guys are "reviewing" kitschy weird tapes now? Is their ultimate goal to completely morph Cinemassacre into Red Letter Media?

  49. Ronaldo Jação Caramella

    Off-topic: hey guys from @Cinemassacre, I don't know whether you know, but José Mojica Marins, aka Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão, in portuguese) unfortunately has recently passed away, on 19th Feb more precisely, due to complications caused by a brochopneumonia, at age 83. :-( I do know that at least James admires his work. Maybe you guys should make a video or at least mention him on a video again, as a tribute. Cheers!

  50. Frank Concemi

    So you got a handy from an STD?

  51. Graeme Dutton

    James is back with the soy boy thumbnails. Looks like beaker the muppet.

  52. Veronica Surratt

    Haha that ending

  53. handsomebrick

    That King Kong rant is my favorite thing.

  54. brownchinkyeyes

    I wish they did a remake,I pretty sure they would make a good amount of sells

  55. MegaMac87

    I cannot believe Johnny is on the show! :D

  56. AngloRebel

    this would've been a great episode for "Bullshit man" !!!!!

  57. j t

    I had a Coleco vision and Lady bug was my favorite but some great games were Boxing,baseball with the super controller and Venture, laser attack, DK junior, Space frenzy. I have never seen this oils well game but it looks like it would have been my favorite it just looks like a lot of fun !!

  58. Johnathan Dolenz

    I love playing NES hacks and I’d love to see a series of hacks that fix the bad NES games so they become good games.

  59. Johnathan Dolenz

    Can anyone tell me how in the hell The Goonies never got a Saturday morning cartoon?

  60. Matt Wolf

    Why did they bring these back? There was nothing good about them.

  61. AJP Graphics

    Gotta love that dig at TMNT III.

  62. Lone Wolf

    I'd imagine they'd probably get rich from reviewtechusa to do a cameo in a avgn show.

  63. James Saint-Smash

    Love it growing up! I’m apart of the cult!

  64. Jedediah Reyna

    Bee 17 Bowmer

  65. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Deciding to just be yourself is made much easier if you've got Cameron Diaz sat in the car next to you.

  66. soulassassin0g

    All the other horror monsters with their pumped up kicks, they better run, better run, outrun my gun.

  67. Adam Poloha

    Please do lord of the rings on snes. Really bad game.

  68. ziqi92

    Oh hey, it’s avgn’s missing top gun plane

  69. Craig Usselman

    Halloween 1978 to me a decent horror flick but not one of the all time greatest-Scream 1996 isnt scary to me funny clever not scary.

  70. MrJgreenwell

    One of my fav games of all time. Respectfully disagree, Nerd.

  71. PitZX2

    My biggest problem is that blurays are just harder to watch on PC's tbh , that encryption key shit sucks ass

  72. Anthony Genovese

    I didn't have a Playstation either. I always had an Xbox and a Nintendo. I'm being honest

  73. Lachrymogenic

    I heard James got shat on by the media. The media is a fuck load of shit.

  74. Toni Velvaldi

    it’s absolutely a must that you review The Goonies!!!!!! Great story perfect actors for the parts!!! I am surprised holly wood hasn’t tried to remake this classic!!!

  75. Lachrymogenic

    Ghostbusters: Resurrection. Get it? So overused.

  76. Brett Weiss

    Terrific game! But I never could beat the Joker.

  77. Brett Weiss

    I love this movie. Very underrated.

  78. Keith D

    Sam Rockwell was in Matchstick Men with Nick Cage. It's worth a watch.

  79. Cody Sullivan

    "Its a bunch of kazoos flying through a cabbage patch." Your metaphors have really grown on me.

  80. Vordivask

    Imagine being offended by a movie

  81. woke af

    I just wanted to let James or the nerd know that. I saw his top gun plane today in Springfield Missouri. It flew out of his window like 10 years ago. It was a strange sight to be hold. And kinda funny when it crashed into the windshield of my car.

  82. Ben Manoochehri


  83. David Bermudez

    EC destroyed MK completely

  84. Doug Davis

    @11:54 you’re welcome

  85. Antonio Montana

    Arthur for Smash!

  86. BlueLightningSky

    "My momma always said" comes before the chocolates fragment. This is how I remember it as "was."

  87. Brian Kantz

    LOL his film is the complete opposite. oh the irony.

  88. moogle847

    So I think I want to point out that, Jim Carrey's chipped tooth isn't a special effect or denture. Jim actually has that chip in his tooth and so he had them leave off the tooth cover and it was one of the best choices he every made for it.

  89. Richard Charging Cloud

    i prefer that tony guy in hell.

  90. Bill lupin

    I remember that level. You have to be running the whole time to escape the water. I don't know why you keep stopping to jump, but that's what killed you.

  91. dirty whiteboy

    Megaman 2 was my favorite nintendo tape

  92. James Saint-Smash

    I 100% agree with Keiran with Speed. Great movie! It is underrated.

  93. FunWithFirearms

    I'm sure im dumb and it's a joke, but it doesn't seem like he's saying AAASSSSS. It looks more like MAAAYUP

  94. Ryan Toole

    Remember Christmas morning being so excited to play this game. The intro music still stirs inside. Memories. Game was dogshit.

  95. Cameron

    Everyone in the comments talking about Johnny, meanwhile I have no idea who he even is and am just here for James.

    1. GrayRedfox

      Same :'D

  96. Daniel Bemis

    Are you kidding I have a lot of cool menus in blue ray and with blue ray I can have multiple versions of a movie on one side instead of those terrible two sided dvds. Also I dislike the two separate dvd discs with the movie on the fucked up add on that broke somehow and caused the main dvd to get scratched.

  97. dirty whiteboy

    Wheres pat the nes puke? Frank R.i.p. buddy

  98. J Money

    Is this a real movie rental place or nah I’m confused

  99. bobby ding

    8:10 Answer: Bo2 zombies Alcatraz if you do the secret stuff to get the golden spork

  100. MartonFitness

    There ARE Kiss candles actually, just looked it up.