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  1. Karla Cruz

    My first time watching your videos and I subbed congratulations for 1 Mil

  2. raaa tv

    Shot I hope he's okay

  3. Markfps

    Damn SEsels you broke your best bet... What am I going to do now? 10 years watching this Swedish boy every day. Felix get some rest and quality time with your family. You know that we'll be here and happy for you.

  4. ŽuTi Tariguz

    It's time to Elon Musk make new SEsels

  5. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Pewdipie:should be The ceo of SEsels if we are being honest

  6. Grace6873_ Playz

    This video reminds me of that "Cream" Animation..

  7. William Barrett

    SEsels: trys to stop harassment SEselsrs : I sense a great disturbance in the SEselsr Eco system

  8. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    SEsels: If you are to child friendly you don’t get money. Also SEsels: If you aren’t child friendly enough you don’t get money.

  9. WillyMacShow

    lmao the up the nose angle at the end. Glad you put that, "flattering camera angle joke" to good work

  10. Vacinden Rabaltar

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  11. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    "Orange men bad!" *gets banned "Hah! boomers" *also gets banned chaotic good


    *high fives every one because pewds called Onision a scumbag without the egp boost of saying his name*

  13. Will Sullivan

    If you click through all Felix‘s channel you would probably go something like this 200% edgy slowly adapting to the new SEsels algorithm and then 100% family friendly Minecraft and in 20 years it’s going to be all right bye guys this is getting way too boring

  14. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Plot twist: SEsels about to remove this video because they feel attack

  15. Squilliam Dowd

    I give youtube another 2 years *max* before it completely falls

  16. funky35791

    I rewatched the Leafy Content Cop a couple days ago

  17. Funny Seat

    Pew news back yaaaaaaaay

  18. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    "Creators and experts" Guys Susan is hearing voices again. She is literally the Roger Goodell of SEsels. Incompetent, doesn't know how to run shit

  19. Taylor McCormack

    “this is how marzia feeds me” was so unexpected i can’t LOL

  20. Lord Senf

    SEsels Upsi Pupsi

  21. An Author

    A real vibe check.

  22. 10,000 Subscribers without any Video xD

    PewDiePie: SEsels is ugly SEsels: lets put this in the Trends

  23. 로라Laura

    My nice loves pigs so she refused to eat pork since she was a very young child and her parents told her ham and sausage were beef to make her eat it. Now she's almost 13 and we have yet to tell her that ham is in fact pork...

  24. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    SEsels is starting to slowly die and it’s all because of freaking sensitive individuals that took away the essence of SEsels wich was to feel a sort of interaction with someone through SEsels but now it’s not really 1 on 1 because they can’t say what they actually think.

  25. Toaster Gameplay

    This reminds me of when i made a gun with a calculator at me friend across the room and got in big trouble ;-; She couldnt understand that it was a fucking joke

  26. TheHungryApple

    A break next year? So Marzia is pregnant then? Congrats!

  27. Ro mi

    SEsels being “politically correct” is so annoying. Gosh

  28. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    "Aren't we all public figures on SEsels isn't that the point?" That is the best way to put it.


    Pewdiepie : I'll be on a break for awhile... 19 yr olds : take as much break as you want 9 yr olds : OMG they're having a baby

  30. Genghis Khan

    Everyone misses the brofist

  31. Amy Phelps

    Sounds like silly positive affirmation bull, but I believe you really do have to take time for your own thoughts to be your best you for others. I was really hoping to hear your exploration with religion though ...and well a million other things. So take time but come back please.

  32. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Pewdiepie: I'm taking a break next year. Me: He gonna be dad.

  33. Christopher Cardenas

    You could always post videos on PH

  34. あきら

    Ooga booga caveman in first second

  35. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    "Degenerate creator, not gonna say his name" It's Onision, isn't it?

  36. mignonthon

    low quality cam. Disney youtube ?

  37. SuicideBombingRPGChickens

    Pewds should just jump ship to vimeo

  38. Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos

    It’s time to make another version of SEsels that doesn’t suck

  39. Steven Proktor

    I am good guy. Understanding. I would not butt floss with shoelace of worst enemy. But those damn small brains controlling YT... Forcing them to limit our freedoms in life. They deserve a smack on the pee pee. Naughty naughty.. Small brains must have small peepee's.

  40. Master Magmel


  41. cloudyyskies

    The lady's daughter is not getting good grades *because* of Jilly Juice, she's just afraid that her mom will force her to drink it if she doesn't

  42. 1v1Dogfights

    I want a Nissan GTR R35 in lime green with a black leather interior. That's my dream car with my favorite color

  43. nipaigrat

    The announcement of the announcement, huh?

  44. Gta Glitches

    China banned winni the phoe

  45. Silver Annum

    Holy moley SEsels on drugs #12 on trending for gaming

  46. Twitherskelton

    why is this trending on gaming

  47. nihnih555

    thx for sticking out your neck in someway

  48. How many Subs can I get with no Videos?

    How the hell is this gaming

  49. Danny Parker

    So many people today are just so sensitive. Smh

  50. Tropicz Plays


  51. justcallmezeeom #1

    i think pewdiepide should own youtube

  52. Grace6873_ Playz

    Her: Drinking this will heal you. Me: So, sewage water may have poop and bugs in it, so drinking poop will heal me? Her: YeS

  53. potato dude

    Pewds on brake making BEBEEE!

  54. Brenden

    Pew just make your own youtube already 👍

  55. Bong Shapiro

    Can you do a LWIAY on DLive of actual adult, dank memes?

  56. AAO Sin

    Very valid points good sir

  57. irene la prro xd

    Ummm la Saña del Mercadona xd

  58. Zack Durham

    Let someone else run your channel while you're gone.

  59. gamer man

    Everybody should move to mixer

  60. JC OG

    Pewdiepie: SEsels Bad Every 19 yr old: 👏👏👏👏

  61. Fuzail Ali

    Appreciate the boomer angle Pewds.

  62. Oluwatobi Dawodu

    The car shakes and guess wat wen u put ur feet on the pedal the car also moves

  63. Mac Rinell Garde

    pewds is on this list if you play it back 0.25 speed 9:38

  64. Tough Cookie

    *SEsels Bad!*

  65. Mira Bugata

    10:47 you deserve it pewds, take as long as you need :)

  66. Marston Mars

    On a side note: When is poopdie coming for apple users? i want to play it

  67. MuqhGaming YT

    I will salute you Pewdiepie

  68. Josie Cohen


  69. Memes Day-Long

    1:02 People with touchscreen computers: *I HAVE THE POWER*

  70. sleepy roo

    Why do they all have the CHSHSH when they talk.

  71. Madeline Morrison

    Next time go to settings and turn off fire spreading so you could stop it with no further damage.

  72. nihnih555

    absoluty thx for doing this kind of comment! someone has to keep his head straight and down to earth :) thx soo much! and i understand its bloody fucking exhausting to keep everyone aware of how it really is :) thx!

  73. cinnamonbeard

    Can we just start a new video platform already? Like actually do it instead of just talking about it all the time.

  74. darkblis07


  75. Boi

    Criticism of SEsels is on trending now

  76. Caine Langhill

    4 for gaming. Lmao

  77. 1 Subscribers Before 2090?

    "Aren't we all public figures on SEsels isn't that the point?" That is the best way to put it.

  78. Ninu

    is poppy smoria taking a break or felix?

  79. mateusz wolankiewicz

    No break pliss i need you in my life

  80. Josie Cohen

    When they have a child they will have 102M aunts and uncles;)

  81. Arbiter Ethan

    Pewdiepie seemed srsly sad in that vid. Hope he’s ok.

  82. J H

    Enjoy your break! <3

  83. StyleCreations

    Good bye, PewDiePie. RIP

  84. Drive ssjm

    Dang next month he taking a break, I'ma have to find something else dumb to watch on those days

  85. Burn Gryphon

    Felix: " i hate u Connor " When connor get attack Felix: " noooo Connor "


    I'm the one who made them uneaven

  87. Bolkar Ulukan

    I watch all the videos from this guy and this video didn't get recommended weird

  88. Pandarah

    Well just with all the stuff going on on youtube I can imagine you want to take a break from it. But also maybe bebe?

  89. ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ ᴅᴇᴄᴀ Cyᴛʀᴏɴ

    A vlog channel

  90. Luis Nieves

    You're better than Nick Cannon, haha

  91. Das normal guy Dominic

    new drinking game every time youtube dose something dumb you take a shot

  92. Nerd


  93. Soviet Doge

    Ricegum Channel is also about bullying , Delete whole Channel?

  94. Eros Souza

    Everyone is bulling me for liking BTS and I’m boy

  95. Arnar Atlason

    Damn i love seeing them two together

  96. ignatios haji

    You should have talked about Juicewrld's death

  97. CakeWizard


  98. Daniela Navarrete


  99. Puncake101 :D

    5 videos in the row and still going strong...

  100. MasterAA ofEarth

    We will give you 102 more subscribers if you go to ikea video